New Sculpture Near Library Entrance (ends 4/20/18)
"Surrounded by Ancestors" installed in October ....

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New Sculpture Installed Near Library Entrance

There is a new addition near the Library's the first floor entrance. Michigan artist Mark Chatterley's sculpture "Surrounded by Ancestors" (c. 1998) was installed in October. This particular piece, made of high fired clay, was exhibited at the Malton Gallery in Cincinnati in June 1998. Owen Findsen wrote about the exhibit in the Cincinnati Enquirer (June 2, 1998) and described Chatterley's work as "reminiscent of the plaster casts of people who died in the volcanic eruptions at Pompeii, their final moments captured in the hardened lava flows." Findsen continues, "It's as if we are seeing people from an alien culture whose customs and beliefs we don't understand."

The sculpture was a gift to the University.


Mark Chatterley's "Surrounded by Ancestors" -- a sculpture made of high fired clay showing seven life-size standing figures surrounding one seated figure with crossed legs
Mark Chatterley's "Surrounded by Ancestors." Photo credit D. Reichler.