Proposed Cancellations
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Proposed Cancellations

In early October, I contacted the University community with a proposal to discontinue our SAGE full-text journal subscription to address the anticipated 2019/2020 subscription inflation. Based on feedback from the University community in support of SAGE, the Library's Collection Management team has proposed discontinuing some of our disciplinary database subscriptions instead. And so, the Library is proposing to discontinue our subscriptions to…

  1. Mergent Online
  2. Mergent Archives
  3. Dissertations & Theses*
  4. Global Plants
  5. Aluka: Struggles for Freedom
  6. Aluka: World Heritage
  7. Portico
  8. Safari Tech Books
  9. Book Review Digest Plus
  10. Bloomsbury Fashion Central
  11. Literature Resource Center
  12. Congressional Publications

The criteria for discontinuing subscriptions are in keeping with best academic library practices that examine if a subscription 1) provides full-text content, along with the indexing; 2) does not substantially duplicate content available in other NKU subscriptions; 3) has reasonable use, based primarily on a cost/per use measure; and 4) the vendor / publisher of the subscription provides usage statistics to the Library. The end date for each of the subscriptions span through 2019. As we confirm the exact end dates of our contracts, we will post them on the Library’s homepage under "Featured News and Events."

As said before, making fewer materials immediately available to students, faculty, and staff is antithetical to the Library’s core values of access to information; however, discontinuing the above subscriptions will allow the Library to continue the SAGE subscription. Please direct all questions, and concerns to me at


Robert Zai III

Interim Dean
W. Frank Steely Library
507 W. Frank Steely Library
Northern Kentucky University
Highland Heights, KY 41099

* NKU produced dissertations and theses would still be available through the Library’s Digital Repository.