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New Titles: April 2018
Title Author Year Format
1985/1986 T.V. songbook :the musical guide to prime time. N/A 1985 MUSICALSCORE
A to Z of Regency London / Horwood, Richard.; Laxton, Paul.Wisdom, Joseph.; London Topographical Society. 1985 MAPS
Africans :a triple heritage / Mazrui, Ali AlʼAmin, 1986 BOOKS
Amazing grace :the great days of dukes / Turner, E. S. 2003 BOOKS
America takes note :the official MENC songbook. Music Educators National Conference (U.S.) 1988 MUSICALSCORE
Amusements, serious and comical, and other works / Brown, Thomas,; Hayward, Arthur Lawrence, 1927 BOOKS
Ariake :poems of love and longing by the women courtiers of ancient Japan / Grant, Rae.Dalby, Liza Crihfield. 2000 BOOKS
Armada / Walker, Bryce S.; Time-Life Books. 2004 BOOKS
Back in the high life / Winwood, Steve, 1986 MUSICALSCORE
Becoming brands :celebrity, activism and politics / edited by Jackie Raphael and Celia Lam. Raphael, Jackie,Lam, Celia, 2017 BOOKS
Blue is the iris / Grubb, Eleanor Chaney. 1949 BOOKS
Book of characters;impressions and portrais in writing of famous, infamous, remarkable, and eccentric men and women, with sidelights upon them at various stages of their singular careers. George, Daniel, 1959 BOOKS
British Inn signs and their stories / N/A 1965 BOOKS
Buckingham Palace :a complete guide / Simon, Robin. 1993 BOOKS
Buckingham Palace and its treasures Harris, John,; De Bellaigue, Geoffrey.Millar, Oliver, 1968 BOOKS
By the sword divided :eyewitness accounts of the English Civil War / Adair, John Eric,; Randolph and Ellen Lytton Endowment. 2001 BOOKS
Charles II :his life and times / Fraser, Antonia, 1993 BOOKS
Chicago. Chicago (Musical group) 1976 MUSICALSCORE
Chronicles / Winwood, Steve, 1988 MUSICALSCORE
Cities of the world :a history in maps / Whitfield, Peter, 2005 MAPS
City of laughter :sex and satire in eighteenth-century London / Gatrell, Vic, 2007 BOOKS
Clutch of curious characters / Jones, Richard Glyn. 1984 BOOKS
Conquest of paradise :Christopher Columbus and the Columbian legacy / Sale, Kirkpatrick. 1991 BOOKS
Cotswold house :stone houses and interiors from the English countryside / Mander, Charles Nicholas, 2009 BOOKS
Country houses of Britain & Ireland / Quinn, Tom,; Riddle, Paul. 2005 BOOKS
Courtiers :splendor and intrigue in the Georgian Court at Kensington Palace / Worsley, Lucy. 2010 BOOKS
Debrett's peerage and baronetage :comprising information concerning the royal family, the peerage, privy counsellors, Scottish lords of session, baronets, and chiefs of names and clans in Scotland / Montague-Smith, Patrick W. 1980 BOOKS
Debrett's the stately homes of Britain :personally introduced by the owners / Flower, Sibylla Jane.; Moore, Derry. 1982 BOOKS
Design & the decorative arts :Tudor and Stuart Britain 1500-1714 / Snodin, Michael.; Styles, John.; Victoria and Albert Museum. 2004 BOOKS
Devil's dominion :magic and religion in early New England / Godbeer, Richard. 1992 BOOKS
Dynasties :painting in Tudor and Jacobean England, 1530-1630 / Hearn, Karen.; Tate Gallery. 1995 BOOKS
Eccentric lives and peculiar notions / Michell, John, 1989 BOOKS
Effective difficult conversations :a step-by-step guide / Soehner, Catherine,; Darling, Ann 2017 BOOKS
Emperor of the United States of America and other magnificent British eccentrics / Caufield, Catherine. 1981 BOOKS
England's lost houses :from the archives of Country Life / Worsley, Giles. 2002 BOOKS
English country house in perspective / Jackson-Stops, Gervase. 1990 BOOKS
English eccentric interiors / Harrison, Miranda. 2006 BOOKS
English men and manners in the eighteenth century :an illustrated narrative / Turberville, Arthur Stanley, 1967 BOOKS
Enjoy the golden songs of Mary Hopkin. Hopkin, Mary, 1969 MUSICALSCORE
Far beyond the field :haiku by Japanese women : an anthology / Ueda, Makoto, 2003 BOOKS
Fashions in London / Worsley-Gough, Barbara. 1952 BOOKS
Feasting and fasting with Lewis & Clark :a food and social history of the early 1800s / Holland, Leandra Zim. 2003 BOOKS
First four Georges / Plumb, J. H. 1975 BOOKS
Footloose. N/A 1984 MUSICALSCORE
Gambling man :Charles II's Restoration game / Uglow, Jennifer S. 2009 BOOKS
Genius of haiku :readings from R.H. Blyth on poetry, life, and Zen / Blyth, Reginald Horace, 1995 BOOKS
Goodbye Piccadilly. Macqueen-Pope, W. 1972 BOOKS
Grand tour. Trease, Geoffrey, 1967 BOOKS
Great rebuildings of Tudor and Stuart England :revolutions in architectural taste / Platt, Colin. 1994 BOOKS
Greatest hits volume I & volume II / Joel, Billy. 1985 MUSICALSCORE
Guide to capturing a plum blossom =Song ke mei hua xi shen pu / Song, Boren.; Red Pine, 1995 BOOKS
Haiku / Blyth, Reginald Horace. 1981 BOOKS
Haiku poetry :original verse in English / Hackett, J. W. 1968 BOOKS
Hell-Fire Club;the story of the amorous Knights of Wycombe. McCormick, Donald, 1958 BOOKS
History & treasures of Windsor Castle / Mackworth-Young, Robin. 1982 BOOKS
Hokku :writing traditional Haiku in English : the gift to be simple / Coomler, David. 2001 BOOKS
Horse soldiers :the extraordinary story of a band of U.S. soldiers who rode to victory in Afghanistan / Stanton, Doug. 2009 BOOKS
HungaryHungarian history : eleven hundred years of success. Corvinus Library. 1999 BOOKS
Imagine :[music from the original motion picture / Lennon, John,; McCartney, Paul. 1999 MUSICALSCORE
Indiana Jones and the temple of doom. Williams, John,; Porter, Cole, 1984 MUSICALSCORE
Introduction to rubrics :an assessment tool to save grading time, convey effective feedback, and promote student learning / Stevens, Dannelle D.; Levi, Antonia, 2005 BOOKS
Irene :vocal selections from the new Broadway musical : songs, pictures, stories / Tierney, Harry,; McCarthy, Joseph,Carroll, Harry, 1970 MUSICALSCORE
Islington / Harris, Charles, 1976 BOOKS
Jacobean country house :from the archives of 'Country Life' / Cooper, Nicholas.; Country Life Limited. 2006 BOOKS
Jefferson's children :the story of one American family / Lanier, Shannon.; Feldman, Jane. 2002 BOOKS
Just living :poems and prose by the Japanese monk Tonna / Tonʼa,; Carter, Steven D. 2003 BOOKS
Kingdom, power and glory :a historical guide to Westminster Abbey / Field, John,; Crowthers, Malcolm. 1996 BOOKS
Library as place :symposium on building and revitalizing health sciences libraries in the digital age / Symposium on Building and Revitalizing Health Sciences Libraries in the Digital Age; National Library of Medicine (U.S.)Association of Academic Health Sciences Libraries. 2004 VIDEOS
Life and times of Charles II; Falkus, Christopher. 1972 BOOKS
Light verse from the floating world :an anthology of premodern Japanese senryu / Ueda, Makoto, 1999 BOOKS
Lines of succession :heraldry of the Royal families of Europe / Louda, Jiří.; Maclagan, Michael. 2002 BOOKS
Little songs of the geisha :traditional Japanese ko-uta / Dalby, Liza Crihfield. 2000 BOOKS
London :a life in maps / Whitfield, Peter, 2006 BOOKS
London pleasure gardens of the eighteenth century / Wroth, Warwick William,; Wroth, Arthur Edgar, 1979 BOOKS
London signs:a reference book of London signs from earliest times to about the mid-nineteenth century. Lillywhite, Bryant. 1972 BOOKS
London tradesmen's cards of the XVIII century;an account of their origin and use. Heal, Ambrose, 1968 BOOKS
London's coffee houses :a stimulating story / Clayton, Antony. 2003 BOOKS
Lost London. Hobhouse, Hermione. 1972 BOOKS
Lustige Witwe :Operette in drei Akten (teilweise nach einer fremden Grundidee) / Lehár, Franz,; Léon, Victor,Stein, Leo, 1906 MUSICALSCORE
Lyrical left :Randolph Bourne, Alfred Stieglitz and the origins of cultural radicalism in America / Abrahams, Edward, 1988 BOOKS
Man who laughs / Hugo, Victor,; Blamire, Joseph L.Milgram, Shoshana Joy. 2001 BOOKS
Mirror for the moon :a selection of poems / Saigyō,; LaFleur, William R. 1978 BOOKS
Musiche varie :a voce sola, libri I, II, III / Ferrari, Benedetto,; Magini, Alessandro. 1985 MUSICALSCORE
National Portrait Gallery collection / National Portrait Gallery (Great Britain); Foister, Susan, 1988 BOOKS
National Trust country house album / Sykes, Christopher Simon, 1989 BOOKS
Nothing more, nothing less, nothing else :a look at the life and coaching career of a Northern Kentucky sports icon / Shields, Kenney.; Schabell, Dave. 2017 BOOKS
Old London coaching inns and their successors, the London, Midland and Scottish railway and travel and transport in four centuries, with literary and historical notes Groom, Arthur.; London Midland and Scottish Railway Company.Katherine Golden Bitting Collection on Gastronomy (Library of Congress) 1928 BOOKS
Old tavern signs:an excursion in the history of hospitality, Endell, Fritz August Gottfried, 1968 BOOKS
On the medieval origins of the modern state / Strayer, Joseph R. 2005 BOOKS
Only companion :Japanese poems of love and longing / Hamill, Sam. 1997 BOOKS
Oxford illustrated history of Tudor & Stuart Britain / Morrill, J. S. 1996 BOOKS
Plot against Pepys / Long, James,; Long, Ben, 2008 BOOKS
Poetics of Japanese verse :imagery, structure, meter / Kawamoto, Kōji, 2000 BOOKS
Portrait of Cambridge,a selection of photographs Kersting, A. F.; Little, Bryan D. G. 1955 BOOKS
Profit from your idea :how to make smart licensing deals / Stim, Richard, 2017 BOOKS
Revolutionary Europe, 1789-1989 :liberty, equality, solidarity / Mason, David S. 2005 BOOKS
Road from serfdom :the economic and political consequences of the end of communism / Skidelsky, Robert, 1996 BOOKS
Rome :then and now / Gangi, Giuseppe. 1980 BOOKS
Royal gardens / Strong, Roy C. 1992 BOOKS
Royal one hundred :a who's who of the first 100 people in line of succession to the British throne / Hamilton, Alan, 1986 BOOKS
Royal palaces. Howard, Philip, 1970 BOOKS
Selections from "The music man" :four-part mixed voices (S.A.T.B.) / Willson, Meredith,; Warnick, Clay, 1959 MUSICALSCORE
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66. Mendes, Sergio.; Brasil '66 (Musical group) 1969 MUSICALSCORE
Social media freaks :digital identity in the network society / Kidd, Dustin, 2017 BOOKS
Something about emus :Bininj stories from western Arnhem Land = Ngaleh ngurrurdu ngalrongmiken : dabborrabbolk kabirriyolyolme ngurrurduken / Garde, Murray, 2017 BOOKS
St James's Palace :a history / Scott, Kenneth, 2010 BOOKS
St. Paul's :the story of the cathedral / Saunders, Ann, 2001 BOOKS
Storm front / Joel, Billy. 1990 MUSICALSCORE
String of beads :complete poems of Princess Shikishi / Shikishi,; Sato, Hiroaki, 1993 BOOKS
Stuart England / Worden, Blair. 1986 BOOKS
Ten thousand leaves :love poems from the Manyōshū / Wright, Harold, 1986 BOOKS
Thank God it's Friday. Costandinos, Alec R. 1978 MUSICALSCORE
They're playing our song :vocal selections / Hamlisch, Marvin,; Sager, Carole Bayer, 1979 MUSICALSCORE
Threat vector / Clancy, Tom,; Greaney, Mark. 2012 BOOKS
Three places in New England ;Symphony no. 4 ; Central Park in the dark / Ives, Charles,; Rosen, Jerome,Tilson Thomas, Michael,Ozawa, Seiji,Ives, Charles,Ives, Charles,Ives, Charles,; Boston Symphony Orchestra.Tanglewood Festival Chorus. 1989 MUSIC
Time and tide / Basia.; DeLisa, Jeannette. 1989 MUSICALSCORE
Times London history atlas / Clout, Hugh, 1991 BOOKS
Tower of London / Hibbert, Christopher,; Newsweek, inc. 1971 BOOKS
Trade signs and their origin. Meadows, Cecil A. 1957 BOOKS
Travels in Manchuria and Mongolia :a feminist poet from Japan encounters prewar China / Yosano, Akiko,; Fogel, Joshua A., 2001 BOOKS
Trumpet concertos / Marsalis, Wynton,; Leppard, Raymond.Haydn, Joseph,Mozart, Leopold,Hummel, Johann Nepomuk,; National Philharmonic Orchestra (Great Britain) 1983 MUSIC
Turbulent passage :a global history of the twentieth century / Adas, Michael,; Stearns, Peter N.Schwartz, Stuart B. 2003 BOOKS
Two villages;the story of Chelsea and Kensington Borer, Mary Irene Cathcart. 1973 BOOKS
Vauxhall Gardens :a history / Coke, David.; Borg, Alan. 2011 BOOKS
Vocal selections from Barnum :the Broadway musical / Coleman, Cy,; Coleman, Cy.Coleman, Cy.Coleman, Cy.Coleman, Cy.Coleman, Cy.Coleman, Cy.Coleman, Cy.Coleman, Cy.Coleman, Cy.Coleman, Cy.Coleman, Cy.Coleman, Cy.Coleman, Cy.Stewart, Michael, 1980 MUSICALSCORE
Way of haiku :an anthology of haiku poems / Hackett, J. W. 1969 BOOKS
West :a narrative history / Frankforter, A. Daniel.; Spellman, W. M. 2009 BOOKS
Winold Reiss and the Cincinnati Union Terminal :fanfare for the common man / Garner, Gretchen, 2016 BOOKS