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New Titles: January - February 2018
Title Author Year Format
Abraham Lincoln / McGovern, George S. 2009 BOOKS
African American urban experience :perspectives from the colonial period to the present / Trotter, Joe William,Lewis, Earl.Hunter, Tera W. 2004 BOOKS
Age of betrayal :the triumph of money in America, 1865-1900 / Beatty, Jack. 2007 BOOKS
Agile application security :enabling security in a continuous delivery pipeline / Bell, Laura,; Brunton-Spall, Michael,Smith, Rich,Bird, Jim, 2017 BOOKS
Air castle of the South :WSM and the making of Music City / Havighurst, Craig. 2007 BOOKS
Alvin York :a new biography of the hero of the Argonne / Mastriano, Douglas V. 2014 BOOKS
America at the crossroads :democracy, power, and the neoconservative legacy / Fukuyama, Francis. 2006 BOOKS
America gene / Nesmith, Michael. 2009 BOOKS
American revelation :ten ideals that shaped our country from the Puritans to the Cold War / Baldwin, Neil, 2005 BOOKS
American workers, American unions / Zieger, Robert H.; Zieger, Robert H. 1994 BOOKS
America's first Great Depression :economic crisis and political disorder after the Panic of 1837 / Roberts, Alasdair 2012 BOOKS
Analytical mechanics :a comprehensive treatise on the dynamics of constrained systems / Papastavridis, J. G. 2014 BOOKS
Andean wonder drug :cinchona bark and imperial science in the Spanish Atlantic, 1630-1800 / Crawford, Matthew James, 2016 BOOKS
Architects of victory :six heroes of the Cold War / Shattan, Joseph. 1999 BOOKS
Artisans into workers :labor in nineteenth-century America / Laurie, Bruce. 1997 BOOKS
Auf unserem Stern / Reinfrank, Arno, 1964 BOOKS
Back to Eden :landscaping with native plants / Porter, Frank W., 2013 BOOKS
Battle of Bretton Woods :John Maynard Keynes, Harry Dexter White, and the making of a new world order / Steil, Benn. 2013 BOOKS
Before European hegemony :the world system A.D. 1250-1350 / Abu-Lughod, Janet L.; Rogers D. Spotswood Collection. 1989 BOOKS
Belk, a century of retail leadership / Covington, Howard E., 1988 BOOKS
Best gun in the world :George Woodward Morse and the South Carolina State Military Works / Seigler, Robert S., 2017 BOOKS
Best practices in faculty evaluation :a practical guide for academic leaders / Buller, Jeffrey L. 2012 BOOKS
Betrayal :the crisis in the Catholic Church / N/A 2002 BOOKS
Beyond oil :the view from Hubbert's Peak / Deffeyes, Kenneth S. 2006 BOOKS
Big cat, little cat / Cooper, Elisha, 2017 BOOKS
Bioinspired actuators and sensors / Taya, Minoru,; Mizunami, Makoto,Nomura, Shūhei, 2016 BOOKS
Bioinspired devices :emulating nature's assembly and repair process / Goldfield, Eugene Curtis, 2018 BOOKS
Bioinspired legged locomotion :models, concepts, control and applications / Sharbafi, Maziar A.,Seyfarth, André, 2017 BOOKS
Biomimetics through nanoelectronics :development of three dimensional macroporous nanoelectronics for building smart materials, cyborg tissues and injectable biomedical electronics / Liu, Jia, 2018 BOOKS
Bird builds a nest / Jenkins, Martin,; Jones, Richard, 2018 BOOKS
Birke.Gedichte. Weber, Martha, 1972 BOOKS
Birth of modern America / McClymer, John F. 2005 BOOKS
Black cowboys in the American West :on the range, on the stage, behind the badge / Glasrud, Bruce A.,Searles, Michael N., 2016 BOOKS
Black image in the white mind :the debate on Afro-American character and destiny, 1817-1914 / Fredrickson, George M., 1987 BOOKS
Boots on the ground :America's war in Vietnam / Partridge, Elizabeth, 2018 BOOKS
Breath crystal / Celan, Paul.; Billeter, Walter. BOOKS
Brookshire & Belk, businessmen in city hall / Coffin, Alex, 1994 BOOKS
Brownsville, Brooklyn :Blacks, Jews, and the changing face of the ghetto / Pritchett, Wendell E. 2003 BOOKS
Bruce's big move / Higgins, Ryan T., 2017 BOOKS
Business manners for success / Barrett, Marja Wade. 2004 BOOKS
Careers for chemists :a world outside the lab / Owens, Fred,; Uhler, Roger,Marasco, Corinne A., 1997 BOOKS
Catholic intellectuals and the challenge of democracy / Corrin, Jay P., 2002 BOOKS
Catholicism and American freedom :a history / McGreevy, John T. 2003 BOOKS
Cattle in the Backlands :Mato Grosso and the evolution of ranching in the Brazilian tropics / Wilcox, Robert W., 2017 BOOKS
Charlie & Mouse / Snyder, Laurel,; Hughes, Emily 2017 BOOKS
Clocks and culture, 1300-1700 / Cipolla, Carlo M.; Rogers D. Spotswood Collection. 1977 BOOKS
Cold War :a new history / Gaddis, John Lewis. 2005 BOOKS
Comparative imagination :on the history of racism, nationalism, and social movements / Frederickson, George M., 2000 BOOKS
Concise history of France / Price, Roger, 1993 BOOKS
Concise history of Mexico / Hamnett, Brian R. 2006 BOOKS
Concise history of Poland / Lukowski, Jerzy.; Zawadzki, W. H. 2001 BOOKS
Concise history of Portugal / Birmingham, David. 1993 BOOKS
Constitutional law for a changing America. Epstein, Lee,; Walker, Thomas G., 2016 BOOKS
Constitutional law for a changing America. Epstein, Lee,; Walker, Thomas G., 2017 BOOKS
Corpse on Boomerang Road :Telluride's war on labor 1899-1908 / Martin, MaryJoy, 2004 BOOKS
Corrosion of character :the personal consequences of work in the new capitalism / Sennett, Richard, 1998 BOOKS
Covenant and commitments :faith, family, and economic life / Stackhouse, Max L. 1997 BOOKS
Covenant of care :Newark Beth Israel and the Jewish Hospital in America / Kraut, Alan M.; Kraut, Deborah A. 2007 BOOKS
Coyote America :a natural and supernatural history / Flores, Dan L. 2016 BOOKS
Crime and society in England, 1750-1900 / Emsley, Clive. 1987 BOOKS
Crude reality :petroleum in world history / Black, Brian, 2014 BOOKS
Cultural revolutions :everyday life and politics in Britain, North America, and France / Auslander, Leora. 2009 BOOKS
Daily life in early modern Japan / Perez, Louis G. 2002 BOOKS
Daniel Boone / Daugherty, James, 1996 BOOKS
Dark paradise :a history of opiate addiction in America / Courtwright, David T., 2001 BOOKS
Deep learning with Python / Chollet, François, 2018 BOOKS
Descriptionary / McCutcheon, Marc. 2000 BOOKS
DevOps handbook :how to create world-class agility, reliability, and security in technology organizations / Kim, Gene,; Debois, Patrick,Willis, JohnHumble, Jez,Allspaw, John, 2016 BOOKS
Different pond / Phi, Bao,; Bui, Thi, 2017 BOOKS
Dismantling racism :the continuing challenge to white America / Barndt, Joseph R. 1991 BOOKS
Diversity training activity book :50 activities for promoting communication and understanding at work / Lambert, Jonamay,; Myers, Selma, 2009 BOOKS
Dobry / Shannon, Monica.; Katchamakoff, Atanas, 1993 BOOKS
Druids / Piggott, Stuart. 1985 BOOKS
Early modern Europe, 1500-1789 / Koenigsberger, H. G. 1987 BOOKS
Earthly powers :the clash of religion and politics in Europe from the French Revolution to the Great War / Burleigh, Michael, 2005 BOOKS
Economic consequences of the peace / Keynes, John Maynard, 2004 BOOKS
Eleanor of Aquitaine, the mother queen / Seward, Desmond, 1978 BOOKS
Elizabeth I / Marshall, Rosalind K.; National Portrait Gallery (Great Britain) 1991 BOOKS
Ende der Landschaftsmalerei :Gedichte / Becker, Jürgen, 1974 BOOKS
Environmental law handbook / Sullivan, Thomas F. P.,Alonso, Richard, 2017 BOOKS
Es kam die Nachricht.Gedichte. Meister, Ernst, 1970 BOOKS
European demographic system, 1500-1820 / Flinn, Michael W. 1981 BOOKS
Exploring the Southern Appalachian grassy balds :a hiking guide / Duernberger, Amy, 2017 BOOKS
Eyewitness :a living documentary of the African American contribution to American history / Katz, William Loren. 1995 BOOKS
Facsimile of Frank Leslie's illustrated historical register of the Centennial Exposition, 1876. Norton, Frank H.; Leslie, Frank, 1974 BOOKS
Fierce discontent :the rise and fall of the Progressive movement in America, 1870-1920 / McGerr, Michael E. 2005 BOOKS
Finance and financiers in European history, 1880-1960 / Cassis, Youssef. 1992 BOOKS
Five Points :the 19th-century New York City neighborhood that invented tap dance, stole elections, and became the world's most notorious slum / Anbinder, Tyler, 2001 BOOKS
Flanders :a cultural history / De Vries, André, 2007 BOOKS
Florida ethnobotany :Fairchild Tropical Garden, Coral Gables, Florida Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Tucson, Arizona : with more than 500 species illustrated by Penelope N. Honychurch [and others] / Austin, Daniel F.; Honychurch, P. Narodny. 2004 BOOKS
Forty minutes to glory :inside the Kentucky Wildcats' 1978 championship season / Brunk, Doug, 2018 BOOKS
Franklin D. Roosevelt :his life and times : an encyclopedic view / Graham, Otis L.Wander, Meghan Robinson. 1990 BOOKS
Fundamentals of collection development and management / Johnson, Peggy, 2018 BOOKS
Fundamentals of patenting and licensing for scientists and engineers / Ma, Matthew Y. 2015 BOOKS
Gilded Age, or, The hazard of new functions / Summers, Mark W. 1997 BOOKS
Girl who drew butterflies :how Maria Merian's art changed science / Sidman, Joyce, 2018 BOOKS
Grant / Chernow, Ron, 2017 BOOKS
Great jobs for chemistry majors / Rowh, Mark. 2006 BOOKS
Great stink of Paris and the nineteenth-century struggle against filth and germs / Barnes, David S. 2006 BOOKS
Greenback :the almighty dollar and the invention of America / Goodwin, Jason, 2003 BOOKS
Groundhug Day / Pace, Anne Marie,; Denise, Christopher, 2017 BOOKS
Grump Groan Growl / Hooks, Bell,; Raschka, Christopher, 2017 BOOKS
Handbook of research on biomimetics and biomedical robotics / Habib, Maki K., 2018 BOOKS
Hard, hard religion :interracial faith in the poor South / Hayes, John, 2017 BOOKS
Hello universe / Kelly, Erin Entrada, 2017 BOOKS
Henry VIII / Palmer, Michael Denison. 1983 BOOKS
Hermann Hesse's Das Glasperlenspiel :a concealed defense of the mother world / Remys, Edmund, 1983 BOOKS
History of economic thought :the LSE lectures / Robbins, Lionel Robbins,; Medema, Steven G.Samuels, Warren J.,; London School of Economics and Political Science. 2000 BOOKS
History of patent classification in the United States Patent and Trademark Office / Rotkin, Irving J.; Dood, Kendall J.Thexton, Matthew A. 1999 BOOKS
How was it done? :the story of human ingenuity through the ages / Gould, David,; Reader's Digest Association. 1998 BOOKS
How we think :digital media and contemporary technogenesis / Hayles, Katherine, 2012 BOOKS
Hunger :a tale of courage / Napoli, Donna Jo, 2018 BOOKS
I am not your Negro / Peck, Raoul,Grellety, Rémi,Peck, Hébert,Baldwin, James,Adebonojo, Henry,Ross, Bill,Ross, Turner,Aĭgi, Alekseĭ,Strauss, Alexandra,Jackson, Samuel L.,Belafonte, Harry,Brando, Marlon,Cavett, Dick,Bush, George W.Baldwin, James,; Magnolia Pictures 2017 VIDEOS
I got it! / Wiesner, David, 2018 BOOKS
I see a cat / Meisel, Paul, 2017 BOOKS
Impacts of climate change on allergens and allergic diseases / Beggs, Paul J., 2016 BOOKS
In pursuit of memory :the fight against Alzheimer's / Jebelli, Joseph, 2017 BOOKS
Internationale zone;[roman]. Dor, Milo, 1953 BOOKS
Introduction to Afro-American studies :a peoples [sic] college primer / Alkalimat, Abdul. 1986 BOOKS
Introduction to political psychology / Cottam, Martha L. 2016 BOOKS
Invisible hands :the businessmen's crusade against the New Deal / Phillips-Fein, Kim, 2010 BOOKS
Irdisches Vergnügen in g :fünfzig Gedichte / Rühmkorf, Peter. 1959 BOOKS
Irresistible :the rise of addictive technology and the business of keeping us hooked / Alter, Adam L., 2017 BOOKS
It didn't happen here :why socialism failed in the United States / Lipset, Seymour Martin.; Marks, Gary, 2000 BOOKS
Italy :a short history / Hearder, Harry.; Morris, Jonathan, 2001 BOOKS
It's shoe time! / Willems, Mo,; Collier, Bryan, 2017 BOOKS
Kentucky's rebel press :pro-Confederate media and the secession crisis / Craig, Berry, 2018 BOOKS
Khrushchev remembers / Khrushchev, Nikita Sergeevich,; Crankshaw, Edward.Talbott, Strobe. 1971 BOOKS
King & Kayla and the case of the missing dog treats / Butler, Dori Hillestad,; Meyers, Nancy, 2018 BOOKS
Princesa and the pea / Elya, Susan Middleton,; Martinez-Neal, Juana,Andersen, H. C. 2017 BOOKS
Lancastrians and Yorkists :the Wars of the Roses / Cook, David R. 1984 BOOKS
Lead us not into temptation :Catholic priests and the sexual abuse of children / Berry, Jason. 1994 BOOKS
Learn Latin :a lively introduction to reading the language / Jones, Peter. 1997 BOOKS
Lenovo way :managing a diverse global company for optimal performance / Qiao, Gina.; Conyers, Yolanda. 2014 BOOKS
Let's read Latin :introduction to the language of the Church / McInerny, Ralph M. 2000 BOOKS
Letzte Diktator :Tragödie / Gong, Alfred,; Such, Bärbel, 2012 BOOKS
Library and information center management / Moran, Barbara B.,; Morner, Claudia J., 2018 BOOKS
Lied für Zement :Gedichte / Bingel, Horst, 1975 BOOKS
Life as a werewolf is never easy / Steffens, Roger M. 1974 BOOKS
Life of Thomas More / Ackroyd, Peter, 1998 BOOKS
Lincoln :a life of purpose and power / Carwardine, Richard. 2006 BOOKS
Lincoln and Chief Justice Taney :slavery, secession, and the president's war powers / Simon, James F., 2006 BOOKS
Lincoln and the Civil War in the diaries and letters of John Hay / Hay, John,; Dennett, Tyler, 1988 BOOKS
Lincoln and the decision for war :the northern response to secession / McClintock, Russell. 2008 BOOKS
Lincoln and the power of the press :the war for public opinion / Holzer, Harold. 2015 BOOKS
Lincoln and Whitman :parallel lives in Civil War Washington / Epstein, Daniel Mark. 2004 BOOKS
Lincoln at Cooper Union :the speech that made Abraham Lincoln president / Holzer, Harold. 2004 BOOKS
Lincoln enigma :the changing faces of an American icon / Boritt, G. S.,; Frank and Virginia Williams Collection of Lincolniana (Mississippi State University. Libraries) 2001 BOOKS
Lincoln unmasked :what you're not supposed to know about dishonest Abe / DiLorenzo, Thomas J. 2006 BOOKS
Lincoln's battle with God :a president's struggle with faith and what it meant for America / Mansfield, Stephen, 2012 BOOKS
Living Language conversational Spanish / Weiman, Ralph William.; Succar, O. A.Stern, Irwin. 1993 BOOKS
Lon Po Po / Young, Ed. 1989 BOOKS
Long pursuit :Abraham Lincoln's thirty-year struggle with Stephen Douglas for the heart and soul of America / Morris, Roy, 2008 BOOKS
Long way down / Reynolds, Jason, 2017 BOOKS
Love / de la Peña, Matt,; Long, Loren, 2018 BOOKS
Luminous night,a novel. Lewis, George, 1970 BOOKS
Making the American century :essays on the political culture of twentieth century America / Schulman, Bruce J., 2014 BOOKS
Mammon and the pursuit of empire :the political economy of British imperialism, 1860-1912 / Davis, Lance Edwin.; Huttenback, Robert A.Davis, Susan G., 2009 BOOKS
Mankiller / Red-Horse, Valerie,Hurd, Gale Anne,Mankiller, Wilma Pearl,; Red-Horse Native Productions.Valhalla Entertainment.Vision Maker Media,Good Docs (Firm), 2018 VIDEOS
Marching to glory :the history of the Salvation Army in the United States, 1880-1992 / McKinley, Edward H. 1995 BOOKS
Mastering AWS security :create and maintain a secure cloud ecosystem / Anthony, Albert, 2017 BOOKS
Mastering Bitcoin :programming the open blockchain / Antonopoulos, Andreas M., 2017 BOOKS
Mastering Windows server 2012 R2 / Minasi, Mark, 2014 BOOKS
Mastering Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V / Savill, John, 2017 BOOKS
Meeting at Potsdam / Mee, Charles L.; Rogers D. Spotswood Collection. 1996 BOOKS
Merchants and revolution :commercial change, political conflict, and London's Overseas Traders, 1550-1653 / Brenner, Robert, 2003 BOOKS
Meteor.Eine Komödie in zwei Akten. Dürrenmatt, Friedrich. 1966 BOOKS
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 & Microsoft Surface Book : the definitive beginner's guide / Ibrahim, Pharm, 2017 BOOKS
Moby-Dick :an authoritative text, contexts, criticism / Melville, Herman,; Parker, Hershel, 2018 BOOKS
Money powers of Europe in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries / Emden, Paul H. 1983 BOOKS
Mr. Lincoln goes to war / Marvel, William. 2006 BOOKS
Multitude :war and democracy in the age of Empire / Hardt, Michael,; Negri, Antonio, 2004 BOOKS
My kite is stuck! and other stories / Yoon, Salina, 2017 BOOKS
National parks beyond the nation :global perspectives on "America's best idea" / Howkins, Adrian,Orsi, Jared,Fiege, Mark, 2016 BOOKS
Navy SEALs / Slater, Lee, 2016 BOOKS
New education :how to revolutionize the university to prepare students for a world in flux / Davidson, Cathy N., 2017 BOOKS
New York Times century of business / Norris, Floyd.; Bockelmann, Christine. 2000 BOOKS
Nine days to Christmas :a story of Mexico / Ets, Marie Hall,; Labastida, Aurora, 2017 BOOKS
Noble cause? :America and the Vietnam War / De Groot, Gerard J., 2000 BOOKS
Noodleheads see the future / Arnold, Tedd,; Hamilton, Martha,Weiss, Mitch, 2017 BOOKS
Number the stars / Lowry, Lois. 2014 BOOKS
Old hat / Gravett, Emily, 2018 BOOKS
On becoming a leader / Bennis, Warren G. 2009 BOOKS
On the edge :the United States in the twentieth century / Horowitz, David A.; Carroll, Peter N. 2005 BOOKS
Original sin :origins, developments, contemporary meanings / Wiley, Tatha. 2002 BOOKS
Our Fathers' war :growing up in the shadow of the greatest generation / Mathews, Tom.; Mathews, Thomas Richard, 2005 BOOKS
Our mothers' war :American women at home and at the Front during World War II / Yellin, Emily, 2004 BOOKS
Out of wonder :poems celebrating poets / Alexander, Kwame,; Colderley, Chris,Wentworth, Marjory,Holmes, Ekua, 2017 BOOKS
Palladium of justice :origins of trial by jury / Levy, Leonard W. 1999 BOOKS
Perils of prosperity, 1914-1932 / Leuchtenburg, William E. 1993 BOOKS
Peter Rabbit, and other stories / Potter, Beatrix, 1977 BOOKS
Pictorial history of the machine gun Hobart, Frank William Arthur, 1971 BOOKS
Piecing me together / Watson, Renée, 2017 BOOKS
Pilatus / Dürrenmatt, Friedrich. 1952 BOOKS
Pittsburgh jazz / Brewer, John M., 2007 BOOKS
Planning optimal library spaces :principles, processes, and practices / Moore, David R.,; Shoaf, Eric C., 2018 BOOKS
Political brain :the role of emotion in deciding the fate of the nation / Westen, Drew, 2008 BOOKS
Populism :the humane preference in America, 1890-1900 / Clanton, O. Gene. 1991 BOOKS
Praxis II social studies study guide :content and interpretation (5086) test prep and practice questions for the Praxis II (5086) exam / Chipman, Alicia. 2016 BOOKS
Productivity imperative :wealth and poverty in the global economy / Farrell, Diana.; McKinsey Global Institute. 2006 BOOKS
Pueblo / Lajiness, Katie, 2017 BOOKS
Put your science to work :the take-charge career guide for scientists / Fiske, Peter S.,; Fiske, Peter S., 2001 BOOKS
Python data science handbook :essential tools for working with data / Vanderplas, Jacob T., 2016 BOOKS
Quantum puzzle :critique of quantum theory and electrodynamics / Clarke, Barry R., 2017 BOOKS
Reading and writing Chinese :a guide to the Chinese writing system : the student's 1,020 list, the official 2,000 list / McNaughton, William, 1989 BOOKS
Reagan, in his own hand / Reagan, Ronald.; Skinner, Kiron K.Anderson, Annelise Graebner.Anderson, Martin, 2001 BOOKS
Reelecting Lincoln :the battle for the 1864 presidency / Waugh, John C. 2001 BOOKS
Requiem in Versen :in Memoriam Lilly Christiansen Agoston / Schönwiese, Ernst,; Orlowski, Hans, 1953 BOOKS
Research methods for cyber security / Edgar, Thomas W.,; Manz, David O., 2017 BOOKS
Resilient voter :stressful polling places and voting behavior / Reilly, Shauna,; Ulbig, Stacy G., 2018 BOOKS
Restless giant :the United States from Watergate to Bush v. Gore / Patterson, James T. 2007 BOOKS
Righteous cause :the life of William Jennings Bryan / Cherny, Robert W. 1994 BOOKS
Rise to greatness :Abraham Lincoln and America's most perilous year / Von Drehle, David, 2012 BOOKS
Sacred silence :denial and the crisis in the church / Cozzens, Donald B. 2002 BOOKS
San Francisco in the 1930s :the WPA Guide to the City by the Bay / Federal Writers' Project of the Works Progress Administration of Northern California.; Kipen, David. 2011 BOOKS
Seite aus dem Paradiesbuch;ein Hörspiel. Meckel, Christoph. 1969 BOOKS
Seitenblick.(Gedichte, Skizzen u. Essays.) Lahr, Helene,; Tauschinski, Oskar Jan, 1969 BOOKS
Silmarillion / Tolkien, J. R. R.; Tolkien, Christopher.Nasmith, Ted. 2004 BOOKS
Sin and fear :the emergence of a Western guilt culture, 13th-18th centuries / Delumeau, Jean. 1990 BOOKS
Six months in 1945 :FDR, Stalin, Churchill and Truman--from world war to cold war / Dobbs, Michael, 2012 BOOKS
Snail & Worm, again / Kügler, Tina, 2017 BOOKS
Spanish dictionary :Spanish-English, English-Spanish / Stern, Irwin.; Weiman, Ralph William. 1993 BOOKS
Spanish dictionary :Spanish-English, English-Spanish. HarperCollins (Firm) 1998 BOOKS
Sports law / Epstein, Adam.; Epstein, Adam. 2013 BOOKS
Steven Spielberg:Director and Producer of the Jurassic Park Series / Felix, Rebecca. 2016 BOOKS
Still a house divided :race and politics in Obama's America / King, Desmond S.; Smith, Rogers M., 2011 BOOKS
Stücke nach Stücken :Bearbeitunger 2 / Hacks, Peter, 1965 BOOKS
Summit :Bretton Woods, 1944 : J.M. Keynes and the reshaping of the global economy / Conway, Edmund, 2015 BOOKS
Synthesis of best-seller drugs / Vardanyan, R. S.; Hruby, Victor J., 2016 BOOKS
Tales from silver lands / Finger, Charles Joseph,; Honoré, Paul, 2017 BOOKS
Tennessee's Union cavalrymen / Brown, Myers E.; Tennessee State Museum. 2008 BOOKS
Theodore Roosevelt / Britton, Tamara L., 2017 BOOKS
This is the nest that Robin built :with a little help from her friends / Fleming, Denise, 2018 BOOKS
Time's pendulum :from sundials to atomic clocks, the fascinating history of timekeeping and how our discoveries changed the world / Barnett, Jo Ellen. 1999 BOOKS
Tinker and a poor man :John Bunyan and his church, 1628-1688 / Hill, Christopher, 1990 BOOKS
Tullipan;Erzählung. Meckel, Christoph. 1965 BOOKS
Unbekannte Ziel,Ausgewählte Proben und Arbeiten; Kasack, Hermann, 1963 BOOKS
Unchristian :what a new generation really thinks about Christianity-- and why it matters / Kinnaman, David,; Lyons, Gabe, 2007 BOOKS
Understanding contracts / Ferriell, Jeffrey Thomas, 2014 BOOKS
Understanding torts / Diamond, John L.,; Levine, Lawrence C.,Bernstein, Anita, 2013 BOOKS
Understanding war :essays on Clausewitz and the history of military power / Paret, Peter. 1993 BOOKS
Universal Baseball Association, inc., J. Henry Waugh, prop. Coover, Robert. 1968 BOOKS
Unter Wasser,Böhmische Schnieder; Marionettenspiele. Eich, Günter,; Eich, Günter, 1964 BOOKS
Verspätung;ein Stück in zwei Teilen. Hildesheimer, Wolfgang, 1963 BOOKS
Victoria :portrait of a queen / Reef, Catherine, 2017 BOOKS
View from Nashville / Emery, Ralph.; Cox, Patsi Bale. 1998 BOOKS
Votes for women! :American suffragists and the battle for the ballot / Conkling, Winifred, 2018 BOOKS
War in American culture :society and consciousness during World War II / Erenberg, Lewis A.,Hirsch, Susan E. 1996 BOOKS
War in world history :society, technology, and war from ancient times to the present / Morillo, Stephen,; Black, Jeremy,Lococo, Paul, 2009 BOOKS
War on the middle class :how the government, big business, and special interest groups are waging war on the American dream and how to fight back / Dobbs, Lou. 2006 BOOKS
Washington D.C. :a historical walking tour / Carrier, Thomas J. 1999 BOOKS
We can be friends! :a song about friendship / Jiménez, Vita,; Cheeseman, Janet,Koskinen, Erik, 2018 BOOKS
Wealth of nations. Smith, Adam,; Skinner, Andrew S. 1986 BOOKS
West of the Revolution :an uncommon history of 1776 / Saunt, Claudio, 2014 BOOKS
Western intellectual tradition, from Leonardo to Hegel / Bronowski, Jacob,; Mazlish, Bruce, 1986 BOOKS
What Lincoln believed :the values and convictions of America's greatest president / Lind, Michael, 2005 BOOKS
What would Lincoln do? :Lincoln's most inspired solutions to challenging problems and difficult situations / Acord, David.; Lincoln, Abraham, 2009 BOOKS
White privilege :essential readings on the other side of racism / Rothenberg, Paula S., 2002 BOOKS
White stag / Seredy, Kate. 1979 BOOKS
Windows server 2016 inside out / Thomas, Orin, 2017 BOOKS
Wir suchen Hitler.Gedichte. Bingel, Horst, 1965 BOOKS
Wolf in the snow / Cordell, Matthew, 2017 BOOKS
World in 1800 / Bernier, Olivier. 2000 BOOKS
World of their own making :myth, ritual, and the quest for family values / Gillis, John R. 1996 BOOKS
World only spins forward :the ascent of Angels in America / Butler, Isaac,; Kois, Dan, 2018 BOOKS
World that never was :a true story of dreamers, schemers, anarchists and secret agents / Butterworth, Alex. 2010 BOOKS
Worthy of the nation :the history of planning for the national capital / United States.; Gutheim, Frederick Albert, 1977 BOOKS
Wrinkle in time / L'Engle, Madeleine, 1962 BOOKS
Wrinkle in time / L'Engle, Madeleine, 2017 BOOKS
Writing a legal memo / Bronsteen, John. 2006 BOOKS
X-te Person Einzahl :Gedichte / Falkner, Gerhard, 1996 BOOKS
Yorkist age :daily life during the Wars of Roses / Kendall, Paul Murray. 1970 BOOKS
Zauberflöte =The magic flute : KV 620 / Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus,; Schikaneder, Emanuel,Gruber, Gernot.Orel, Alfred, 1990 MUSICALSCORE
Zeugnis und Zeichen.Gedichte. Nick, Dagmar, 1969 BOOKS