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ProQuest Trials

Steely Library has two ProQuest product trials through June 30, 2020, for ProQuest Central and ProQuest Academic Complete which is a subscription eBook package providing over 180,000 titles.

ProQuest Central provides access to databases across all major subject areas, including business, health and medical, social sciences, arts and humanities, education, science and technology, and religion. The collection includes thousands of full-text scholarly journals, newspapers, magazines, dissertations, working papers, and market reports all together on a powerful, user-friendly platform.

  • Local, national, and international news coverage includes the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Financial Times, Le Monde, and The Guardian.
  • CBS 60 Minutes documentary video series is included, as well as daily videos from New York Times and Washington Post.
  • Key journals include the Lancet, Nature, MIT Sloan Management Review, Foreign Affairs, Journal of Marriage and Family, Journal of Business Ethics, The Economist, New Statesman, Billboard, Variety, Macleans, Atlantic Monthly, and The Spectator.

ProQuest Academic Complete provides more than 180,000 multidisciplinary eBooks with unlimited, multi-user access, powerful research tools and DRM-free chapter downloads. Major publishers include Wiley, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Routledge, Oxford University Press, and Springer. Search the collection through ProQuest’s EBook Central site.