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New Titles: July 2018
Title Author Year Format
All I did was ask :conversations with writers, actors, musicians, and artists / Gross, Terry. 2004 BOOKS
American dream :the 50s / Time-Life Books. 1998 BOOKS
American masterworks :the twentieth century house / Frampton, Kenneth.; Larkin, David, 1995 BOOKS
American painters on the French scene, 1874-1914 :[exhibition] April 23-July 12, 1996 / Sellin, David.; Beacon Hill Fine Art (Gallery) 1996 BOOKS
Approaches to peace :a reader in peace studies / Barash, David P. 1999 BOOKS
Arizona / Muench, David.; Goldwater, Barry M. 1978 BOOKS
Arizona II / Muench, Josef.; Cooper, Tom C. 1979 BOOKS
Armageddon in retrospect :and other new and unpublished writings on war and peace / Vonnegut, Kurt. 2008 BOOKS
Art and empire :treasures from Assyria in the British Museum / Curtis, John,Reade, Julian.Collon, Dominique.; Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.)Kimbell Art Museum. 1995 BOOKS
Artworks and packages. Rosenberg, Harold, 1969 BOOKS
Beethoven :a documentary study / Landon, H. C. Robbins 1970 BOOKS
Bordeaux :the definitive guide for the wines produced since 1961 / Parker, Robert M., 1985 BOOKS
But was it just? :reflections on the morality of the Persian Gulf War / Elshtain, Jean Bethke,DeCosse, David E. 1992 BOOKS
Butterflies of North America, east of the Great Plains / Klots, Alexander B.; National Audubon Society.National Wildlife Federation. 1986 BOOKS
Cambridge economic history of, labour and enterprise / Mathias, Peter.Postan, M. M. 1978 BOOKS
Cambridge economic history of Europe.incomes, population and technological change / Habakkuk, H. J.Postan, M. M. 1965 BOOKS
Century of sports / Time-Life Books. 2000 BOOKS
Chile :the other September 11 / Aguilera, Pilar.Fredes, Ricardo.Dorfman, Ariel. 2003 BOOKS
Concerto :la primavera, op. 8, no. 1 / Vivaldi, Antonio, 1900 MUSICALSCORE
Confronting war :an examination of humanity's most pressing problem / Glossop, Ronald J., 2001 BOOKS
Conquest of violence :the Gandhian philosophy of conflict / Bondurant, Joan V. 1988 BOOKS
Creation is a patient search. Le Corbusier, 1960 BOOKS
Crossword obsession :the history and lore of the world's most popular pastime / Amende, Coral. 2001 BOOKS
Crusade :chronicles of an unjust war / Carroll, James, 2004 BOOKS
Day before America / MacLeish, William H., 1994 BOOKS
Decade of triumph, the 40s / Time-Life Books. 1999 BOOKS
Digital decade-- the 90s / Time-Life Books. 2000 BOOKS
Discovery of the Greek Bronze Age / Fitton, J. Lesley. 1996 BOOKS
Documents on the laws of war / Roberts, Adam,Guelff, Richard, 2000 BOOKS
Drift :the unmooring of American military power / Maddow, Rachel, 2012 BOOKS
Egypt uncovered / Davies, W. V.; Friedman, Renée F. 1998 BOOKS
Egyptians / Watterson, Barbara. 1997 BOOKS
Elsa Lanchester, herself / Lanchester, Elsa, 1983 BOOKS
Eve and Adam :Jewish, Christian, and Muslim readings on Genesis and gender / Kvam, Kristen E.Schearing, Linda S.Ziegler, Valarie H., 1999 BOOKS
Events that shaped the century / Time-Life Books. 1998 BOOKS
Finding the walls of Troy :Frank Calvert and Heinrich Schliemann at Hisarlík / Allen, Susan Heuck, 1999 BOOKS
Flyers :in search of Wilbur and Orville Wright / Adams, Noah. 2003 BOOKS
Frank Lloyd Wright collected writings / Wright, Frank Lloyd,; Pfeiffer, Bruce Brooks.Wright, Frank Lloyd, 1992 BOOKS
From the ashes :a spiritual response to the attack on America : experience, strength, and hope from spiritual leaders and extraordinary citizens / Beliefnet (Firm) 2001 BOOKS
George Grove, 1820-1900 :a biography / Young, Percy M. 1980 BOOKS
Grand slam :Bobby Jones, America, and the story of golf / Frost, Mark, 2004 BOOKS
Greeks and Greek civilization / Burckhardt, Jacob,; Murray, Oswyn. 1998 BOOKS
Guide to the Sainsbury Wing at the National Gallery / Wilson, Michael,; National Gallery (Great Britain) 1991 BOOKS
Gulf War reader :history, documents, opinions / Sifry, Micah L.Cerf, Christopher. 1991 BOOKS
Hard times, the 30s / Time-Life Books. 1998 BOOKS
Hatchepsut :the female pharaoh / Tyldesley, Joyce A. 1996 BOOKS
Heroes of my time / Salisbury, Harrison E. 1993 BOOKS
Higher law :Thoreau on civil disobedience and reform / Thoreau, Henry David,; Glick, Wendell,Thoreau, Henry David,; Modern Language Association of America. 2004 BOOKS
Highwayman and Mr. Dickens :an account of the strange events of the Medusa murders : a secret Victorian journal, attributed to Wilkie Collins / Palmer, William J., 1992 BOOKS
History of ancient Israel / Grant, Michael, 1984 BOOKS
History of civilizations / Braudel, Fernand. 1994 BOOKS
Horrors we bless :rethinking the just-war legacy / Maguire, Daniel C., 2007 BOOKS
I have landed :the end of a beginning in natural history / Gould, Stephen Jay. 2002 BOOKS
In its place :the architecture of Carl Strauss and Ray Roush [an exhibition] January 12-March 2, 1985] : essay / Contemporary Arts Center (Cincinnati, Ohio); Merkel, Jayne. 1984 BOOKS
In the footsteps of Gandhi :conversations with spiritual social activists / Ingram, Catherine, 2003 BOOKS
International album of wine ; your personal record of wine labels and tastes / Schneider, Steven J. 1977 BOOKS
Inventing the Middle Ages :the lives, works, and ideas of the great medievalists of the twentieth century / Cantor, Norman F.; Rogers D. Spotswood Collection. 1991 BOOKS
John Ruskin and Victorian architecture / Brooks, Michael W., 1987 BOOKS
Language of post-modern architecture / Jencks, Charles. 1977 BOOKS
Last man who knew everything :Thomas Young, the anonymous polymath who proved Newton wrong, explained how we see, cured the sick, and deciphered the Rosetta stone, among other feats of genius / Robinson, Andrew, 2006 BOOKS
Lesser evil :political ethics in an age of terror / Ignatieff, Michael. 2005 BOOKS
Lewis Henry Meakin, 1850-1917 :an American landscape painter rediscovered, June 1987 / Meakin, Lewis Henry,; Boyle, Richard J.; Cincinnati Art Galleries. 1987 BOOKS
Lifting the veil :the emergence of the African-American artist. Duncanson, Robert S.,; Taft Museum. 1995 BOOKS
Lines in the sand :justice and the Gulf War / Geyer, Alan F.; Green, Barbara G. 1992 BOOKS
Literary Club of Cincinnati, 1849-1999 :one hundred and fiftieth anniversary volume. Literary Club of Cincinnati. 2001 BOOKS
Lost and found :the 9,000 treasures of Troy : Heinrich Schliemann and the gold that got away / Moorehead, Caroline. 1996 BOOKS
Master architect :conversations with Frank Lloyd Wright / Wright, Frank Lloyd,; Meehan, Patrick Joseph. 1984 BOOKS
Metamorphoses :photography in the electronic age / Batchen, Geoffrey.; Aperture Foundation. 1994 BOOKS
Meyer May house :Grand Rapids, Michigan / Steelcase, Inc.; Scully, Vincent,Lind, Carla.May, Meyer. 1987 BOOKS
Michael Todd's Around the world in 80 days almanac / Cohn, Art,; Rouben Mamoulian Collection (Library of Congress) 1956 BOOKS
Moral military / Axinn, Sidney. 1989 BOOKS
Mozartiana :two centuries of notes, quotes, and anecdotes about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart / Solman, Joseph, 1990 BOOKS
Mr. Jefferson's lost cause :land, farmers, slavery, and the Louisiana Purchase / Kennedy, Roger G.; Rogers D. Spotswood Collection. 2003 BOOKS
Nefertiti lived here. Chubb, Mary. 1954 BOOKS
Nonviolence in theory and practice / Holmes, Robert L. 2005 BOOKS
Norton history of chemistry / Brock, W. H. 1993 BOOKS
On war and morality / Holmes, Robert L., 1989 BOOKS
Orsay, paintings / Foucart, Bruno. 1987 BOOKS
Out of control :global turmoil on the eve of the twenty-first century / Brzezinski, Zbigniew, 1993 BOOKS
Panoramic parks :an appreciation of Cincinnati's parks / Schiff, Thomas R.; Findsen, Owen. 2005 BOOKS
Picasso's Paris :walking tours of the artist's life in the city / Williams, Ellen. 1999 BOOKS
Picture history of painting, from cave painting to modern times / Janson, H. W.; Janson, Dora Jane, 1957 BOOKS
Portrait of Picasso. Penrose, Roland, 1957 BOOKS
Prelude to the century, 1870-1900 / Time-Life Books. 1999 BOOKS
Punic wars / Goldsworthy, Adrian Keith.; Rogers D. Spotswood Collection. 2000 BOOKS
Pyramids / Clancy, Flora S. 1994 BOOKS
Reading Egyptian art :a hieroglyphic guide to ancient Egyptian painting and sculpture / Wilkinson, Richard H., 1992 BOOKS
Renaissance lives :portraits of an age / Rabb, Theodore K. 1993 BOOKS
Robert Emmett Owen (1878-1957) :the spirit of New England / Peters, Lisa N.; Owen, Robert Emmett,; Ira Spanierman Gallery. 1998 BOOKS
Romance & chivalry :history and literature reflected in early nineteenth-century French painting / Tscherny, Nadia.; Sainty, Guy Stair.Chaudonneret, Marie-Claude.Sainty, Elizabeth.; Matthiesen Gallery, London.New Orleans Museum of Art.Stair Sainty Matthiesen (Gallery)Taft Museum of Art. 1996 BOOKS
Scala / Lotti, Giorgio.; Radice, Raul, 1979 BOOKS
Schliemann of Troy :treasure and deceit / Traill, David A., 1995 BOOKS
Selective eye;an anthology of the best from L'Œil, the European art magazine. Bernier, Georges,Bernier, Rosamond, 1955 BOOKS
Selling fear :conspiracy theories and end-times paranoia / Camp, Gregory S., 1997 BOOKS
Skeptic :a life of H.L. Mencken / Teachout, Terry. 2002 BOOKS
Spain :a history / Carr, Raymond. 2000 BOOKS
Symphony no. 45 (18) in F sharp minor :(Farewell) / Haydn, Joseph, 1900 MUSICALSCORE
Three centuries of notable American architects / Thorndike, Joseph J. 1981 BOOKS
Time before history :5 million years of human impact / Tudge, Colin. 1996 BOOKS
Time detectives :how archeologists use technology to recapture the past / Fagan, Brian M.; Rogers D. Spotswood Collection. 1995 BOOKS
Time of transition, the 70s / Time-Life Books. 1998 BOOKS
Timetables of science :a chronology of the most important people and events in the history of science / Hellemans, Alexander,; Bunch, Bryan H. 1988 BOOKS
Toscanini / Freeman, John W.,; Toscanini, Walfredo. 1987 BOOKS
Tournament of Roses :the first 100 years / Hendrickson, Joe.; Stiles, Maxwell. 1989 BOOKS
Traces of the past :a field guide to industrial archaeology / Weitzman, David, 1980 BOOKS
Traverse Theatre story 1963-1988 / McMillan, Joyce,; Carnegie, John.; Traverse Theatre (Edinburgh, Scotland) 1988 BOOKS
Turbulent years :the 60s / Time-Life Books. 1998 BOOKS
USA--a history in art / Smith, Bradley, 1975 BOOKS
War crimes :a report on United States war crimes against Iraq / Clark, Ramsey, 1992 BOOKS
Wars and rumors of wars / Shinn, Roger Lincoln. 1972 BOOKS
What life was like amid splendor and intrigue :Byzantine Empire, AD 330-1453 / Anker, Ellen.; Time-Life Books. 1998 BOOKS
What life was like among Druids and high kings :Celtic Ireland, AD 400-1200 / Time-Life Books. 1998 BOOKS
What life was like among samurai and shoguns :Japan, AD 1000-1700 / Time-Life Books. 1999 BOOKS
What life was like at empire's end ;Austro-Hungarian Empire, AD 1848-1918 / Time-Life Books. 2000 BOOKS
What life was like at the dawn of democracy :classical Athens, 525-322 BC / Time-Life Books. 1997 BOOKS
What life was like at the rebirth of genius :Renaissance Italy, AD 1400-1550 / Time-Life Books. 1999 BOOKS
What life was like during the Age of Reason :France, AD 1660-1800 / Time-Life Books. 1999 BOOKS
What life was like in Europe's Golden Age :northern Europe, AD 1500-1675 / Time-Life Books. 1999 BOOKS
What life was like in Europe's Romantic Era :Europe, 1789-1848 / Time-Life Books. 2000 BOOKS
What life was like in the age of chivalry :medieval Europe, AD 800-1500 / Time-Life Books. 1997 BOOKS
What life was like in the jewel in the crown :British India, AD 1600-1905 / Time-Life Books. 1999 BOOKS
What life was like in the land of the dragon :imperial China, AD 960-1368 / Time-Life Books. 1998 BOOKS
What life was like in the lands of the Prophet :Islamic world, AD 570-1405 / Time-Life Books. 1999 BOOKS
What life was like in the realm of Elizabeth :England, AD 1533-1603 / Time-Life Books. 1998 BOOKS
What life was like in the time of war and peace :Imperial Russia, AD 1696-1917 / Time-Life Books. 1998 BOOKS
What life was like on the banks of the Nile :Egypt, 3050-30 BC / Time-Life Books. 1996 BOOKS
What life was like when Rome ruled the world :the Roman Empire, 100 BC - AD 200 / Time-Life Books. 1997 BOOKS
What went wrong? :the clash between Islam and modernity in the Middle East / Lewis, Bernard, 2003 BOOKS
When life nearly died :the greatest mass extinction of all time / Benton, M. J. 2003 BOOKS
When presidents lie :a history of official deception and its consequences / Alterman, Eric. 2004 BOOKS
Who's who in Wagner :an A-to-Z look at his life and work / Hodson, Phillip. 1984 BOOKS
Why are we at war? / Mailer, Norman. 2003 BOOKS
Wild places;a photographic celebration of unspoiled America. Rugoff, Milton,; Guilfoyle, Ann,Algire, Tom, 1973 BOOKS
William Trost Richards :rediscovered ; oils, watercolors, and drawings from the artist's family, November 29, 1996 through January 11, 1997 / Richards, William Trost,; Newhouse, Jill. 1996 BOOKS
Winemasters / Faith, Nicholas, 1978 BOOKS
Wines of the Rhône Valley and Provence / Parker, Robert M.,; Wormell, Christopher, 1987 BOOKS
Work of Charles and Ray Eames :a legacy of invention / Albrecht, Donald. 1997 BOOKS
Workin' on the chain gang :shaking off the dead hand of history / Mosley, Walter.; Taylor, Clyde. 2006 BOOKS
Wright style / Lind, Carla. 1992 BOOKS