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New Titles: November 2018
Titles added in November 2018 ....

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November 2018
Title Author Year Format
5 lb. book of GRE® practice problems :GRE® strategy guide supplement. Manhattan Prep (Firm) 2015 BOOKS
Academic library value :the impact starter kit / Oakleaf, Megan J., 2017 BOOKS
Andrew Jackson and the miracle of New Orleans :the battle that shaped America's destiny / Kilmeade, Brian,; Yaeger, Don, 2017 BOOKS
Bentham / Harrison, Ross. 1983 BOOKS
Biblical truth about America's death penalty / Recinella, Dale S., 2004 BOOKS
Choice principle :the biblical case for legal toleration / Olree, Andy G. 2006 BOOKS
Church-of-Englandism and its catechism examined / Bentham, Jeremy,; Crimmins, James E.,Fuller, Catherine. 2011 BOOKS
Concept of mind. Ryle, Gilbert, 1949 BOOKS
Cross in the closet :one man's abominable quest to find Jesus in the margins / Kurek, Timothy, 2012 BOOKS
Culture of conservative Christian litigation / Hacker, Hans J., 2005 BOOKS
Democracy and religion :free exercise and diverse visions / Odell-Scott, David W. 2004 BOOKS
Disenchantment of secular discourse / Smith, Steven D. 2010 BOOKS
Dramatists Guild resource directory. Dramatists Guild.Dramatists Guild. 1996 Books
English philosophy since 1900 / Warnock, G. J. 1982 BOOKS
Ethics / Singer, Peter, 1994 BOOKS
Ethics and excuses :the crisis in professional responsibility / McDowell, Banks. 2000 BOOKS
Film noir and the spaces of modernity / Dimendberg, Edward. 2004 BOOKS
Founding fathers and the place of religion in America / Lambert, Frank, 2003 BOOKS
Freedom, equality, and justice in Islam / Kamali, Mohammad Hashim. 2002 BOOKS
Genesis of justice :ten stories of biblical injustice that led to the Ten Commandments and modern law / Dershowitz, Alan M. 2000 BOOKS
Getting even :forgiveness and its limits / Murphy, Jeffrie G. 2005 BOOKS
Getting to yes :negotiating agreement without giving in / Fisher, Roger,; Ury, William.Patton, Bruce. 1983 BOOKS
God, justice, and society :aspects of law and legality in the Bible / Burnside, Jonathan P. 2011 BOOKS
Godless constitution :a moral defense of the secular state / Kramnick, Isaac.; Moore, R. Laurence 2005 BOOKS
Introduction to Islamic theology and law / Goldziher, Ignác,; Lewis, Bernard. 1980 BOOKS
Justice for hedgehogs / Dworkin, Ronald, 2011 BOOKS
Kant on freedom, law, and happiness / Guyer, Paul, 2000 BOOKS
Law and theology in Judaism. Novak, David, 1974 BOOKS
Law of God :the philosophical history of an idea / Brague, Rémi,; Cochrane, Lydia G., 2007 BOOKS
Leading cases in the Bible / Amram, David Werner, 2000 BOOKS
Living without law :an ethnography of Quaker decision-making, dispute avoidance, and dispute resolution / Bradney, Anthony.; Cownie, Fiona. 2000 BOOKS
Mend :poems / Maples, Kwoya Fagin, 2018 BOOKS
Naming evil, judging evil / Grant, Ruth W. 2006 BOOKS
New religious America :how a "Christian country" has now become the world's most religiously diverse nation / Eck, Diana L. 2001 BOOKS
Pillars of Islam / Nuʻmān ibn Muḥammad, Abū Ḥanīfah,; Fyzee, Asaf Ali Asghar,Poonawala, Ismail K. 2002 BOOKS
Potentialities :collected essays in philosophy / Agamben, Giorgio,; Heller-Roazen, Daniel. 1999 BOOKS
Practical Ethics / Singer, Peter, 1993 BOOKS
Praxis core / Kirkland, Carla,; Cleveland, Chan, 2018 BOOKS
Praxis core for dummies / Kirkland, Carla,; Cleveland, Chan, 2018 BOOKS
Problematics of moral and legal theory / Posner, Richard A. 1999 BOOKS
Proclaim liberty throughout all the land :a history of church and state in America / Gaustad, Edwin S. 2003 BOOKS
Sanctuary :a story of American conscience and the law in collision / Crittenden, Ann. 1988 BOOKS
Secrets of classical painting / Aristides, Juliette.; Streamline Premium Art Video. 2016 VIDEOS
Secrets of portrait painting / Santos, Cesar,Rhoads, B. Eric,Schmucker, Cameron,Vinson, Turner; Streamline Premium Art Video (Firm), 2015 VIDEOS
Shia revival :how conflicts within Islam will shape the future / Nasr, Seyyed Vali Reza, 2006 BOOKS
So you've been publicly shamed / Ronson, Jon, 2016 BOOKS
Spirit of biblical law / Carmichael, Calum M. 1996 BOOKS
Spirit of Islamic law / Weiss, Bernard G. 1998 BOOKS
To kill and take possession :law, morality, and society in biblical stories / Friedmann, Daniel, 2002 BOOKS
Trial and death of Jesus / Cohn, Haim Hermann, 1977 BOOKS
Trial of Jesus from a lawyer's standpoint / Chandler, Walter M. 1976 BOOKS
Unsettled arena :religion and the Bill of Rights / White, Ronald C.Zimmerman, Albright G., 1990 BOOKS
Uses of argument / Toulmin, Stephen, 1964 BOOKS
Wall of separation? :debating the public role of religion / Segers, Mary C.; Jelen, Ted G. 1998 BOOKS
Why tolerate religion? / Leiter, Brian. 2013 BOOKS
With liberty for all :freedom of religion in the United States / Hammond, Phillip E. 1998 BOOKS
Writings on an ethical life / Singer, Peter, 2000 BOOKS
Zero tolerance and other plays :disrupting xenophobia, racism and homophobia in school / Goldstein, Tara, 2013 BOOKS
Zero tolerance and other plays :disrupting xenophobia, racism and homophobia in school / Goldstein, Tara, 2013 BOOKS