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September 2019
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1 grumpy Bruce :a counting book / Higgins, Ryan T., 2018 BOOKS
100 great children's picture books / Salisbury, Martin, 2015 BOOKS
Adversarial machine learning / Joseph, Anthony D.,; Nelson, Blaine,Rubinstein, Benjamin I. P.,Tygar, J. D., 2019 BOOKS
Aïda / Price, Leontyne.; Dillon, Leo,Dillon, Diane,Verdi, Giuseppe, 1990 BOOKS
Amanda Pig and the really hot day / Van Leeuwen, Jean.; Schweninger, Ann, 2005 BOOKS
Appomattox Court House National Historical Park, Virginia. Harpers Ferry Center (U.S.), 2019 BOOKS
Archaeology :the essential guide to our human past / Bahn, Paul G.Fagan, Brian M. 2017 BOOKS
Arriba y abajo =Up and down / Hnatov, Catherine,; Del Risco, Eida,Hnatov, Catherine.Hnatov, Catherine. 2014 BOOKS
As cores dos animais =Animal colors / Wildsmith, Brian.; Icibaci, Nuesa. 2008 BOOKS
Autumn babies / Galbraith, Kathryn Osebold,; Pons, Adela, 2018 BOOKS
Ball / Sullivan, Mary, 2013 BOOKS
Before & after / Jullien, Jean, 2017 BOOKS
Before we were free / Alvarez, Julia. 2002 BOOKS
Big guy took my ball! / Willems, Mo,; Hyperion Books for Children, 2013 BOOKS
Birth in eight cultures :Brazil, Greece, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Tanzania, United States / Davis-Floyd, Robbie,Cheyney, Melissa, 2019 BOOKS
Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina/Virginia. United States. 2019 BOOKS
Book fiesta! :celebrate Children's Day/book day = Celebremos el día de los niños/el día de los libros / Mora, Pat,; López, Rafael, 2009 BOOKS
Bugs / Steele-Saccio, Eva,; National Geographic Society (U.S.), 2015 BOOKS
Busy jobs :let's go to work! / Beets, Sally,; Hewson, Elaine, 2019 BOOKS
Can you cuddle like a koala? / Butler, John, 2005 BOOKS
Can you growl like a bear? / Butler, John, 2012 BOOKS
Cement Mixer's ABC / Rinker, Sherri Duskey,; Long, Ethan,Lichtenheld, Tom,Rinker, Sherri Duskey. 2018 BOOKS
Charley Harper's animal alphabet / Burke, Zoe,; Harper, Charley, 2015 BOOKS
Charley Harper's Book of colors / Burke, Zoe,; Charley Harper Art Studio, 2015 BOOKS
Charley Harper's Count the birds / Burke, Zoe,; Charley Harper Art Studio, 2015 BOOKS
Charley Harper's I am wild :animals in America's national parks / Charley Harper Art Studio (Firm),; Harper, Charley, 2018 BOOKS
Chato and the party animals / Soto, Gary.; Guevara, Susan. 2004 BOOKS
Chemistry :the molecular nature of matter and change : annotated instructor's edition / Silberberg, Martin S.; Pollard, John. 2009 BOOKS
Clip, clop / Hnatov, Catherine, 2016 BOOKS
College made whole :how to cultivate adaptive learners for an ever-changing world / Gallagher, Chris W., 2019 BOOKS
Construction / Sutton, Sally,; Lovelock, Brian, 2015 BOOKS
Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa / Silverman, Erica,; Lewin, Betsy, 2005 BOOKS
Cradle me / Slier, Debby, 2012 BOOKS
Cuentos completos / Fuentes, Carlos.; Martínez, Omegar, 2013 BOOKS
Cuentos completos / Ramírez, Sergio,; Ramírez, Sergio,Ramírez, Sergio,Ramírez, Sergio,Ramírez, Sergio,Ramírez, Sergio,Ramírez, Sergio, 2013 BOOKS
Demolition / Sutton, Sally,; Lovelock, Brian, 2014 BOOKS
Diego Rivera :his world and ours / Tonatiuh, Duncan.; Abrams Books for Young Readers. 2011 BOOKS
Digger, dozer, dumper / Vestergaard, Hope,; Slonim, David, 2016 BOOKS
Doña Flor :a tall tale about a giant woman with a great big heart / Mora, Pat.; Colón, Raúl, 2005 BOOKS
Dream in Hanoi / Weidlinger, Tom,Abraham, F. Murray,; Moira Productions,Dateline Productions,Nhà hát kịch Việt Nam,Artists Repertory Theater of Portland, Oregon,Vietnam's National Theater of Music & Dance,Bullfrog Films, 2002 VIDEOS
Drum dream girl :how one girl's courage changed music / Engle, Margarita,; López, Rafael, 2015 BOOKS
Dump Truck's colors / Rinker, Sherri Duskey,; Long, Ethan,Lichtenheld, Tom,Rinker, Sherri Duskey. 2018 BOOKS
Eating the rainbow. N/A 2010 BOOKS
Emilia / Malcolm, Morgan Lloyd,; Lanyer, Aemilia. 2018 BOOKS
Figures of merit :remembrances of those who built an Army-NASA collaboration and a new age of rotary-wing technology, 1965-1985 / Ormiston, Robert A.,Statler, Irving C., 2018 BOOKS
First part last / Johnson, Angela, 2003 BOOKS
Fuzzing for software security testing and quality assurance / Takanen, Ari,DeMott, Jared,Miller, Charles,Kettunen, Atte, 2018 BOOKS
Gallina grande / Baker, Keith,; Baker, Keith,Baker, Keith, 2014 BOOKS
Gaming the world :how sports are reshaping global politics and culture / Markovits, Andrei S.; Rensmann, Lars, 2010 BOOKS
Gaming the world :how sports are reshaping global politics and culture. Markovits, Andrei S. 2013 BOOKS
Gatos black on Halloween / Montes, Marisa,; Morales, Yuyi, 2006 BOOKS
Get out of my bath! / Teckentrup, Britta, 2019 BOOKS
Golden Spike, 150th Anniversary 1869-2019, National Historic Park, Utah, 2019. United States. 2019 BOOKS
Good night, Gorilla / Rathmann, Peggy, 1994 BOOKS
Good night, Little Sea Otter / Halfmann, Janet,; Williams, Wish, 2010 BOOKS
Grandma's gift / Velasquez, Eric.; Gastonguay, Nicole.Velasquez, Eric.; Walker Publishing Company.Lehigh Pheonix. 2010 BOOKS
Half a moon and one whole star / Dragonwagon, Crescent.; Pinkney, Jerry.; Macmillan Publishing Company.South China Printing Co. 1986 BOOKS
Hand in hand :ten Black men who changed America / Pinkney, Andrea Davis,; Pinkney, J. Brian, 2012 BOOKS
Handbook of cyanobacterial monitoring and cyanotoxin analysis / Meriluoto, Jussi,Spoof, Lisa,Codd, G. A.; European Cooperation in the Field of Scientific and Technical Research (Organization) 2017 BOOKS
Hands are not for hitting / Agassi, Martine,; Heinlen, Marieka, 2002 BOOKS
Hello, bumblebee bat / Lunde, Darrin P.; Wynne, Patricia, 2007 BOOKS
Herejes / Padura, Leonardo. 2013 BOOKS
Hi! Fly Guy / Arnold, Tedd. 2005 BOOKS
Hip, hop / Hnatov, Catherine, 2010 BOOKS
Hombre que amaba a los perros / Padura, Leonardo 2019 BOOKS
How ICA helps small business / Richards, C. A.; United States. 1959 BOOKS
How to make repeat patterns :a guide for designers, architects and artists / Jackson, Paul, 2018 BOOKS
Humanism of the other / Lévinas, Emmanuel.; Poller, Nidra. 2003 BOOKS
Hush, little ones / Butler, John, 2003 BOOKS
I broke my trunk! / Willems, Mo. 2011 BOOKS
I can do it myself! / Krensky, Stephen.; Gillingham, Sara, 2012 BOOKS
I like it when-- =Me gusta cuando-- / Murphy, Mary,; Ada, Alma Flor.Campoy, F. Isabel. 2008 BOOKS
I spy Fly Guy! / Arnold, Tedd. 2009 BOOKS
Instructional design for LIS professionals :a guide for teaching librarians and information science professionals / Wong, Melissa Autumn, 2019 BOOKS
Intellectual property and information rights for librarians / Schlipp, John, 2019 BOOKS
Introducing physical geography. Strahler, Alan H. 2010 BOOKS
Jacket I wear in the snow / Neitzel, Shirley.; Parker, Nancy Winslow, 1989 BOOKS
Just a minute :a trickster tale and counting book / Morales, Yuyi, 2003 BOOKS
Just in case :a trickster tale and Spanish alphabet book / Morales, Yuyi, 2008 BOOKS
Less than nothing :Hegel and the shadow of dialectical materialism / Žižek, Slavoj. 2012 BOOKS
Let's go for a drive! / Willems, Mo. 2012 BOOKS
Little Monkey calms down / Dahl, Michael,; Vidal, Oriol, 2014 BOOKS
Little Seagull handbook / Bullock, Richard H.; Brody, Michal,Weinberg, Francine, 2017 BOOKS
Little you / Van Camp, Richard,; Flett, Julie, 2013 BOOKS
Look, there's a helicopter! / Aarts, Esther,; Nosy Crow (Publisher), 2019 BOOKS
Loving kindness :happy feelings for little ones / Stewart, Whitney,; Alejandro, Rocío, 2019 BOOKS
Loving me / Slier, Debby, 2013 BOOKS
Lucky broken girl / Behar, Ruth, 2017 BOOKS
Machine learning for text / Aggarwal, Charu C., 2018 BOOKS
Magic windows / Garza, Carmen Lomas.; Rohmer, Harriet.Schecter, David. 1999 BOOKS
Martín de Porres :the rose in the desert / Schmidt, Gary D.; Diaz, David,; Clarion Books (New York, N.Y.),Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company, 2012 BOOKS
Measuring behaviour :an introductory guide / Martin, Paul R.; Bateson, Paul Patrick Gordon. 2014 BOOKS
Mercy Watson goes for a ride / DiCamillo, Kate,; Van Dusen, Chris, 2006 BOOKS
Minidoka National Historic Site, Idaho/Washington / United States. 2019 BOOKS
Miracle's boys / Woodson, Jacqueline. 2010 BOOKS
Molecular tools for the detection and quantification of toxigenic cyanobacteria / Kurmayer, Rainer,Sivonen, Kaarina,Wilmotte, Annick,Salmaso, Nico, 2017 BOOKS
Monocacy National Battlefield, Maryland / United States. 2019 BOOKS
Move over, Rover / Beaumont, Karen.; Dyer, Jane, 2006 BOOKS
My people / Hughes, Langston,; Smith, Charles R., 2009 BOOKS
Ñam, ñam! / Hnatov, Catherine. 2011 BOOKS
Not a box / Portis, Antoinette. 2006 BOOKS
Not a box / Portis, Antoinette. 2007 BOOKS
Novela de mi vida / Padura, Leonardo,; Tusquets Editores, 2015 BOOKS
Novelas cortas / Onetti, Juan Carlos,; Balderston, Daniel, 2009 BOOKS
On the go with Mother Goose / Opie, Iona,Wells, Rosemary, 2017 BOOKS
Opuestos =Opposites / Wildsmith, Brian.; Fiol, María A. 2008 BOOKS
Parrot in the oven :mi vida : a novel / Martinez, Victor, 1996 BOOKS
Peek-a-Bruce / Higgins, Ryan T., 2019 BOOKS
Pete the cat and his four groovy buttons / Litwin, Eric.; Dean, James, 2012 BOOKS
Pout-pout fish / Diesen, Deborah,; Hanna, Dan, 2008 BOOKS
Pricing arithmetic for small business managers / Anderson, Jules E.; Gassenheimer, Earl C.; United States. 1959 BOOKS
Primate behavior :an exercise workbook / Paterson, J. D. 2001 BOOKS
Publication manual of the American Psychological Association/ American Psychological Association 2019 BOOKS
¿Qué hacen las ruedas todo el día? =What do wheels do all day? / Prince, April Jones.; Laroche, Giles.Calvo, Carlos E. 2013 BOOKS
Rabbit & robot :the sleepover / Bell, Cece.; Candlewick Press, 2012 BOOKS
Recognizing & preventing child neglect / McCarthy, KevinRyan, Kathleen O.Cudahy, Jennifer.; Learning Seed Company. 2012 VIDEOS
Respect the land: it's like part of us :a traditional use study of inland Denai'na ties to the Chulitna River & Sixmile Lake basins, Lake Clark National Park and Preserve / Deur, Douglas,; Evanoff, Karen E.,Hebert, Jamie Sue,; United States.Lake Clark National Park and Preserve (Agency : U.S.), 2018 BOOKS
Return to Sender. N/A 2010 BOOKS
Roadwork / Sutton, Sally.; Lovelock, Brian. 2008 BOOKS
Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge, interpretive wildlife drive / Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge (Agency : U.S.),; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 2019 BOOKS
Routledge historical atlas of religion in America / Carroll, Bret E., 2000 BOOKS
Science journalism :an introduction / Angler, Martin W., 2017 BOOKS
See me run / Meisel, Paul. 2011 BOOKS
Shakespeare lexicon and quotation dictionary :a complete dictionary of all the English words, phrases, and constructions in the works of the poet / Schmidt, Alexander,; Sarrazin, Gregor, 1971 BOOKS
Sound and the fury / Faulkner, William, 1992 BOOKS
Splendid friend, indeed / Bloom, Suzanne, 2005 BOOKS
Spring babies / Galbraith, Kathryn Osebold,; Pons, Adela, 2019 BOOKS
Stanley the farmer / Bee, William, 2015 BOOKS
Stanley the mailman / Bee, William, 2016 BOOKS
Stanley's colors / Bee, William, 2016 BOOKS
Stanley's diner / Bee, William, 2015 BOOKS
Stanley's numbers / Bee, William, 2017 BOOKS
Stanley's opposites / Bee, William, 2017 BOOKS
Stanley's school / Bee, William, 2018 BOOKS
Stanley's shapes / Bee, William, 2016 BOOKS
Stanley's store / Bee, William, 2017 BOOKS
Stanley's train / Bee, William, 2019 BOOKS
Summer babies / Galbraith, Kathryn Osebold,; Pons, Adela, 2019 BOOKS
Taking sides. Welsch, Robert Louis,Endicott, Kirk M. 2013 BOOKS
Te amo, sol, te amo, luna =I love you sun, I love you moon / Pandell, Karen.; DePaola, Tomie, 2003 BOOKS
Tequila worm / Canales, Viola. 2005 BOOKS
There is a bird on your head! / Willems, Mo, 2007 BOOKS
This little artist :a art history primer / Holub, Joan,; Roode, Daniel, 2019 BOOKS
This little explorer :a pioneer primer / Holub, Joan,; Roode, Daniel, 2016 BOOKS
This Little President :a presidential primer / Holub, Joan.; Roode, Daniel, 2016 BOOKS
This little scientist :a discovery primer / Holub, Joan,; Roode, Daniel, 2018 BOOKS
This little trailblazer :a girl power primer / Holub, Joan,; Roode, Daniel, 2017 BOOKS
Tonto National Monument, Arizona / United States.; Harpers Ferry Center (U.S.), 2019 BOOKS
Tummy ride :calming breaths for little ones / Stewart, Whitney,; Alejandro, Rocío, 2019 BOOKS
Under the mesquite / McCall, Guadalupe Garcia, 2011 BOOKS
Under the royal palms :a childhood in Cuba / Ada, Alma Flor. 1998 BOOKS
Underground / Evans, Shane.; Browne, Jennifer.; Roaring Brook Press.South China Printing Co. 2011 BOOKS
Uptown / Collier, Bryan. 2000 BOOKS
Usable security :history, themes, and challenges / Garfinkel, Simson; Lipford, Heather Richter 2014 BOOKS
Using computer services in small business / Seligsohn, I. J.; United States. 1959 BOOKS
Valley Guide, Cuyahoga Valley :Fall 2019, September 1 - November 30. United States. 2019 BOOKS
W.E.B. Du Bois's data portraits :visualizing Black America : the color line at the turn of the twentieth century / Du Bois, W. E. B.; Battle-Baptiste, Whitney,Rusert, Britt,Morris, Aldon D.,Rusert, Britt,Wilson, Mabel 2018 BOOKS
We are in a book! / Willems, Mo, 2010 BOOKS
We are the ship :the story of Negro League baseball / Nelson, Kadir. 2008 BOOKS
Wibble, wobble / Hnatov, Catherine, 2016 BOOKS
Winter babies / Galbraith, Kathryn Osebold,; Pons, Adela, 2018 BOOKS
Yaqui Delgado wants to kick your ass / Medina, Meg. 2013 BOOKS