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Library Exhibition Policy


W. Frank Steely Library provides exhibit space in the Eva G. Farris Reading Room (EGFRR). This policy describes the scope of library exhibitions.


Exhibitions can be proposed by NKU faculty, staff, and students, as well as non-NKU affiliated community members.

Scope of Exhibitions

Exhibitions should address the scholarly, historical, social, or cultural concerns of the university or the region.


A committee of faculty and staff (library and university) reviews and recommends proposals. The final approval resides with the Dean of the Library.

Description of the Space

The walls in the EGFRR are approximately 9'6" high. There are 5 walls with a hanging system (18', 19', 22', 15', and 7' wide). The exhibitions must be installed with the hanging system (Arakawa CRJ1800: 65 lbs limit per 6’). The space best accommodates wall mounted exhibitions.

There are alternate, smaller spaces that can be considered for small, short-term exhibitions in the library.

Installation and Take Down

Exhibitors are responsible for loading in and out and installation. Loading and installation must happen while the library is open and be scheduled with the Exhibition Committee.

Exhibition Duration

The library encourages two exhibitions per year, fall and spring. Either the fall or spring exhibition will be encouraged to remain during the summer term. When there is no pending exhibition, exhibitors will be asked to consider extending the term of their exhibition.


The EGFRR is open all hours the library is open and is unattended. There are security cameras that monitor the space. Any special arrangements for valuable materials will be determined and coordinated by the office of the Dean of the Library.  

Exceptions to the Policy

The Dean of the Library reserves the right to make exceptions to any portion of this policy.



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