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New Titles: August 2018
Title Author Year Format
American and Catholic :a popular history of Catholicism in the United States / Crews, Clyde F. 1994 BOOKS
American Midwest :an interpretive encyclopedia / Sisson, Richard,Zacher, Christian K.Cayton, Andrew R. L. 2007 BOOKS
American pharaoh :Mayor Richard J. Daley : his battle for Chicago and the nation / Cohen, Adam; Taylor, Elizabeth 2000 BOOKS
Ancient Egypt / Baines, John,; Málek, Jaromír. 1991 BOOKS
Annotated art / Cumming, Robert, 1995 BOOKS
Boston strangler. Frank, Gerold, 1966 BOOKS
British television drama in the 1980s / Brandt, George W. 1993 BOOKS
Buckingham Palace :the place and the people / Nash, Roy. 1980 BOOKS
Chicago jazz :a cultural history, 1904-1930 / Kenney, William Howland. 1993 BOOKS
China / Blunden, Caroline,; Elvin, Mark, 1991 BOOKS
Citizen's Constitution :an annotated guide / Lipsky, Seth.; United States.Frank and Virginia Williams Collection of Lincolniana (Mississippi State University. Libraries) 2009 BOOKS
City center to regional mall :architecture, the automobile, and retailing in Los Angeles, 1920-1950 / Longstreth, Richard W. 1997 BOOKS
City of Eros :New York City, prostitution, and the commercialization of sex, 1790-1920 / Gilfoyle, Timothy J., 1992 BOOKS
Community of Europe :a history of European integration since 1945 / Urwin, Derek W. 1995 BOOKS
Cotton Mather on witchcraft :being the wonders of the invisible world. Mather, Cotton,; Dorset Press, 1991 BOOKS
Dear Leader :poet, spy, escapee-- : a look inside North Korea / Chang, Chin-sŏng. 2014 BOOKS
Early Belk partners :ordinary people who did the extraordinary / Belk, Henderson. 1994 BOOKS
Encyclopedia of love & sex :a comprehensive guide to the physiology of sex, the art of loving, and the psychology of love. N/A 1982 BOOKS
Epic of New York City / Ellis, Edward Robb.; Wong, Jeanyee. 1997 BOOKS
Evolution and Eden :balancing original sin and contemporary science / Korsmeyer, Jerry D. 1998 BOOKS
Faith and fraternalism :the history of the Knights of Columbus, 1882-1982 / Kauffman, Christopher J., 1982 BOOKS
Fighting slavery in Chicago :abolitionists, the law of slavery, and Lincoln / Campbell, Thomas, 2009 BOOKS
Fires were started :British cinema and Thatcherism / Friedman, Lester D. 1993 BOOKS
Flash of capital :film and geopolitics in Japan / Cazdyn, Eric M. 2002 BOOKS
Fleeced :how Barack Obama, media mockery of terrorist threats, liberals who want to kill talk radio, the do-nothing Congress, companies that help Iran, and Washington lobbyists for foreign governments are scamming us-- and what to do about it / Morris, Dick.; McGann, Eileen. 2008 BOOKS
Fleet Street & the Strand / Parsons, Malcolm. 2005 BOOKS
From Liverpool to Los Angeles :on writing for theatre, film and television / Ansorge, Peter. 1997 BOOKS
Gangs of St. Louis :men of respect / Waugh, Daniel, 2010 BOOKS
Getting to yes :negotiating agreement without giving in / Fisher, Roger,; Ury, William.Patton, Bruce. 1991 BOOKS
Great cat massacre and other episodes in French cultural history / Darnton, Robert. 1985 BOOKS
Great fortune :the epic of Rockefeller Center / Okrent, Daniel, 2004 BOOKS
Great railway journeys of the world / Frayn, Michael. 1982 BOOKS
Greek world / Levi, Peter.; Rogers D. Spotswood Collection. 1991 BOOKS
Guide to the monumental centre of ancient Rome with reconstructions of the monuments / Staccioli, Romolo Augusto. 1962 BOOKS
Gullah images :the art of Jonathan Green. Green, Jonathan, 1996 BOOKS
History and guide to old Fort Niagara / Dunnigan, Brian Leigh. 1985 BOOKS
History of knowledge :past, present, and future / Van Doren, Charles, 1992 BOOKS
Houses of Parliament, Wild, Hans.; Pope-Hennessy, James. 1953 BOOKS
How to get hired :the step-by step system: standing out from the crowd and nailing the job you want / Smith, Richard, 2015 BOOKS
Inns, ales, and drinking customs of old England / Hackwood, Frederick William, 1985 BOOKS
Jay's journal of anomolies / Jay, Ricky. 2003 BOOKS
Korea reborn :a grateful nation honors war veterans for more than 60 years of growth. Remember My Service Productions, 2018 BOOKS
Labor in Illinois :the affluent years, 1945-80 / Derber, Milton. 1989 BOOKS
Late for the sky :the mentality of the space age / Lavery, David, 1992 BOOKS
Liberty and tyranny :a conservative manifesto / Levin, Mark R. 2009 BOOKS
Lord Rochester's monkey :being the life of John Wilmot, second Earl of Rochester / Greene, Graham, 1976 BOOKS
Making a new deal :industrial workers in Chicago, 1919-1939 / Cohen, Lizabeth. 1990 BOOKS
Manufacturing in the Ottoman Empire and Turkey, 1500-1950 / Quataert, Donald, 1994 BOOKS
Mcdonaldization of society / Ritzer, George. 2000 BOOKS
Michelangelo :painter, sculptor, and architect / Tartuferi, Angelo. 1993 BOOKS
Next Christendom :the coming of global Christianity / Jenkins, Philip, 2002 BOOKS
Oedipus, the King ; and Antigone / Sophocles.; Arnott, Peter D.,Sophocles. 1987 BOOKS
Pictures of modernity :the visual and the literary in England, 1850-1930 / Convegno "Pictures of modernity, the visual and the literary in England, 1850-1930"; Innocenti, Loretta.Marucci, Franco,Villari, Enrica. 2008 BOOKS
Politicians and virtuosi :essays in early modern history / Koenigsberger, H. G. 1986 BOOKS
Private palaces :life in the great London houses / Sykes, Christopher Simon, 1986 BOOKS
Public archaeology in Annapolis :a critical approach to history in Maryland's ancient city / Potter, Parker B., 1994 BOOKS
Reagan I knew / Buckley, William F., 2008 BOOKS
Research imagination :an introduction to qualitative and quantitative methods / Gray, Paul S., 2007 BOOKS
Rethinking the Civil War era :directions for research / Escott, Paul D., 2018 BOOKS
Roman empire / Charles-Picard, Gilbert.; Stierlin, Henri. 1990 BOOKS
Roman world / Cornell, Tim.; Matthews, John 1991 BOOKS
Selected works / Cicero, Marcus Tullius,; Grant, Michael, 1971 BOOKS
Shakedown :exposing the real Jesse Jackson / Timmerman, Kenneth R. 2002 BOOKS
Shakespeare's late tragedies :a collection of critical essays / Wofford, Susanne Lindgren, 1996 BOOKS
Sin in the Second City :madams, ministers, playboys, and the battle for America's soul / Abbott, Karen, 2007 BOOKS
St. Petersburg--a cultural history / Volkov, Solomon. 1995 BOOKS
Thomas Rowlandson's Doctor Syntax drawings :an introduction and guide for collectors / Rowlandson, Thomas,; Savory, Jerold. 1997 BOOKS
Vie est a nous! :French cinema of the Popular Front, 1935-1938 / Vincendeau, Ginette,Reader, Keith,; National Film Theatre (London, England) 1986 BOOKS
Why Robert Kennedy was killed;the story of two victims, Jansen, G. H. 1971 BOOKS
World encyclopedia of flags :the definitive guide to international flags, banners, standards and ensigns / Znamierowski, Alfred, 2001 BOOKS
You changed my life =Tu as changé ma vie / Sellou, Abdel,; Andrieu, Caroline.Sentuc, Lauren. 2012 BOOKS