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New Titles: June 2018 (ends 9/30/18)
Titles added in June 2018 ....

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New Titles: June 2018
Title Author Year Format
50 best plays of the American theatre / Barnes, Clive,Gassner, John, 1969 BOOKS
Ancient Mediterranean civilizations :from prehistory to 640 CE / Mathisen, Ralph W., 2012 BOOKS
Architecture of Mexico;yesterday and today. Beacham, Hans. 1969 BOOKS
Arms and armor of the conquistador, 1492-1600 :a catalogue of arms and armor from the exhibit, First encounters, Spanish explorations of the Caribbean and United States, 1492-1570 / Karcheski, Walter J.; Florida Museum of Natural History. 1990 BOOKS
Art of Africa / Kerchache, Jacques.; Paudrat, Jean-Louis.Stéphan, Lucien.Stoullig-Marin, Françoise. 1993 BOOKS
Art of ancient Egypt / Michałowski, Kazimierz.; Guterman, Norbert,Michałowski, Kazimierz. 1969 BOOKS
Art of Greece / Papaïōannou, Kōstas, 1989 BOOKS
Art of Southeast Asia / Girard-Geslan, Maud. 1998 BOOKS
Art of the ancient Near East / Amiet, Pierre.; Richard, Naomi Noble. 1980 BOOKS
Art/artifact :African art in anthropology collections / Danto, Arthur C.,; Center for African Art (New York, N.Y.) 1988 BOOKS
Baltimore harbor :a picture history / Keith, Robert C. 1982 BOOKS
Benchley at the theatre :dramatic criticism, 1920-1940 / Benchley, Robert, 1985 BOOKS
Best of Miles Davis & Gil Evans. Davis, Miles,; Evans, Gil, 1997 MUSIC
Best of the Manhattan Transfer / Manhattan Transfer (Musical group) 1984 MUSIC
Bluesine. Solal, Martial. 1983 MUSIC
Building a new Boston :politics and urban renewal, 1950-1970 / O'Connor, Thomas H., 1993 BOOKS
Causes and prevention of war / Brown, Seyom. 1987 BOOKS
Chronicle of the world / Legrand, Jacques,Burne, Jerome. 1990 BOOKS
Cincinnati--city of charm :a love story / Clooney, Nick, 1991 BOOKS
Color atlas of anatomy :a photographic study of the human body / Rohen, Johannes W.; Yokochi, Chihiro.Romrell, Lynn J. 1993 BOOKS
Computer vision in human-computer interaction :ECCV 2004 Workshop on HCI, Prague, Czech Republic, May 16, 2004 : proceedings / International Workshop on Human-Computer Interaction.; Sebe, Nicu.Lew, Michael S.,Huang, Thomas S.,; European Conference on Computer Vision 2004 BOOKS
Crimes of war :Iraq / Falk, Richard A.Gendzier, Irene L.Lifton, Robert Jay, 2006 BOOKS
Cunning of history :the holocaust and the American future / Rubenstein, Richard L.; Mazal Holocaust Collection. 1978 BOOKS
Damned serious business / Harrison, Rex. 1991 BOOKS
Dangerous edge :the psychology of excitement / Apter, Michael J. 1992 BOOKS
Definitive collection / Earth, Wind & Fire (Musical group) 1995 MUSIC
Deluxe transitive vampire :the ultimate handbook of grammar for the innocent, the eager, and the doomed / Gordon, Karen Elizabeth.; Gordon, Karen Elizabeth. 1993 BOOKS
Einstein's legacy :the unity of space and time / Schwinger, Julian, 1986 BOOKS
Ethics and international relations / Graham, Gordon, 1997 BOOKS
Ethics and the Gulf War :religion, rhetoric, and righteousness / Vaux, Kenneth L., 1992 BOOKS
Exploring forgiveness / Enright, Robert D.North, Joanna, 1998 BOOKS
Exploring planetary worlds / Morrison, David, 1993 BOOKS
Extinction / Stanley, Steven M. 1987 BOOKS
Film as art. Arnheim, Rudolf. 1969 BOOKS
Four of a kind :a treasury of favorite works by America's best-loved humorist / Bombeck, Erma. 1985 BOOKS
Gary, the most American of all American cities / O'Hara, S. Paul. 2011 BOOKS
German expressionist painting / Selz, Peter, 1974 BOOKS
Gettin' to it / McBride, Christian.; Nash, Lewis.Chestnut, Cyrus.Turre, Steve.Redman, Joshua.Hargrove, Roy. 1995 MUSIC
Glenn Gould :a life and variations / Friedrich, Otto, 1989 BOOKS
Glory of nature's form :photography and text / Peterson, Willis. 1979 BOOKS
Great people of the 20th century / Time Books (Firm) 1996 BOOKS
Great sea battles. Warner, Oliver, 1963 BOOKS
Greek achievement :the foundation of the Western world / Freeman, Charles, 1999 BOOKS
Harriet Marwood, governess. N/A 1967 BOOKS
Himalayas / Shirakawa, Yoshikazu, 1986 BOOKS
Historical atlas of the earth :a visual exploration of the earth's physical past / Osborne, Roger,Tarling, D. H.Gould, Stephen Jay. 1996 BOOKS
History of the St. Louis globe-democrat / Hart, Jim Allee, 1961 BOOKS
I'm glad there is you :a tribute to Carmen McRae / Rubin, Vanessa. 1994 MUSIC
In the interest of peace :a spectrum of philosophical views / Klein, Kenneth H.,Kunkel, Joseph C., 1989 BOOKS
Infallible? :an unresolved enquiry / Küng, Hans, 1994 BOOKS
Islam and Muslim art / Papadopoulo, Alexandre. 1979 BOOKS
John Dryden:some biographical facts and problems, Osborn, James M. 1965 BOOKS
Just peacemaking :transforming initiatives for justice and peace / Stassen, Glen Harold, 1992 BOOKS
Just war and the Gulf war / Johnson, James Turner.; Weigel, George, 1991 BOOKS
Laurel and Hardy :the magic behind the movies / Skretvedt, Randy.; Young, Jordan R. 1987 BOOKS
Laws of war :a comprehensive collection of primary documents on international laws governing armed conflict / Reisman, W. MichaelAntoniou, Chris T. 1994 BOOKS
Laws of war :a comprehensive collection of primary documents on international laws governing armed conflict / Reisman, W. MichaelAntoniou, Chris T. 1994 BOOKS
Lore of ships. N/A 1963 BOOKS
Lost city :discovering the forgotten virtues of community in the Chicago of the 1950s / Ehrenhalt, Alan, 1995 BOOKS
Magic eye :a new way of looking at the world : 3D illusions / N.E. Thing Enterprises. 1993 BOOKS
Making a just peace :human rights & domination systems / White, C. Dale.; United Nations. 1998 BOOKS
Many masks :a life of Frank Lloyd Wright / Gill, Brendan, 1987 BOOKS
Marsalis standard time. Marsalis, Wynton,; Roberts, MarcusHurst, Bob.Watts, Jeff, 1987 MUSIC
Metropolis :ten cities, ten centuries / Lorenz, Albert,; Schleh, Joy. 1996 BOOKS
Miss High-heels;the story of a rich but girlish young gentleman under the control of his pretty step-sister and her aunt: N/A 1969 BOOKS
Moral limits of the criminal law / Feinberg, Joel, 1984 BOOKS
Nadar / Hambourg, Maria Morris.; Nadar, Félix,Heilbrun, Françoise.Néagu, Philippe.; Musée d'Orsay.Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, N.Y.) 1995 BOOKS
New nuclear danger :George W. Bush's military-industrial complex / Caldicott, Helen. 2002 BOOKS
Nuclear devil's dictionary / Farrell, James J., 1985 BOOKS
Origin of modern humans / Lewin, Roger. 1993 BOOKS
Peoples and places of the past :the National Geographic illustrated cultural atlas of the ancient world. National Geographic Society (U.S.) 1983 BOOKS
Plagues and peoples / McNeill, William H. 1993 BOOKS
Poorhouse :subsidized housing in Chicago / Bowly, Devereux, 2012 BOOKS
Power failure :politics, patronage, and the economic future of Buffalo, New York / Dillaway, Diana. 2006 BOOKS
Princes in the tower / Weir, Alison, 1992 BOOKS
Problems for democracy / Kultgen, John H.Lenzi, Mary.; Annual Conference of the Concerned Philosophers for Peace 2006 BOOKS
Radical tradition :revolutionary saints in the battle for justice and human rights / Márkus, Gilbert. 1993 BOOKS
Religion, politics, and peace / Rouner, Leroy S. 1999 BOOKS
Righteous mind :why good people are divided by politics and religion / Haidt, Jonathan, 2013 BOOKS
Sailing the wine-dark sea :why the Greeks matter / Cahill, Thomas. 2003 BOOKS
Sand / Siever, Raymond. 1988 BOOKS
Science of words / Miller, George A. 1991 BOOKS
Secret life of plants / Tompkins, Peter.; Bird, Christopher, 1974 BOOKS
Seeking St. Louis :voices from a river city, 1670-2000 / Sandweiss, Lee Ann. 2000 BOOKS
Selected etchings =Eine Auswahl der Kupferstiche = Une sélection des eaux-fortes / Piranesi, Giovanni Battista,; Ficacci, Luigi. 2001 BOOKS
Shroud of Turin :the burial cloth of Jesus Christ? / Wilson, Ian, 1978 BOOKS
Sonny Rollins, the quartets featuring Jim Hall. Rollins, Sonny,; Hall, Jim,Cranshaw, Bob,Riley, Ben,Saunders, Harry T., 1986 MUSIC
St. Louis :the evolution of an American urban landscape / Sandweiss, Eric. 2001 BOOKS
Take 6. Take 6 (Musical group) 1988 MUSIC
Tenor legacy / Lovano, Joe.; Redman, Joshua.Miller, Mulgrew.McBride, Christian.Nash, Lewis.Alias, Don. 1994 MUSIC
Terrorism and international justice / Sterba, James P. 2003 BOOKS
Treasures of prehistoric art / Leroi-Gourhan, André, 1968 BOOKS
Tree of liberty :a documentary history of rebellion and political crime in America / Kittrie, Nicholas N.,Wedlock, Eldon D. 1998 BOOKS
University of Cincinnati :architectural transformation : tradition and innovation / Flischel, Robert A.; Merkel, Jayne.Grace, Kevin. 2007 BOOKS
War / Freedman, Lawrence. 1994 BOOKS
War on terrorism and the terror of God / Griffith, Lee, 2002 BOOKS
Warrior's honor :ethnic war and the modern conscience / Ignatieff, Michael. 1998 BOOKS
Way out west / Rollins, Sonny.; Brown, Ray,Manne, Shelly.Mercer, Johnny,Ellington, Duke,De Lange, Eddie.Mills, Irving,De Rose, Peter,Hill, Billy,Jones, Isham,Symes, Marty, 1988 MUSIC
Will in Western thought;an historico-critical survey. Bourke, Vernon J. 1964 BOOKS