Pending Journal Cancellations (ends 5/12/18)
Please provide feedback before May 12 ....

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List of Possible Journals to be Canceled

  • Adelphi Series (combination includes Military Balance; Strategic Survey; Survival - IISS Package)
  • African Affairs
  • African Arts
  • American Journal of Public Health
  • American Journal on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
  • American Literature
  • American Political Science Review (comes with American Political Science Association Package)
  • Analysis - England
  • APS-ALL - [American Physical Society] (titles included: Physical Review A, B, C, D, E; Physical Review Applied; Physical Review Fluids; Physical Review
  • Letters; PHYSICAL REVIEW MATERIALS; PROLA; Reviews of Modern Physics)
  • Behavior Research Methods
  • British Journal of Criminology
  • Career & Technical Education Research
  • Chemical Communications
  • Child & Adolescent Social Work Journal
  • College Mathematics Journal
  • Community Mental Health Journal
  • Earth
  • Educational Technology Research & Development
  • ELT Journal
  • English Historical Review
  • Ethnic and Racial Studies
  • FASEB Journal
  • Genetics
  • Hispanic American Historical Review
  • Human Ecology - Netherlands
  • Human Organization
  • IEEE Computer Society Pick5 Package (includes IEEE Security & Privacy; IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering; IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing; IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering; IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence)
  • Information Systems Management
  • International Affairs - English ed.
  • International Security
  • Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology
  • Journal of Advertising
  • Journal of Chemical Physics
  • Journal of Cultural Geography
  • Journal of Family and Economic Issues
  • Journal of Gerontological Nursing
  • Journal of Latin American Studies
  • Journal of Marketing
  • Journal of Mathematical Physics
  • Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies
  • Journal of Moral Education
  • Journal of Physical & Chemical Reference Data
  • Journal of Primary Prevention
  • Journal of Quantitative Criminology
  • Management Science
  • Philosophy (comes with Royal Institute of Philosophy Package)
  • Religious Studies
  • Review of English Studies
  • Royal Institute of Philosophy Package (Includes Philosophy; Think; Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement)
  • Social Work with Groups
  • Teachers College Record