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New Titles: November - December 2017 (ends 4/1/18)
Titles added in November and December 2017 ....

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New Titles: November - December 2017
Title Author Year Format
366 :a leap year of great stories from history / Marsh, W. B.; Carrick, Bruce 2008 BOOKS
A month in the country / Carr, J. L.; Holroyd, Michael. 2000 BOOKS
A new time for Mexico / Fuentes, Carlos. 1997 BOOKS
A people and their music :the story behind the story of country music / Irwin, John Rice, 2000 BOOKS
A talent for genius :the life and times of Oscar Levant / Kashner, Sam.; Schoenberger, Nancy. 1994 BOOKS
A Will Rogers treasury :reflections and observations / Rogers, Will,; Sterling, Bryan B.Sterling, Frances N. 1986 BOOKS
Absentee landowning and exploitation in West Virginia, 1760-1920 / Rasmussen, Barbara, 1994 BOOKS
Advanced penetration testing :hacking the world's most secure networks / Allsopp, Wil,; Looy, Hans van de, 2017 BOOKS
After the black death :a social history of early modern Europe / Huppert, George, 1998 BOOKS
Alan Lomax :selected writings, 1934-1997 / Lomax, Alan,; Cohen, Ronald D., 2003 BOOKS
All that glitters :country music in America / Lewis, George H. 1993 BOOKS
American popular music business in the 20th century / Sanjek, Russell.; Sanjek, David. 1991 BOOKS
Amreeka / Dabis, Cherien,Piovesan, Christina,Barkin, Paul,Sams, Alicia,Keever, Gregory,Faour, Nisreen,Abbass, Hiam,Shawkat, Alia,Muallem, Melkar,Abu-Warda, Yussuf,Ziegler, Joseph,Hlehel, Amer,Datum, Tobias,Leroux, Aidan,Reamer, Keith,Henderson, Patricia,Rousto 2009 VIDEOS
An invisible man / Stanley, Stephanie A. 2005 BOOKS
Applied partial differential equations / DuChateau, Paul.; Zachmann, David W. 2002 BOOKS
Barrelhouse blues :location recording and the early traditions of the blues / Oliver, Paul, 2009 BOOKS
Barron's GRE :500 flash cards / Green, Sharon,; Wolf, Ira K.; Barron's Educational Series, Inc. 2015 N/A
Behind the mask :my double life in baseball / Pallone, Dave.; Steinberg, Alan, 1990 BOOKS
Betty Garrett and other songs :a life on stage and screen / Garrett, Betty, 1998 BOOKS
Blind spots :why smart people do dumb things / Van Hecke, Madeleine L., 2007 BOOKS
Blink :the power of thinking without thinking / Gladwell, Malcolm, 2007 BOOKS
Botanica / Vangool, Janine,; Baldwin, Correy, 2017 BOOKS
Classic country singers / Green, Douglas B., 2008 BOOKS
Col. John Boyd-- a warrior for all times :from Manassas to terrorism and beyond / Hinds, Joe, 2012 BOOKS
Complete idiot's guide to understanding Islam / Emerick, Yahiya. 2004 BOOKS
Conflict and character :presidential leadership in times of war / Gergen, David R.Wood, Gordon S.Way, Alva O.McPherson, James M.Cooper, John M.Dallek, Robert.Leuchtenmurg, William.Kenan, William Rand.; WBUR (Radio station : Boston, Mass.)National Public Radio (U.S.)Connection. 2000 AUDIOBOOKS
Corruption and the decline of Rome / MacMullen, Ramsay, 1988 BOOKS
Country music originals :the legends & the lost / Russell, Tony, 2007 BOOKS
Daily life in colonial Peru, 1710-1820 / Descola, Jean. 1968 BOOKS
Dawn of modern science / Goldstein, Thomas. 1988 BOOKS
Defenders of the faith :Christianity and Islam Battle for the soul of Europe, 1520-1536 / Reston, James, 2010 BOOKS
Effective threat intelligence :building and running an intel team for your organization / Dietle, James, 2016 BOOKS
Egypt in late antiquity / Bagnall, Roger S. 1996 BOOKS
El Paso :guided through time / Metz, Leon Claire. 1999 BOOKS
Emotional intelligence :a practical guide / Walton, David 2012 BOOKS
Fighting the death penalty :a fifty-year journey of argument and persuasion / Wanger, Eugene G., 2017 BOOKS
Finding out :an introduction to LGBTQ studies / Meem, Deborah T.; Alexander, Jonathan,Gibson, Michelle, 2018 BOOKS
Flying adventure through the outback of australia. WALCYK, PATRICIA. 2016 BOOKS
Fundamentals of deep learning :designing next-generation machine intelligence algorithms / Buduma, Nikhil,; Locascio, Nicholas, 2017 BOOKS
Gary Burbank :voices in my head / Hoard, Greg, 2009 BOOKS
Genocide :a world history / Naimark, Norman M., 2017 BOOKS
God :a human history / Aslan, Reza, 2017 BOOKS
GRE prep plus 2018. N/A 2017 BOOKS
Gulf war fact book / Chadwick, Frank.; Caffrey, Matt. 1991 BOOKS
History of U.S. Television :a personal reminiscence / Rogers, Lawrence H. 1999 BOOKS
Infinite Tuesday / Nesmith, Michael, 2017 BOOKS
Invention analysis and claiming :a patent lawyer's guide / Slusky, Ronald D.; American Bar Association. 2012 BOOKS
Islamophobia and racism in America / Love, Erik Robert, 2017 BOOKS
James Brown :the godfather of soul / Brown, James,; Tucker, Bruce. 1997 BOOKS
Jazz singing :America's great voices from Bessie Smith to bebop and beyond / Friedwald, Will, 1996 BOOKS
Jean Arthur :the actress nobody knew / Oller, John. 2004 BOOKS
Kay Thompson :from Funny face to Eloise / Irvin, Sam. 2010 BOOKS
King of ragtime :Scott Joplin and his era / Berlin, Edward A. 1995 BOOKS
Legal executions in Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia :a comprehensive registry, 1866-1962 / Hearn, Daniel Allen, 2015 BOOKS
Legal executions in Georgia :a comprehensive registry, 1866-1964 / Hearn, Daniel Allen, 2016 BOOKS
Legal executions in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky and Missouri :a comprehensive registry, 1866/1965 / Hearn, Daniel Allen, 2016 BOOKS
Legal executions in New England :a comprehensive reference, 1623-1960 / Hearn, Daniel Allen, 2007 BOOKS
Legal executions in North Carolina and South Carolina :a comprehensive registry, 1866-1962 / Hearn, Daniel Allen, 2015 BOOKS
Library marketing :from passion to practice / Heinze, Jill Stover, 2017 BOOKS
Mad men and Medusas :reclaiming hysteria / Mitchell, Juliet, 2000 BOOKS
Maestro / Salvatore, R. A., 2017 BOOKS
Mastering Metasploit / Jaswal, Nipun. 2016 BOOKS
Mastering Metasploit :take your penetration testing an IT security skills to a whole new level with the secrets of Metasploit / Jaswal, Nipun. 2016 BOOKS
Messengers of the Right :conservative media and the transformation of American politics / Hemmer, Nicole, 2016 BOOKS
Metadata / Zeng, Marcia Lei,; Qin, Jian, 2016 BOOKS
Music / Malone, Bill C.; University of Mississippi. 2008 BOOKS
MusicHound jazz :the essential album guide / Holtje, Steve,Lee, Nancy Ann, 1998 BOOKS
MusicHound lounge :the essential album guide to martini music and easy listening / Knopper, Steve, 1998 BOOKS
My country, too :the other black music / Foster, Pamela E. 2000 BOOKS
Mycenae, a guide to its ruins and its history / Mylonas, George E. 1985 BOOKS
Neighbors :the destruction of the Jewish community in Jedwabne, Poland / Gross, Jan Tomasz. 2002 BOOKS
No minor chords :my days in Hollywood / Previn, André, 1991 BOOKS
Open a world of possible :real stories about the joy and power of reading / Bridges, Lois,Robinson, Richard, 2014 BOOKS
Open source intelligence techniques :resources for searching and analyzing online information / Bazzell, Michael, 2016 BOOKS
Opera :a new way of listening / Waugh, Alexander. 1996 BOOKS
Organic chemistry / Klein, David R., 2015 BOOKS
Out of sight :the rise of African American popular music, 1889-1895 / Abbott, Lynn,; Seroff, Doug. 2002 BOOKS
Pickin' on Peachtree :a history of country music in Atlanta, Georgia / Daniel, Wayne W., 2001 BOOKS
Political thought in Europe, 1250-1450 / Black, Antony. 1992 BOOKS
Porfirio Díaz / Garner, Paul H. 2001 BOOKS
Python machine learning :machine learning and deep learning with Python, scikit-learn, and TensorFlow / Raschka, Sebastian,; Mirajalili, Vahid, 2017 BOOKS
Reflecting culture :the evolution of American comic book superheroes / Stavitsky, Gail,; Uslan, Michael,Sims, Patterson.Johnson, Twig.; Montclair Art Museum. 2007 BOOKS
Right of the dial :the rise of Clear Channel and the fall of commercial radio / Foege, Alec. 2008 BOOKS
Roman Catholicism in America / Gillis, Chester, 1999 BOOKS
Scribes, warriors, and kings :the city of Copán and the ancient Maya / Fash, William Leonard. 1991 BOOKS
Selling radio :the commercialization of American broadcasting, 1920-1934 / Smulyan, Susan. 1994 BOOKS
September in the rain :the life of Nelson Riddle / Levinson, Peter J. 2001 BOOKS
Silver screen fiend :learning about life from an addiction to film / Oswalt, Patton, 2015 BOOKS
Sinatra! the song is you :a singer's art / Friedwald, Will, 1997 BOOKS
Singing for freedom :the Hutchinson Family Singers and the nineteenth-century culture of reform / Gac, Scott. 2007 BOOKS
Singing in a strange land :C.L. Franklin, the Black church, and the transformation of America / Salvatore, Nick, 2005 BOOKS
Smile when you call me a hillbilly :country music's struggle for respectability, 1939-1954 / Lange, Jeffrey J. 2004 BOOKS
Songsters and saints :vocal traditions on race records / Oliver, Paul, 1984 BOOKS
Southwest shuffle :pioneers of honky tonk, Western swing, and country jazz / Kienzle, Richard. 2003 BOOKS
Special education for all teachers / Colarusso, Ronald P.,O'Rourke, Colleen M.,Leontovich, Melissa A., 2017 BOOKS
Splunk essentials / Sigman, Betsy Page,; Delgado, Erickson, 2016 BOOKS
Splunk operational intelligence cookbook :over 70 practical recipes to gain operational data intelligence with Splunk Enterprise / Diakun, Josh,; Johnson, Paul R.,Mock, Derek, 2016 BOOKS
Spreadin' rhythm around :Black popular songwriters, 1880-1930 / Jasen, David A.; Jones, Gene 1998 BOOKS
Streisand :a biography / Edwards, Anne, 1997 BOOKS
Sweet soul music :rhythm and blues and the southern dream of freedom / Guralnick, Peter. 1999 BOOKS
Tableau 10 bootcamp :intensive training for data visualization and dashboarding / Milligan, Joshua N.,; Santos, Donabel, 2017 BOOKS
Tableau 10.0 best practices :develop a deep understanding of Tableau 10.0 and get to know tricks to understand your data / Zhang, Jenny, 2016 BOOKS
That American rag :the story of ragtime from coast to coast / Jasen, David A.; Jones, Gene 2000 BOOKS
The Age of Edison :Electric Light and the Invention of Modern America / Freeberg, Ernest, 2014 BOOKS
The death of rhythm & blues / George, Nelson. 1989 BOOKS
The encyclopedia of music :instruments of the orchestra and the great composers / Wade-Matthews, Max.; Thompson, Wendy,Wade-Matthews, Max.Thompson, Wendy, 2002 BOOKS
The end of cinema? :a medium in crisis in the digital age / Gaudreault, André,; Marion, Philippe,Barnard, Tim, 2015 BOOKS
The films of Frank Sinatra / Ringgold, Gene.; McCarty, Clifford, 1993 BOOKS
The golden age of Indianapolis theaters / Caldwell, Howard, 2010 BOOKS
The golden age of rock instrumentals / Otfinoski, Steven. 1997 BOOKS
The Greeks :their life and customs / Guhl, E.; Koner, W.Guhl, E. 1994 BOOKS
The hayloft gang :the story of the National Barn Dance / Berry, Chad, 2008 BOOKS
The heavenly table :a novel / Pollock, Donald Ray, 2016 BOOKS
The Hollywood story / Finler, Joel W. 2003 BOOKS
The Jackson project :war in the American workplace : a memoir / Cohen, Phil. 2016 BOOKS
The labyrinth of solitude ; The other Mexico ; Return to the labyrinth of solitude ; Mexico and the United States ; The philanthropic ogre / Paz, Octavio, 1985 BOOKS
The mayor of Castro Street :the life and times of Harvey Milk / Shilts, Randy. 1982 BOOKS
The Mexican Wars for Independence / Henderson, Timothy J. 2010 BOOKS
The million dollar mermaid / Williams, Esther,; Diehl, Digby, 1999 BOOKS
The Monkees, Head, and the 60s / Mills, Peter, 2016 BOOKS
The moral property of women :a history of birth control politics in America / Gordon, Linda.; Gordon, Linda. 2002 BOOKS
The one :the life and music of James Brown / Smith, R. J., 2012 BOOKS
The origins of cool in postwar America / Dinerstein, Joel, 2017 BOOKS
The razor's edge / Maugham, W. Somerset 2003 BOOKS
The rise and fall of the classical world :2500 B.C. - 600 A.D. / Stevenson, John,Liddel, Peter P.Quinn, Josephine Crawley.Heather, P. J. 2006 BOOKS
The scientific revolution / Shapin, Steven. 1998 BOOKS
The scientists :a history of science told through the lives of its greatest inventors / Gribbin, John, 2006 BOOKS
The social archaeology of food :thinking about eating from prehistory to the present / Hastorf, Christine Ann, 2017 BOOKS
The story of the blues / Oliver, Paul, 1998 BOOKS
The technological revolution / Barbour, Scott, 2002 BOOKS
The way I was / Hamlisch, Marvin.; Gardner, Gerald, 1992 BOOKS
The women of country music :a reader / Wolfe, Charles K.Akenson, James Edward, 2003 BOOKS
Topspin :ups and downs in big-time tennis / Berry, Eliot, 1996 BOOKS
Trademark :legal care for your business & product name / Fishman, Stephen, 2016 BOOKS
Traditions & encounters :a global perspective on the past / Bentley, Jerry H.,; Ziegler, Herbert F., 2008 BOOKS
Unsung heroes of rock 'n' roll :the birth of rock in the wild years before Elvis / Tosches, Nick. 1999 BOOKS
Wedding in Galilee =Noce en Galilée / Khleifi, Michel.Louis, Jacqueline.Lorain, Bernard.Khleifi, George.Khouri, Makram.Abu-Warda, Yussuf.Mer, Juliano.Chemi, Ian.Condo, Anna.Akleh, Nazih.Dorat, Tali.Barghouti, Waël.El Akili, Mohamed.Karaman, Bouschra.Anis, Eyad.Van den Ende, Walther.Cas 2004 VIDEOS
Welcome to the real world :finding your place, perfecting your work, and turning your job into your dream career / Berger, Lauren 2014 BOOKS
Wild beauty / McLemore, Anna-Marie, 2017 BOOKS
Working with library collections :an introduction for support staff / Keeler, Hali R., 2017 BOOKS
Wrestling reality :the life and mind of Chris Kanyon, wrestling's gay superstar / Kanyon, Chris,; Clark, Ryan, 2011 BOOKS
Young Lonigan / Farrell, James T. 2003 BOOKS