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Newsletter: January 2018
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  • Students

    Steely Resources and Services Reminder

    Steely has plenty of resources and services that can help you get through the Spring Semester, so here is a reminder on some of the basics, all of which can be found on our website:

    Database Spotlight

    Music Online: Classical Music Library and Jazz Music Library

    Produced by Alexander Street, Music Online's Classical Music Library and Jazz Music Library offer access to over 1 million tracks of digital music, each with a bibliographic record that gives complete information about the piece. Users can browse by title, instrument, performer, time-period, composer, genre, etc.

    Users can even create their own playlists and download to mobile devices, as well!

    You can find the resources linked above and many more through Steely's database listings.

  • Faculty|Staff

    Faculty Lunch Seminar

    The 11 Rivalry Elements in Sports: Do They Apply in Your Discipline?

    Presented by Joe Cobbs, Haile/US Bank College of Business

    Wednesday, February 14, Noon-12:50, Steely Library 304

    After surveying over 10,000 fans of collegiate and professional sports, Joe Cobbs (NKU) and David Tyler (Western Carolina University) have explicated 11 elements that frequently contribute to rivalries between teams. While fans view certain elements as more important to their favorite team's top rivalry (e.g., frequency of play), other elements seem to fuel animosity between fan groups.

    With research on the topic that has been featured in The Wall Street Journal and several other media outlets, this lunch session will raise the question of how one or more of the 11 rivalry elements may apply to your discipline of study.

    Bring your lunch; dessert and refreshments are provided. For more information or to RSVP, contact Allen Ellis at (859) 572-5527 or

    Co-sponsored by Steely Library and The Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

    Library Materials Requests Due 3/15

    Requests for ordering library materials are due by March 15, 2018.

    Visit our request page to request that Steely purchase an item and add it to the collection. More details are available in Steely's Collection Development Policy.

    Encourage Students to Apply for Steely's Celebration Research Award

    Be sure to encourage students to apply for the 7th Annual W. Frank Steely Celebration Research Award, intended to promote the role of the academic library in providing support and resources as part of the academic research process.

    All students who participate in Celebration and whose projects contain a significant research component are eligible to apply for the award. The applicants who demonstrate the most effective use of Steely resources will receive an award of between $250-$500 dollars.

    Applications are now open and will be accepted until April 23, 2018. Award winner(s) will be announced in early May. Up to 2 winners may be selected. To apply: Celebration Research Award

  • Everyone

    Exploring Energy, Environment, and Space: Resources for the P-12 Educator

    Steely to Host Free Workshop 3/6

    Steely is offering a FREE 2-hour workshop on March 6, 2018 from 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM.

    The workshop, concerning physical and environmental science, will explore the use of FREE resources available from government and non-profit organizations such as NASA, U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and more!

    The workshop aims to provide an energizing boost to instruction and programming, where various field experts will conduct breakout sessions and provide ideas for using these resources in the P-12 classroom.

    For registration and additional information:

    New Items Listed in 'Resources News' Section of Steely Website

    The "Resources News" section of the Steely website, located on the "News and Events" page, has a listing of new books and media added to Steely's physical collection.

    Lists now available: items added in October, November and December 2017.

    The list features both purchased items and items received as gifts, and includes information about the items such as title, author, publication date, and format.