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August 2019
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10.10.11 :Griffin Hall, home of the College of Informatics / Sofranko, Timothy D.,Rodriguez, Gaby,Cooper, Tommy,Brummer, Nick,Jo, Kevin, 2013 BOOKS
201 ways to involve parents :practical strategies for partnering with families / Boult, Betty. 2016 BOOKS
21st century mentor's handbook :creating a culture for learning / Rutherford, Paula. 2005 BOOKS
Abortion after Roe / Schoen, Johanna, 2015 BOOKS
Accessible mobile reading apps. Library of Congress. 2014 BOOKS
Action research / Stringer, Ernest T. 2014 BOOKS
African-Americans and the quest for civil rights, 1900-1990 / Cashman, Sean Dennis. 1991 BOOKS
Against autonomy :justifying coercive paternalism / Conly, Sarah, 2013 BOOKS
Agate Fossil Beds National Monument, Nebraska. United States. 2019 BOOKS
American community college / Cohen, Arthur M.; Brawer, Florence B.,Kisker, Carrie B., 2014 BOOKS
American sickness :how healthcare became big business and how you can take it back / Rosenthal, Elisabeth, 2017 VIDEOS
Anglo-American idealism, 1865-1927 / Mander, W. J. 2000 BOOKS
Asking the right questions about the legal environment of business :a guide to critical thinking / Browne, M. Neil,; Keeley, Stuart M., 2003 BOOKS
Attitude is your paintbrush :it colors every situation / Moore, James W. 1998 BOOKS
Awakening :how gays and lesbians brought marriage equality to America / Frank, Nathaniel, 2017 BOOKS
Bellwether trials in MDL proceedings :a guide for transferee judges / Whitney, Melissa J.,; Federal Judicial Center,United States. 2019 BOOKS
BLM Routes of Travel for Western Imperial County, California. United States. 2019 BOOKS
Boys among men :trying and sentencing juveniles as adults / Myers, David L., 2005 BOOKS
Breaking the zero-sum game :transforming societies through inclusive leadership / Boitano de Moras, Aldo,Dutra, Raúl Lagomarsino,Schockman, H. Eric, 2017 BOOKS
Bureau of Land Management travel and tourism action plan :to implement the national travel and tourism strategy for the United States, 2019. United States. 2019 BOOKS
Business ethics :a global & managerial perspective / Fritzsche, David J. 2005 BOOKS
Case that never dies :the Lindbergh kidnapping / Gardner, Lloyd C., 2004 BOOKS
Chairman Xi remakes the PLA :assessing Chinese military reforms / Saunders, Phillip C.Ding, Arthur S.,Scobell, Andrew,Yang, Andrew N. D.,Wuthnow, Joel,; National Defense University, 2019 BOOKS
Chocolate on trial :slavery, politics, and the ethics of business / Satre, Lowell J. 2005 BOOKS
Chutzpah / Dershowitz, Alan M.; Mazal Holocaust Collection. 1991 BOOKS
Colonial, Jamestown Island / Colonial Parkway / Yorktown Battlefield / United States.; Harpers Ferry Center (U.S.), 2019 BOOKS
Complete book of U.S. presidents / Degregorio, William A. 2002 BOOKS
Conference at Quebec, 1944. United States. 1972 BOOKS
Confronting the Constitution :the challenge to Locke, Montesquieu, Jefferson, and the Federalists from utilitarianism, historicism, Marxism, Freudianism, pragmatism, existentialism-- / Bloom, Allan,Kautz, Steven J. 1990 BOOKS
Conquered :why the Army of the Tennessee failed / Daniel, Larry J., 2019 BOOKS
Corporate director's guidebook / American Bar Association.American Bar Association. 2011 BOOKS
Creation of the American Republic, 1776-1787 / Wood, Gordon S.; Institute of Early American History and Culture (Williamsburg, Va.)Frank and Virginia Williams Collection of Lincolniana (Mississippi State University. Libraries) 1998 BOOKS
Cruelly murdered :the murder of Mary Magdalene Pitts and other Kentucky true crime stories / McQueen, Keven. 2008 BOOKS
Cultural landscape report for Gettysburg National Military Park / Layton, Timothy W.; Olmsted Center for Landscape Preservation (U.S.), 2018 BOOKS
Cuyahoga Valley, The Valley Guide, Summer 2019, June 1 - August 31, 2019. United States. 2019 BOOKS
Death and life of the great American school system :how testing and choice are undermining education / Ravitch, Diane. 2010 BOOKS
Demise of the Soviet Union :a bibliographic survey of English writings on the Soviet legal system, 1990-1991 / Kavass, Igor I.; Kavass, Igor I.Kavass, Igor I. 1992 BOOKS
Devotional Bible :experiencing the heart of Jesus : New Century version / Lucado, Max. 2003 BOOKS
Documents on the events preceding the outbreak of the war. Germany.; German Library of Information (New York, N.Y.) 1940 BOOKS
Dramatico-musical works. Library of Congress. 1900 BOOKS
Drawdown, 1970-1971 / Birtle, A. J.; Maass, John R.,; Center of Military History. 2019 BOOKS
Dream manager / Kelly, Matthew. 2007 BOOKS
Drive :the surprising truth about what motivates us / Pink, Daniel H., 2009 BOOKS
Effectiveness of temporal artery thermometry in screening for fever in patients under two years old in the emergency department / Gallatin, Julie A.,; ProQuest Information and Learning Company. 2008 BOOKS
Eisenhower administration and Black civil rights / Burk, Robert Fredrick, 1984 BOOKS
Emerging trends in archival science / Gracy, Karen F., 2018 BOOKS
Enemy of all :piracy and the law of nations / Heller-Roazen, Daniel. 2009 BOOKS
English philanthropy, 1660-1960 / Owen, David Edward. 1964 BOOKS
Estimated 2016 groundwater level and drawdown from predevelopment to 2016 in the Santa Fe Group aquifer system in the Albuquerque area, central New Mexico / Geological Survey (U.S.),; Galanter, Amy E.,Curry, Lucas T. S., 2019 BOOKS
Exemplary justice / Andrews, Allen. 1976 BOOKS
Experience of newly-graduated licensed practical nurses in one Midwestern long-term healthcare facility and its impact on retention / Howard, Shelly,; ProQuest Information and Learning Company. 2008 BOOKS
Figures of memory :the rhetoric of displacement at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum / Bernard-Donals, Michael F. 2016 BOOKS
Fleet at flood tide :America at total war in the Pacific, 1944-1945 / Hornfischer, James D., 2016 BOOKS
Foreign relations of the United States :the conferences at Washington and Quebec, 1943. United States. 1970 BOOKS
Foreign relations of the United States Diplomatic papers :the Conferences at Cairo and Tehran 1943 / United States. 1961 BOOKS
Fort Union :Fort Union National Monument, New Mexico. United States. 1900 BOOKS
Fraternity / Brady, Diane. 2012 BOOKS
Games. Library of Congress. 1971 BOOKS
George Rogers Clark National Historical Park, Indiana / United States. 2000 BOOKS
Germany, 1947-1949 :the story in documents / United States.; Cassidy, Velma Hastings.; Mazal Holocaust Collection. 1950 BOOKS
Gettysburg National Military Park, Pennsylvania / United States. 2019 BOOKS
Girls in trouble with the law / Schaffner, Laurie. 2006 BOOKS
Gorbachev's law :a bibliographic survey of English writings on Soviet legal developments, 1987-1990 / Kavass, Igor I. 1991 BOOKS
Grand Canyon :100 years, one million lives, 1 Grand Canyon / Naylor, Roger,; Lombard, Johanna,; Grand Canyon National Park (Agency : U.S.), 2018 BOOKS
Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona / United States. 2019 BOOKS
Great traditions in ethics / Albert, Ethel M.,; Denise, Theodore Cullom,Peterfreund, Sheldon Paul, 1980 BOOKS
Great War :U.S. Army Art / Forgey, Sarah G.,Jimenez-Reyes, Pablo,Snyder, Carl E.,; Center of Military History, 2018 BOOKS
Great War :U.S. Army artifacts / Forgey, Sarah G.,Bogan, Alan T.,Jimenez-Reyes, Pablo,Snyder, Carl E.,; Center of Military History, 2018 BOOKS
Gulf Islands National Seashore, Florida/Mississippi United States.; Harpers Ferry Center (U.S.) 2019 BOOKS
Handbook of engaged scholarship :contemporary landscapes, future directions / Fitzgerald, Hiram E.Burack, Cathy.Seifer, Sarena D. 2010 BOOKS
Handbook of research methods in early childhood education / Saracho, Olivia N., 2015 BOOKS
Hitler's prisons :legal terror in Nazi Germany / Wachsmann, Nikolaus. 2004 BOOKS
How Congress works and why you should care / Hamilton, Lee. 2004 BOOKS
Humor of a country lawyer / Ervin, Sam J., 1983 BOOKS
In time of war :Hitler's terrorist attack on America / O'Donnell, Pierce. 2005 BOOKS
Inaugural addresses of the presidents of the United States from W.H. Taft to G.W. Bush / United States.; Graff, Henry F. 2005 BOOKS
Industry norms and key business ratios, one year. Dun & Bradstreet Credit Services.Dun & Bradstreet Corporation. 1989 BOOKS
Interrogations :the Nazi elite in Allied hands, 1945 / Overy, R. J. 2001 BOOKS
Inventing America :Jefferson's Declaration of independence / Wills, Garry,; United States.Frank and Virginia Williams Collection of Lincolniana (Mississippi State University. Libraries) 1978 BOOKS
Invisible woman :gender, crime, and justice / Belknap, Joanne, 2007 BOOKS
Is my armor straight? :a year in the life of a university president / Berendzen, Richard. 1986 BOOKS
It's legal but it ain't right :harmful social consequences of legal industries / Passas, Nikos.Goodwin, Neva R. 2004 BOOKS
Journey of the mind to God / Bonaventure,; Boehner, Philotheus.Brown, Stephen F. 1993 BOOKS
Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska. United States. 2019 BOOKS
Lake Clark National Park and Preserve, Alaska / United States. 2019 BOOKS
Last full measure of devotion :U.S. Army Special Operations fallen from 2001-2019. United States Army Special Operations Command. 2019 BOOKS
Last stand of the tin can sailors :the extraordinary World War II story of the US Navy's finest hour / Hornfischer, James D. 2005 BOOKS
Latin America :history, politics, and U.S. policy / Cockcroft, James D.; Cockcroft, James D. 1996 BOOKS
Leading change :overcoming the ideology of comfort and the tyranny of custom / O'Toole, James. 1995 BOOKS
Legacy of American naval power :reinvigorating maritime strategic thought : an anthology / Westermeyer, Paul W.,Robertson, Breanne,; Marine Corps University (U.S.). 2019 BOOKS
Linking theory to practice :case studies for working with college students / Stage, Frances K.; Stage, Frances K.Hubbard, Steven M.Stage, Frances K. 2012 BOOKS
Living history America :the history of the United States in documents, essays, letters, songs and poems / Bruun, Erik A.,Crosby, Jay. 1999 BOOKS
Locked in :the true causes of mass incarceration -- and how to achieve real reform / Pfaff, John F., 2017 BOOKS
Lol-- omg! :what every student needs to know about online reputation management, digital citizenship, and cyberbullying / Ivester, Matt. 2011 BOOKS
Looking in reaching out :a reflective guide for community service-learning professionals / Jacoby, Barbara,Mutascio, Pamela, 2010 BOOKS
Managing & protecting America's wild burros :quick facts / National Wild Horse and Burro Program (U.S.), 2019 BOOKS
Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park, Georgia. United States. 2019 BOOKS
Memoir / Hannah, John A., 1980 BOOKS
Motor vehicle use map, Comanche National Grassland, Colorado / United States. 2010 BOOKS
Motor vehicle use map, Deschutes National Forest, Oregon / United States. 2010 BOOKS
Motor vehicle use map, San Juan National Forest, Columbine Ranger District, Colorado / United States. 2010 BOOKS
Motor vehicle use map. United States. 2019 BOOKS
Motor vehicle use map. United States. 2007 BOOKS
Motor vehicle use map. United States. 2011 BOOKS
Motor vehicle use map. United States. 2011 BOOKS
Murder in old Kentucky :true crime stories from the Bluegrass / McQueen, Keven. 2005 BOOKS
Murder on trial :1620-2002 / Asher, Robert.Goodheart, Lawrence B.,Rogers, Alan, 2005 BOOKS
My soul is rested :movement days in the Deep South remembered / Raines, Howell. 1977 BOOKS
Navy's first enlisted women :patriotic pioneers / Akers, Regina T.,; Naval History & Heritage Command (U.S.), 2019 BOOKS
Nazi conspiracy and aggression / United States.; United States.United States.International Military Tribunal. 1946 BOOKS
Needless hunger :voices from a Bangladesh village / Hartmann, Betsy.; Boyce, James K.; Institute for Food and Development Policy (Oakland, Calif.) 1982 BOOKS
Needs and opportunities in the modern history of the U.S. Navy / Crawford, Michael J.,; Naval History & Heritage Command (U.S.), 2018 BOOKS
New Jim Crow :mass incarceration in the age of colorblindness / Alexander, Michelle,; West, Cornel, 2012 BOOKS
No two alike :Karl Blossfeldt, Francis Bruguière, Thomas Ruff / Blossfeldt, Karl,Bruguière, Francis Joseph.Ruff, Thomas,Stump, Ulrike Meyer,; Contemporary Arts Center (Cincinnati, Ohio), 2018 BOOKS
Old Paris and changing New York :photographs by Eugène Atget and Berenice Abbott / Moore, Kevin D.,; Atget, Eugène,Abbott, Berenice,; Taft Museum of Art,FotoFocus (Organization); FotoFocus Biennial 2018 BOOKS
On the law of nations / Moynihan, Daniel P. 1990 BOOKS
Over a barrel :breaking the Middle East oil cartel / Learsy, Raymond J. 2005 BOOKS
Papers of Howard Washington Thurman / Thurman, Howard,; Fluker, Walter E., 2009 BOOKS
Parting the waters :America in the King years, 1954-63 / Branch, Taylor. 1989 BOOKS
Passions of Andrew Jackson / Burstein, Andrew, 2003 BOOKS
Pay without performance :the unfulfilled promise of executive compensation / Bebchuk, Lucian A.; Fried, Jesse M. 2004 BOOKS
Personnel management guides for small business. Loen, Ernest L. 1961 VIDEOS
Philosophical analysis in the twentieth century / Soames, Scott, 2003 BOOKS
Plan B 3.0 :mobilizing to save civilization / Brown, Lester R.; Brown, Lester R.; Earth Policy Institute. 2008 BOOKS
Plumas National Forest, California / United States.; United States. 2019 BOOKS
Points of view :readings in American government and politics / DiClerico, Robert E.Hammock, Allan S. 2001 BOOKS
Policing and race in America :economic, political, and social dynamics / Ward, James D. 2018 BOOKS
Political ideologies :their origins and impact / Baradat, Leon P., 1991 BOOKS
Politics of retribution in Europe :World War II and its aftermath / Deák, István.Gross, Jan Tomasz.Judt, Tony. 2000 BOOKS
Preparación para el examen de naturalización :guía de bolsillo. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, 2000 BOOKS
Principles of microeconomics / Mateer, G. Dirk; Coppock, Lee 2018 BOOKS
Prioritizing academic programs and services :reallocating resources to achieve strategic balance / Dickeson, Robert C.; USAGroup Foundation. 1999 BOOKS
Prioritizing academic programs and services :reallocating resources to achieve strategic balance / Dickeson, Robert C., 2010 BOOKS
Provost :experiences, reflections, and advice from a former "number two" on campus / Nielsen, Larry A., 2013 BOOKS
Reckles$ endangerment :how outsized ambition, greed, and corruption led to economic armageddon / Morgenson, Gretchen.; Rosner, Joshua. 2011 BOOKS
Referral patterns in Fanconi anemia comprehensive care / Hamon, Beth,; ProQuest Information and Learning Company. 2008 BOOKS
Regulating sex :the politics of intimacy and identity / Bernstein, Elizabeth,Schaffner, Laurie. 2005 BOOKS
Renaissance humanism / Kelley, Donald R., 1991 BOOKS
Republic / Plato,; Lee, H. D. P. 1987 BOOKS
Resources for senior citizens and their families, 2019 / Moore, Margaret; Library of Congress. 2019 BOOKS
Rethinking rape / Cahill, Ann J. 2001 BOOKS
Richardson-Sinkler connections :planting, politics, horses, and family life, 1769-1853 / Little, Harriet Clare Sinkler, 2019 BOOKS
Rights of man / Paine, Thomas, 1969 BOOKS
Rise of big data policing :surveillance, race, and the future of law enforcement / Ferguson, Andrew G., 2017 BOOKS
Rock Creek Park / United States. 2019 BOOKS
Saboteurs :the Nazi raid on America / Dobbs, Michael, 2004 BOOKS
Same sex, different politics :success and failure in the struggles over gay rights / Mucciaroni, Gary. 2008 BOOKS
Seismic performance assessment of buildings / United States.Applied Technology Council.National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (U.S.) 2018 BOOKS
Selected bibliography on copyright. Library of Congress. 1969 BOOKS
Shasta-Trinity National Forest atlas :71/2' quadrangle topographic maps / United States. 2019 BOOKS
Sir Barton and the making of the Triple Crown / Kelly, Jennifer S.,; Haskin, Steve, 2019 BOOKS
Social life of information / Brown, John Seely.; Duguid, Paul, 2000 BOOKS
Sojourns in Charleston, South Carolina, 1865-1947 :from the ruins of war to the rise of tourism / Fant, Jennie Holton, 2019 BOOKS
Soul of a citizen :living with conviction in challenging times / Loeb, Paul Rogat, 2010 BOOKS
Spies in space :reflections on national reconnaissance and the Manned Orbiting Laboratory / Homer, Courtney V. K.,; Center for the Study of National Reconnaissance (U.S.), 2019 BOOKS
Studies in English :work and play with language / Robbins, Carolyn M.,; Row, Robert Keable, 1920 BOOKS
Supplement, Alaska. United States.United States. 1900 BOOKS
Surpassing Shanghai :an agenda for American education built on the world's leading systems / Tucker, Marc S.,; National Center on Education and the Economy (U.S.) 2011 BOOKS
Switch :how to change things when change is hard / Heath, Chip.; Heath, Dan, 2010 BOOKS
Taking sides :clashing views on controversial issues in classroom management / Holub, Leticia A.Harrington, Robert G. 2006 BOOKS
Team captain's leadership manual :the complete guide to developing team leaders whom coaches respect and teammates trust / Janssen, Jeff, 2014 BOOKS
Ten days to die / Musmanno, Michael A.; Mazal Holocaust Collection. 1950 BOOKS
Territorial papers of the United States / Carter, Clarence Edwin,Bloom, John Porter,; United States.William S. Hein & Company. 2006 BOOKS
Terror and consent :the wars for the twenty-first century / Bobbitt, Philip. 2008 BOOKS
Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota / United States. 1900 BOOKS
Third Reich at war / Evans, Richard J. 2009 BOOKS
Transformational and charismatic leadership :the road ahead / Avolio, Bruce J.Yammarino, Francis J., 2013 BOOKS
Tuesday morning coaching :eight simple truths to boost your career and your life / Cottrell, David, 2010 BOOKS
U.S. Army Campaigns Of The Vietnam War: The Drawdown 1970-1971, 2019. Center of Military History. 2019 BOOKS
U.S. Fiscal Imbalance / Miron, Jeffrey A.,; Cato Institute, 2016 BOOKS
Uncommitted; alienated youth in American society. Keniston, Kenneth. 1965 BOOKS
Veteran experience in literature :World War II, Vietnam, and their cultural catharses / Johnson, Alison M.,; ProQuest Information and Learning Company. 2008 BOOKS
Wal-Mart triumph :inside the world's #1 company / Slater, Robert, 2004 BOOKS
Worlds of history :a comparative reader / Reilly, Kevin, 2000 BOOKS
Worm in the apple :how the teacher unions are destroying American education / Brimelow, Peter, 2003 BOOKS
Wrong-site surgery :attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions of operating room personnel/ Biehn, Mary A.,; ProQuest Information and Learning Company. 2008 BOOKS
Yellowstone National Park, Idaho/Montana/Wyoming, 2019. United States. 2019 BOOKS