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New Titles: February 2020
Titles added in February 2020 ....

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February 2020
Title Author Year Format
All they will call you :the telling of the plane wreck at Los Gatos Canyon / Hernandez, Tim Z., 2018 BOOKS
Applied improvisationleading, collaborating and creating beyond the theatre / Dudeck, Theresa,McClure, Caitlin, 2018 BOOKS
Are you feeling lucky? Parker, Matt,; Sparks, Ben. 2013 VIDEOS
Art of leadership / Manning, George,; Curtis, Kent, 2019 BOOKS
Artist trading card workshop :create collect swap / Berlin, Bernie. 2007 BOOKS
Asking for it :the alarming rise of rape culture--and what we can do about it / Harding, Kate, 2015 BOOKS
Becoming American :the Chinese experience. Angier, Joseph.Lennon, Thomas.Moyers, Bill D.Ho, David D.,Young, Shirley.; Public Affairs Television (Firm)Thomas Lennon Films.WNET (Television station : New York, N.Y.)Films for the Humanities (Firm) 2003 VIDEOS
Becoming American :the Chinese experience. Cheng, Steve.Lennon, Thomas.Moyers, Bill D.Lin, Maya Ying.; Public Affairs Television (Firm)Thomas Lennon Films.WNET (Television station : New York, N.Y.)Films for the Humanities & Sciences (Firm)FFH Home Video (Firm) 2003 VIDEOS
Becoming American :the Chinese experience. Tsui, Mi Ling.Lennon, Thomas.Moyers, Bill D.Jen, Gish.Ting, S. C. C.; Public Affairs Television (Firm)Thomas Lennon Films.WNET (Television station : New York, N.Y.)Films for the Humanities (Firm) 2003 VIDEOS
Bérenger plays / Ionesco, Eugène,; Watson, Donald,Prouse, Derek, 2018 BOOKS
Beyond survival :strategies and stories from the transformative justice movement / Dixon, Ejeris,Piepzna-Samarasinha, Leah Lakshmi, 2020 BOOKS
Blood water paint / McCullough, Joy, 2018 BOOKS
Bookcraft :techniques for binding, folding, and decorating to create books and more / Weston, Heather. 2008 BOOKS
Brain on fire :my month of madness / Cahalan, Susannah, 2013 BOOKS
Child-centered play therapy :a practical guide to developing therapeutic relationships with children / Cochran, Nancy H.; Nordling, William J.Cochran, Jeff L. 2010 BOOKS
Clean :overcoming addiction and ending America's greatest tragedy / Sheff, David. 2013 BOOKS
COBIT 5 for assurance / Information Systems Audit and Control Association, 2013 BOOKS
Color of violence :the INCITE! anthology / INCITE. 2016 BOOKS
Color purple / Walker, Alice, 2003 BOOKS
Courage to act :a memoir of a crisis and its aftermath / Bernanke, Ben, 2015 BOOKS
Cover to cover :creative techniques for making beautiful books, journals & albums / LaPlantz, Shereen, 2015 BOOKS
Creating handmade books / Golden, Alisa J. 1998 BOOKS
Creative dance for all ages :a conceptual approach / Gilbert, Anne Green. 2015 BOOKS
Cult of the Dead Cow :how the original hacking supergroup might just save the world / Menn, Joseph, 2019 BOOKS
Dance pedagogy for a diverse world :culturally relevant teaching in theory, research and practice / McCarthy-Brown, Nyama,; Amin, Takiyah Nur, 2017 BOOKS
Dear sister :letters from survivors of sexual violence / Factora-Borchers, Lisa,Simmons, Aishah Shahidah. 2014 BOOKS
Desert boys / McCormick, Chris, 2016 BOOKS
Designing effective teaching and significant learning / Fashant, Zala,; Ross, Stewart L.,Russell, Linda,LaPlant, Karen,Jacobson, Jake,Hutchinson, Sheri,Fink, L. Dee, 2020 BOOKS
Deus in machina :religion, technology, and the things in between / Stolow, Jeremy, 2013 BOOKS
DeVita, Hellman, and Rosenberg's cancer :principles & practice of oncology / DeVita, Vincent T.,Lawrence, Theodore S.,Rosenberg, Steven A., 2019 BOOKS
Education for socially engaged art :a materials and techniques handbook / Helguera, Pablo. 2011 BOOKS
Emotional intelligence 2.0 / Bradberry, Travis,; Greaves, Jean,Lencioni, Patrick, 2009 BOOKS
Emotional intelligence activity kit :50 easy and effective exercises for building EQ / Lynn, Adele B.,; Lynn, Janele R.,Lynn, Adele B. 2015 BOOKS
Emotionally intelligent leadership :a guide for students / Shankman, Marcy Levy,; Allen, Scott J.,Haber-Curran, Paige,Komives, Susan R., 2015 BOOKS
Essays on the great depression / Bernanke, Ben. 2000 BOOKS
Federal Reserve and the financial crisis / Bernanke, Ben. 2013 BOOKS
Fields virology / Fields, Bernard N.Knipe, David M.Howley, Peter M., 2013 BOOKS
Firefighting :the financial crisis and its lessons / Bernanke, Ben,; Geithner, Timothy F.,Paulson, Henry M., 2019 BOOKS
First responders :inside the U.S. strategy for fighting the 2007-2009 global financial crisis / Bernanke, Ben,Geithner, Timothy F.,Paulson, Henry M.,Liang, J. Nellie 2020 BOOKS
From juggling to jazz Parker, Matt,Wright, Colin.Eastaway, Robert.Harris, Richard, 2013 VIDEOS
Gamestorming :a playbook for innovators, rulebreakers, and changemakers / Gray, David,; Brown, Sunni,Macanufo, James, 2010 BOOKS
Geometry in the real world Parker, Matt,; Greeen, Lucie.Shepherd, Paul, 2013 VIDEOS
Girls of Atomic City :the untold story of the women who helped win World War II / Kiernan, Denise, 2013 BOOKS
Great Southern Babylon :sex, race, and respectability in New Orleans, 1865-1920 / Long, Alecia P., 2005 BOOKS
Grief and loss across the lifespan :a biopsychosocial perspective / Walter, Carolyn Ambler,; McCoyd, Judith L. M., 2016 BOOKS
Grief counseling and grief therapy :a handbook for the mental health practitioner / Worden, J. William 2018 BOOKS
Handmaid's tale / Atwood, Margaret, 2017 BOOKS
Harvey Fierstein's Torch song trilogy :the celebrated landmark play, in both its original and newly revised versions. Fierstein, Harvey, 2018 BOOKS
HBR's 10 must reads on emotional intelligence. Harvard Business Review Press. 2015 BOOKS
Hippocampus book / Andersen, Per. 2007 BOOKS
House Industries lettering manual / Barber, Ken,; House Industries. 2019 BOOKS
How to make books / Smith, Esther K. 2007 BOOKS
How to win friends and influence people / Carnegie, Dale, 2009 BOOKS
Human compatible :artificial intelligence and the problem of control / Russell, Stuart J. 2019 BOOKS
I know why the caged bird sings / Angelou, Maya,; Winfrey, Oprah, 2015 BOOKS
Indelible in the hippocampus :writings from the me too movement / Oria, Shelly, 2019 BOOKS
Inflation targeting :lessons from the international experience / Bernanke, Ben. 1999 BOOKS
Interdisciplinary learning activities / Edelbroek, Hannah,; Mijnders, Myrte,Post, Ger, 2018 BOOKS
Intersections of identity and sexual violence on campus :centering minoritized students' experiences / Harris, Jessica C.,Linder, Chris, 2017 BOOKS
Intuition :a novel / Goodman, Allegra. 2006 BOOKS
ITIL® Foundation, ITIL 4 edition / AXELOS Limited,Stationery Office (Great Britain), 2019 BOOKS
It's not ok to feel blue and other lies :inspirational people open up about their mental health / Curtis, Scarlett, 2019 BOOKS
Jubilant journeys :experience the wanterlust serendipity of a fifty-year journey across 125 countries : a memoir / Spenuzza, Connie, 2019 BOOKS
Know my name :a memoir / Miller, Chanel, 2019 BOOKS
Kubernetes :up and running : dive into the future of infrastructure / Burns, Brendan,; Hightower, Kelsey,Beda, Joe, 2019 BOOKS
Last castle :the epic story of love, loss, and American royalty in the nation's largest home / Kiernan, Denise, 2017 BOOKS
Living as form:socially engaged art from 1991 2011 / Thompson, Nato, 2017 BOOKS
Making the second ghetto :race and housing in Chicago, 1940-1960 / Hirsch, Arnold R. 1998 BOOKS
Manual for radiation oncology nursing practice and education. Iwamoto, Ryan R.Haas, Marilyn.Gosselin, Tracy K.; Oncology Nursing Society. 2012 BOOKS
Martin Kippenberger :catalogue raisonné of the paintings. Kippenberger, Martin,; Galerie Gisela Capitain Köln. 2014 BOOKS
Mathematics for human flourishing / Su, Francis Edward.; Jackson, Christopher, 2020 BOOKS
Mother Jones :the miners' angel / Fetherling, Dale, 2010 BOOKS
Natural language processing with PyTorch :build intelligent language applications using deep learning / Rao, Delip,; McMahan, Brian, 2019 BOOKS
Never enough :the neuroscience and experience of addiction / Grisel, Judith, 2019 BOOKS
Not that bad :dispatches from rape culture / Gay, Roxane, 2018 BOOKS
Nudge :improving decisions about health, wealth, and happiness / Thaler, Richard H.,; Sunstein, Cass R. 2008 BOOKS
Pain and Glory Banderas, Antonio.Cruz, Penelope.Etxeandia, Asier.Flores, Asier.Navas, Nora.Sbaraglia, Leonardo.Serrano, Julieta.Vicente, Cesar. 2019 VIDEOS
Patient H.M. :a story of memory, madness and family secrets / Dittrich, Luke, 2016 BOOKS
Permanent present tense :the unforgettable life of the amnesic patient, H.M. / Corkin, Suzanne, 2013 BOOKS
Play therapy :the art of the relationship / Landreth, Garry L., 2012 BOOKS
Pleasure unwoven :a personal journey about addiction / McCauley, Kevin T.,Clegg, Jim,Bosworth, Norman,Prevost, Stephane,Erickson, Kristin,; Institute for Addiction Study, 2009 VIDEOS
Polyvagal theory :neurophysiological foundations of emotions, attachment, communication, and self-regulation / Porges, Stephen W. 2011 BOOKS
Power / Alderman, Naomi, 2016 BOOKS
Problems and solutions on quantum mechanics / Lim, Yung-kuo.; Zhongguo ke xue ji shu da xue. 1998 BOOKS
Punished :policing the lives of Black and Latino boys / Rios, Victor M. 2011 BOOKS
Queering sexual violence :radical voices from within the anti-violence movement / Patterson, JenniferTourmaline, 2016 BOOKS
Quick emotional intelligence activities for busy managers :50 team exercises that get results in just 15 minutes / Lynn, Adele B. 2007 BOOKS
Radiobiology for the radiologist / Hall, Eric J.,; Giaccia, Amato J., 2019 BOOKS
Ready of not :stories from the students behind the statistics / Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence. 2017 BOOKS
Rebooting AI :building artificial intelligence we can trust / Marcus, Gary,; Davis, Ernest, 2019 BOOKS
Rethinking consciousness :a scientific theory of subjective experience / Graziano, Michael S. A., 2019 BOOKS
Risk centric threat modeling :process for attack simulation and threat analysis / Morana, Marco M.; Uceda Vélez, Tony, 2015 BOOKS
Rollercoasters and other flying objects Parker, Matt,; Hunt, Hugh.Roberts, John, 2013 VIDEOS
Root shock :how tearing up city neighborhoods hurts America, and what we can do about it / Fullilove, Mindy Thompson, 2016 BOOKS
Sandtray therapy :a practical manual / Homeyer, Linda,; Sweeney, Daniel S., 2017 BOOKS
Seduction of the innocent. Wertham, Fredric, M. D. 1999 BOOKS
Sexual violence on campus :power-conscious approaches to awareness, prevention, and response / Linder, Chris, 2018 BOOKS
Spark of learning :energizing the college classroom with the science of emotion / Cavanagh, Sarah Rose, 2016 BOOKS
Spring forward :the annual madness of daylight saving / Downing, Michael, 2009 BOOKS
Surviving Becky(s) :pedagogies for deconstructing whiteness and gender / Matias, Cheryl E., 2020 BOOKS
Techniques of grief therapy :assessment and intervention / Neimeyer, Robert A., 2016 BOOKS
Techniques of grief therapy :creative practices for counseling the bereaved / Neimeyer, Robert A., 2012 BOOKS
Text analytics with Python :a practitioner's guide to natural language processing / Sarkar, Dipanjan, 2019 BOOKS
Touchdown :an American obsession / Gems, Gerald R.,Pfister, Gertrud, 2019 BOOKS
Training to imagine :practical improvisational theatre techniques for trainers and managers to enhance creativity, teamwork, leadership and learning / Koppett, Kat, 2013 BOOKS
Trauma stewardship :an everyday guide to caring for self while caring for others / Lipsky, Laura van Dernoot.; Burk, Connie. 2009 BOOKS
Treacherous beauty :Peggy Shippen, the woman behind Benedict Arnold's plot to betray America / Jacob, Mark.; Case, Stephen H. 2012 BOOKS
Understanding by design / Wiggins, Grant P.,; McTighe, Jay. 2005 BOOKS
Using neuroscience in trauma therapy :creative and compassionate counseling / Uhernik, Julie A., 2017 BOOKS
Washable sensory beads. N/A OBJECTS
We believe you :survivors of campus sexual assault speak out / Clark, Annie E.,; Pino, Andrea L., 2016 BOOKS
Weird and wonderful maths Parker, Matt,; Acheson, D. J.Mould, Steve. 2013 VIDEOS
What we talk about when we talk about rape / Abdulali, Sohaila, 2018 BOOKS
What's the trick? Parker, Matt,; Eastaway, Robert.Jeffrey, Andrew. 2013 VIDEOS
Women in graphic design 1890-2012 =Frauen und Grafik-Design / Breuer, Gerda.Meer, Julia. 2012 BOOKS
Yes means yes! :visions of female sexual power & a world without rape / Friedman, Jaclyn,Valenti, Jessica,Cho, Margaret, 2008 BOOKS