New Library Floor Plans (ends 4/20/18)
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New Library Floor Plans

The library's floor plans have been updated on the "Library Maps" page. However, beyond reflecting the recent reorganization of the space, the new maps are built to display responsively on large and small screens. Michael Providenti, Steely Library's Web Development Librarian, would like your feedback.

Do the new maps work on your device? Are they easier to use than the old maps? Are you experiencing any problems with them? Below is an example of the new map and the old map for you to compare.

These maps are being released as a beta while development continues.

New Map, 4th Floor

Steely Library Fourth Floor Steely Library's fourth floor contains the Teacher Resource Center, The Arts and Sciences offices, and study carrels. If you need assistance finding anything on the fourth floor, please contact the public services desk at (859) 572-5457. Elevator Elevator Pathfinders PC Lab Ellison Dies Arts & Sciences Teacher Resource Center 412 411 410A 410 405 404 403 402 401C 401B 401A 401 400C

Old Map, 4th Floor

This map is out of date -- it's provided only as a comparison.

Steely Library's Fourth Floor. The Fourth floor contains the Teacher Resource Center and the Arts and Sciences Administration offices. If you need assistance, contact the public services desk at (859) 572-5457.