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New Titles: March 2018
Title Author Year Format
A to Z of Georgian London / Rocque, John,; Hyde, Ralph.Margary, Harry.Rocque, John,; London Topographical Society.Guildhall Library (London, England) 1982 MAPS
A to Z of restoration London (the City of London, 1676) / Hyde, Ralph.Fisher, John.Cline, Roger. 1992 BOOKS
Ancien Regime / Tocqueville, Alexis de,; Bonner, John. 1988 BOOKS
Andere Gast;Gedichte. Höllerer, Walter, 1964 BOOKS
Annals of London :a year-by-year record of a thousand years of history / Richardson, John, 2001 BOOKS
Appalachia in regional context / Billings, Dwight B.,Kingsolver, Ann E., 2018 BOOKS
Arabic for dummies / Bouchentouf, Amine. 2006 BOOKS
Archaeology of the land of the Bible / Mazar, Amihay,; Stern, Ephraim,Meyers, Eric M.Chancey, Mark A.; Mazal Holocaust Collection. 1990 BOOKS
Art, industry, and women's education in Philadelphia / Walls, Nina de Angeli. 2001 BOOKS
Atlanta Exposition / Jones, Sharon Foster. 2010 BOOKS
Atlanta rising :the invention of an international city, 1946-1996 / Allen, Frederick, 1996 BOOKS
Aus Wörtern eine Welt :zu Helmut Heissenbüttel / Heissenbüttel, Helmut, 1981 BOOKS
Ausserhalb der Saison.Hopfengärten in drei Gedichten und neunzehn Fotos. Höllerer, Walter,; Mangoldt, Renate von, 1967 BOOKS
Bericht vom Kind, vom Sarg, und vom Hund / Krämer, Karl Emerich,; Sauer, George. 1975 BOOKS
Black bone :25 Years of the Affrilachian poets / Spriggs, Bianca Lynne,Paden, Jeremy,Walker, Frank X.,Morgan, Shauna M., 2018 BOOKS
Brasilianischer Romanzero. Becher, Ulrich, 1962 BOOKS
Cities in civilization / Hall, Peter, 1998 BOOKS
City adrift :New Orleans before and after Katrina / Bergal, Jenni.; Center for Public Integrity. 2007 BOOKS
Claiming freedom :race, kinship, and land in nineteenth-century Georgia / Bell, Karen Cook, 2018 BOOKS
Collins gem Portuguese dictionary :English-Portuguese, Portuguese-English / Whitlam, John. 1993 BOOKS
Comprehensive country music encyclopedia / N/A 1994 BOOKS
Continuous Delivery with Docker and Jenkins / N/A 2017 BOOKS
David Lean / Silverman, Stephen M. 1992 BOOKS
Debunking history :152 popular myths exploded / Rayner, E. G.; Stapley, Ron. 2006 BOOKS
Diaries of a duchess.Extracts from the diaries of the first Duchess of Northumberland (1716-1776). Northumberland, Elizabeth Seymour Percy,; Greig, James, 1926 BOOKS
Dred Scott decision: law or politics? / Kutler, Stanley I., 1967 BOOKS
Edward Ruscha :editions, 1959-1999 : catalogue raisonné / Engberg, Siri.; Ruscha, Edward.Phillpot, Clive.; Walker Art Center.Los Angeles County Museum of Art.University of South Florida. 1999 BOOKS
Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment / Wilson, Ellen Judy.; Reill, Peter Hanns. 2004 BOOKS
English country house :from the archives of Country life / Miers, Mary, 2009 BOOKS
English eccentrics / Sitwell, Edith,; Folio Society. 1994 BOOKS
English inn signs :being a revised and modernized version of History of signboards / Larwood, Jacob,; Hotten, John Camden, 1951 BOOKS
English manor house :from the archives of Country Life / Musson, Jeremy.; Country Life Books (Firm) 2007 BOOKS
English portrait drawings & miniatures / Noon, Patrick J.; Yale Center for British Art. 1979 BOOKS
Enlightenment :discovering the world in the eighteenth century / Sloan, Kim.Burnett, Andrew; British Museum. 2003 BOOKS
Exotics,being a collection of unique personalities and remarkable characters. Bishop, Morris, 1969 BOOKS
Field guide to geology / Lambert, David,; Diagram Group. 1988 BOOKS
Fifties spiritual marketplace :American religion in a decade of conflict / Ellwood, Robert S., 1997 BOOKS
First Wall Street :Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, and the birth of American finance / Wright, Robert E. 2005 BOOKS
Fleischlicher Erlass :Gedichte / Reinfrank, Arno, 1961 BOOKS
Gedichte und kleinen Dramen / Hofmannsthal, Hugo von, 1911 BOOKS
Gedichte. Taschau, Hannelies, 1969 BOOKS
Girl who gave birth to rabbits :a true medical mystery / Pickover, Clifford A. 2000 BOOKS
Girl's a gun :poems / Peterson, Rachel Danielle, 2017 BOOKS
Glory of the English house :one hundred architectural masterpieces / Esher, Lionel,; Perry, Clay. 1991 BOOKS
Heritage in clay :the 1912 Pueblo pottery collections of Wesley Bradfield and Thomas S. Dozier / Hedges, Ken.; Dittert, Alfred Edward,; San Diego Museum of Man. 1984 BOOKS
Hermann Hesses Rolle als Kritiker :eine Analyse seiner Buchbesprechungen in "März," "Vivos voco" und "Bonniers litterära magasin" / Kym, Annette. 1984 BOOKS
Herz auf der Lanze.Notizen und Gedichte. Doutiné, Heike, 1967 BOOKS
History of art / Gowing, Lawrence. 1995 BOOKS
Horror literature through history :an encyclopedia of the stories that speak to our deepest fears / Cardin, Matt, 2017 BOOKS
Houses of Parliament :history, art and architecture / Cannadine, David, 2000 BOOKS
Hunger for home :Louisa May Alcott and Little women / Elbert, Sarah. 1984 BOOKS
Illustrated library of art :history, appreciation, and tradition / Piper, David. 1986 BOOKS
Im Namen der Trauer. Poethen, Johannes.; Grieshaber, Helmut A. P., 1969 BOOKS
In bondage and freedom :antebellum black life in Richmond, Virginia / Tyler-McGraw, Marie.; Kimball, Gregg D.; Valentine Museum (1894-2000) 1988 BOOKS
Irvin S. Cobb :the rise and fall of an American humorist / Ellis, William E. 2017 BOOKS
James Still :a life / Boggess, Carol, 2017 BOOKS
John Baldessari :a catalogue raisonné of prints and multiples, 1971-2007 / Hurowitz, Sharon Coplan.; Baldessari, John, 2009 BOOKS
King James VI of Scotland, I of England / Fraser, Antonia, 1975 BOOKS
Kingdoms of Africa / Garlake, Peter S. 1990 BOOKS
Kirschbäume :7 Gedichte / Meckel, Christoph. 1988 BOOKS
Lieder aus dem Dreckloch / Meckel, Christoph. 1972 BOOKS
Lincoln :an illustrated biography / Kunhardt, Philip B.; Kunhardt, Philip B.,Kunhardt, Peter W.; Frank and Virginia Williams Collection of Lincolniana (Mississippi State University. Libraries) 1992 BOOKS
Lincoln's assassins :their trial and execution : an illustrated history / Swanson, James L.,; Weinberg, Daniel R. 2006 BOOKS
London 1753 / O'Connell, Sheila,; Porter, Roy,Fox, Celina,Hyde, Ralph,; British Museum, 2003 BOOKS
London alleys, byways & courts, Stapleton, Alan. 1925 BOOKS
London anthology Massingham, Hugh.; Massingham, Pauline, 1950 BOOKS
London rich :the creation of a great city, from 1666 to the present / Thorold, Peter. 2000 BOOKS
London, the glamour years 1919-39 / Keegan, Susanne. 1985 BOOKS
Looking for Lincoln :the making of an American icon / Kunhardt, Philip B.,; Kunhardt, Peter W.Kunhardt, Peter W., 2008 BOOKS
Makers of nineteenth century culture, 1800-1914 / Wintle, Justin. 1982 BOOKS
Management audit for small manufacturers. Faucett, Philip M. 1963 BOOKS
Masters of starlight :photographers in Hollywood / Fahey, David.; Rich, Linda G.; Los Angeles County Museum of Art. 1987 BOOKS
MATLAB deep learning :with machine learning, neural networks and artificial intelligence / Kim, Phil, 2017 BOOKS
Mindset mathematics :visualizing and investigating big ideas, grade 5 / Boaler, Jo,; Munson, Jen,Williams, Cathy, 2018 BOOKS
Mörsinger Pappel :Gedichte / Härtling, Peter, 1987 BOOKS
Mr. Gatling's terrible marvel :the gun that changed everything and the misunderstood genius who invented it / Keller, Julia. 2009 BOOKS
My Covent Garden. Dent, Alan. 1973 BOOKS
Mythic image / Campbell, Joseph,; Abadie, M. J. 1981 BOOKS
Neglected period of anti-slavery in America, 1808-1831. Adams, A. D. 1964 BOOKS
New and collected poems of Jane Gentry / Gentry, Jane,; Johnson, Julia,Taylor-Hall, Mary Ann, 2017 BOOKS
New historical perspectives :essays on the Black experience in antebellum America / Lewis, Gene D. 1984 BOOKS
New Orleans :the making of an urban landscape / Lewis, Peirce F. 2003 BOOKS
New realities :in government and politics, in economics and business, in society and world view / Drucker, Peter F. 1990 BOOKS
North Carolina Railroad, 1849-1871, and the modernization of North Carolina / Trelease, Allen W. 1991 BOOKS
Noticen des Feuerwerkers Christopher Magalan.Einschliesslich zahlreicher Lebenszeugnisse aus Briefen, Tagebüchern und Dokumenten ... Meckel, Christoph. 1966 BOOKS
Novels for students :presenting analysis, context and criticism on commonly studied novels. Ciccarelli, Sheryl.Naperkowski, Marie Rose. 1999 BOOKS
Number sense routines. Shumway, Jessica F., 2018 BOOKS
Oedipus at Colonus / Marks, Louis.Taylor, Don,Quayle, Anthony,Shrapnel, John.Stevenson, Juliet.Haigh, Kenneth,Taylor, Gwen.Francis, Clive.Bourgeois, Derek.Sophocles.; British Broadcasting Corporation.Bioscope (Firm)Films for the Humanities & Sciences (Firm) 2008 VIDEOS
Oedipus the king / Pennington, Michael,Gielgud, John,Bloom, Claire,Cusack, Cyril,Shrapnel, John.Rodway, Norman,Waller, David,Murphy, Gerard,Taylor, Don,Marks, Louis.Bourgeois, Derek.Sophocles.; British Broadcasting Corporation.Films for the Humanities & Sciences (Firm) 2004 VIDEOS
Oedipus the King / Taylor, Don,Pennington, Michael,Gielgud, John,Bloom, Claire,Cusack, Cyril,Shrapnel, John.Rodway, Norman,Waller, David,Murphy, Gerard,Marks, Louis.Bourgeois, Derek.Sophocles.; British Broadcasting Corporation.Bioscope (Firm)Films for the Humanities & 2007 VIDEOS
Pferdefuss :Gedichte / Meckel, Christoph. 1988 BOOKS
Philadelphia, portrait of an American city :a bicentennial history / Wolf, Edwin, 1975 BOOKS
Philadelphia's progressive orphanage :the Carson Valley School / Contosta, David R. 1997 BOOKS
Philadelphia's river wards / Holmes, George J. 2003 BOOKS
Photographic history of the Civil War / Miller, Francis Trevelyan, 1987 BOOKS
Progress of slavery in the United States / Weston, George M. 1969 BOOKS
Qurʼān :English meanings and notes / Saheeh International,Muntadá al-Islāmī, 2011 BOOKS
Railroads of North Carolina / Coleman, Alan. 2008 BOOKS
Reimagining Greenville :building the best downtown in America / Boyanoski, John.; White, Knox. 2013 BOOKS
Rise of imperial Rome, AD 14-193 / Campbell, Duncan B. 2013 BOOKS
Rome at war, AD 293-696 / Whitby, Michael. 2002 BOOKS
Scandalous history of the Roman emperors / Blond, Anthony. 2000 BOOKS
Sequenzen.Ein Gedichtbuch. Meier, Herbert, 1969 BOOKS
Signboards of old London shops;a review of the shop signs employed by the London tradesmen during the XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries. Heal, Ambrose, 1947 BOOKS
Social life of coffee :the emergence of the British coffeehouse / Cowan, Brian William, 2005 BOOKS
Southern perspectives on the queer movement :committed to home / Morris, Sheila R.,Greene, Harlan, 2018 BOOKS
Theban plays. Marks, Louis.Taylor, Don,Quayle, Anthony,Stevenson, Juliet.Taylor, Gwen,Francis, Clive,Shrapnel, John.Haigh, Kenneth,Sophocles.; British Broadcasting Corporation.Bioscope (Firm)Films for the Humanities & Sciences (Firm) 2004 VIDEOS
Thieves' opera / Moore, Lucy, 2000 BOOKS
Thirty-two poems / Celan, Paul.; Hamburger, Michael.Celan-Lestrange, Gisèle. 1985 BOOKS
Towards a better world order :selected writings and speeches / Abeyagoonasekera, Asanga, 2018 BOOKS
Town and country / Girouard, Mark, 1992 BOOKS
Ultimate encyclopedia of mythology :an A - Z guide to the myths and legends of the ancient world / Cotterell, Arthur.; Storm, Rachel.Storm, Rachel.Cotterell, Arthur. 1999 BOOKS
Ultimate Mandarin Chinese :beginner-intermediate / Humphries, Jennifer.; Li, Yen-hui Audrey,Wei, Cathy.Warnasch, Christopher A.; Living Language (Firm) 2009 BOOKS
Unnatural metropolis :wresting New Orleans from nature / Colten, Craig E. 2005 BOOKS
Unseen light :black struggles for freedom in Memphis, Tennessee / Goudsouzian, Aram,McKinney, Charles Wesley, 2018 BOOKS
White flight :Atlanta and the making of modern conservatism / Kruse, Kevin Michael, 2007 BOOKS
Will the circle be unbroken :country music in America / Kingsbury, Paul.Nash, Alanna.; Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum (Nashville, Tenn.) 2006 BOOKS
Wort aus der Erde;Gedichte. List, Rudolf, 1941 BOOKS
WPA guide to Philadelphia / Federal Writers' Project (Pa.)Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission. 1988 BOOKS
Wren's London / De Maré, Eric Samuel, 1975 BOOKS