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Building Use Policy

In order to protect library materials and facilities, enhance library services, and to provide library users with safe, comfortable spaces for research and learning, the following policies have been established.

Food and Drink

Food and drinks are allowed in Steely Library, with the exception of Special Collections & Archives. Dispose of trash appropriately and be respectful of those around you and respectful of library materials and furnishings.

Noise and Disorderly Conduct

Disorderly conduct, including loud conversations, excessive noise, or the harassment of other patrons or library staff is prohibited.

Electronic Devices

MP3 players, radios, games, CD players, and other electronic devices without headphones or loud enough to disturb others are prohibited in quiet study areas of the library.

Cell Phones

Cell phone use is permitted in non-quiet study areas of the library. Patrons are expected to be respectful of other patrons while using their cell phones.

Skateboards, Skates and Scooters

Skateboarding, roller or inline skating, and riding scooters is prohibited within the library building.


Steely Library respectfully requests that no bicycles be brought into the building.


Only trained service animals are permitted in the library.

Unattended Children

Steely Library provides an adult, unsupervised environment for the purpose of academic research and support of the University's curriculum and programs. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or adult at all times. Parents or adults must monitor all activities and behavior of their children while in the building and are responsible for any act of vandalism of materials, equipment, etc. The Department of Public Safety will be notified if children are left in the library unaccompanied by an adult.

Filming, Recording, and Photography

Permission is required for filming, recording, and taking photographs in the library. Permission can be sought by contacting the Library Administration office at (859) 572-5483.

Solicitation and Posting

Approaching patrons for the purpose of soliciting for donations or for the purpose of obtaining signatures on petitions is not allowed in the library. Posting or placing flyers is allowed in the designated space in the library's third floor lobby. In accordance with University policy all posters, flyers, handbills, and banners must be authorized and stamped by the Dean of students designate, located at the Student Union Information Desk (2nd floor).

Vandalism/Destruction of Library Property

Graffiti, destruction of furniture, books, magazines/periodicals, etc. are considered destruction of university property and all incidents of this nature will be reported to campus police.


It is against the law to steal library materials including books, CDs, DVDs, furnishings, and equipment. All incidents of theft will be reported to campus police.


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