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New Titles: October 2018
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October 2018
Title Author Year Format
Academic skills for interdisciplinary studies / Buis, Joris J.W.,; Post, Ger,Visser, Vincent R.,Collingwood, Vivien,Buis, Joris J.W. 2016 BOOKS
Attacking network protocols :a hacker's guide to capture, analysis, and exploitation / Forshaw, James, 2018 BOOKS
Beren and Lúthien / Tolkien, J. R. R.; Tolkien, Christopher,Lee, Alan,Tolkien, J. R. R. 2017 BOOKS
Bioethics in Africa :theories and praxies / Frimpong-Mansoh, Yaw A.,Atuire, Caesar A., 2019 BOOKS
Business statistics for competitive advantage with Excel 2016 :basics, model building, simulation and cases / Fraser, Cynthia. 2016 BOOKS
Cambridge companion to Shakespeare's First Folio / Smith, Emma 2016 BOOKS
Campeones Fesser, Javier,Gutiérrez, Javier,Mata, Athenea,Margallo, Juan, 2016 VIDEOS
Cassell's Latin and English dictionary / Simpson, D. P. 1987 BOOKS
Cassell's Latin and English dictionary / Simpson, D. P. 2002 BOOKS
Courageous conversations about race :a field guide for achieving equity in schools / Singleton, Glenn E. 2015 BOOKS
Designing interdisciplinary education :a practical handbook for university teachers / Greef, Linda de,; Post, Ger,Vink, Christianne,Vink, Christianne,Wenting, Lucy,Wenting, Lucy, 2017 BOOKS
Fall of Gondolin / Tolkien, J. R. R.; Tolkien, Christopher,Lee, Alan, 2018 BOOKS
Feast for crows / Martin, George R. R. 2005 BOOKS
Feature engineering for machine learning :principles and techniques for data scientists / Zheng, Alice,; Casari, Amanda, 2018 BOOKS
Fire & blood :300 years before A Game of Thrones / Martin, George R. R.,; Wheatley, Doug, 2018 BOOKS
First Nations :Olive Dickason / Deme, Steven J.,; Villagers Productions.First Nations Films.Xwi7xwa Collection. 2017 VIDEOS
Gamer theory / Wark, McKenzie, 2007 BOOKS
Gender and rock / Kearney, Mary Celeste, 2017 BOOKS
Hercules Furens :a tragedy of Seneca / Seneca, Lucius Annaeus,; Beck, Charles, 2018 BOOKS
Internet infrastructure :networking, web services, and cloud computing / Fox, Richard,; Hao, Wei, 2018 BOOKS
Introduction to interdisciplinary research :theory and practice / Menken, S. B. J.,Keestra, Machiel, 2016 BOOKS
Kitchen confidential :adventures in the culinary underbelly / Bourdain, Anthony, 2000 BOOKS
Kitchen confidential :adventures in the culinary underbelly / Bourdain, Anthony. 2000 BOOKS
Learning Tableau 10 :business intelligence and data visualization that brings your business into focus / Milligan, Joshua N., 2016 BOOKS
Neural networks and deep learning :a textbook / Aggarwal, Charu C., 2018 BOOKS
Night of the living dead Romero, George A.,Russo, John,Streiner, Russ,Jones, Duane,O'Dea, Judith,Ridley, Judith,; Criterion Collection (Firm), 2018 VIDEOS
Night of the living dead / Romero, George A.,Streiner, Russ,Hardman, Karl,Russo, John,Jones, Duane,O'Dea, Judith,Eastman, Marilyn,Wayne, Keith,Ridley, Judith,; Image Ten (Firm),Janus Films,Criterion Collection (Firm), 2018 VIDEOS
Plato's "Laws" :the discovery of being / Benardete, Seth. 2000 BOOKS
Practical Tableau :100 tips, tutorials, and strategies from a Tableau zen master / Sleeper, Ryan, 2018 BOOKS
Problems of normativity, rules and rule-following / Araszkiewicz, Michał,Banaś, Paweł,Gizbert-Studnicki, Tomasz,Płeszka, Krzysztof, 2015 BOOKS
Selections from speeches, 1900-1959. Seasongood, Murray, 1960 BOOKS
Socrates and legal obligation / Allen, Reginald E.,; Plato.Plato. 1980 BOOKS
St. Thomas Aquinas and the natural law tradition :contemporary perspectives / Goyette, John,Latkovic, Mark,Myers, Richard S., 2004 BOOKS
Stanislavski in practice :exercises for students / O'Brien, Nick, 2018 BOOKS
Storm of swords / Martin, George R. R.,; Youll, Stephen, 2000 BOOKS
Testament of hope :the essential writings and speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr. / King, Martin Luther,; Washington, James Melvin. 1991 BOOKS
Three box solution :a strategy for leading innovation / Govindarajan, Vijay, 2016 BOOKS
Unsheltered :a novel / Kingsolver, Barbara, 2018 BOOKS
War on learning :gaining ground in the digital university / Losh, Elizabeth M. 2014 BOOKS
Who is Dayani Cristal? / Silver, MarcGarcía Bernal, Gael,Cogan, Dan,Hartley, Lilly,Tarrant, Jeffrey,Search, Jess,Leifer, Teddy,Monroe, Mark,Ochoa, Lucas,Benski, ThomasReineke, Robin,Singer, MartinSmith-Rewse, James,Birba, Pau Esteve,Heiblum, Leonardo,Lieberman, Jacobo,Sola 2014 VIDEOS