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Documents related to the Civil War, abolition, and women's suffrage. Full text included; Newspapers; Primary sources; ( + )
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Coverage: US; 1728-1922
Short Description: Documents related to the Civil War, abolition, and women's suffrage.
Description: Accessible Archives provides full text access to primary documents related to the US Civil War, the abolitionist movement, and women's suffrage. County histories cover the colonial period to the early twentieth century. Advertisements and images are retained in the source material.
User limits: Current NKU students, staff, and faculty.
Sources: African American Newspapers (1827-1902); American County Histories; The Civil War Collection; Frank Leslie’s Weekly (1855-1922); Godey’s Lady’s Book (1804-1878); History of Woman Suffrage (to 1920); The Liberator (1831-1865); The Lily (1849-1853); National Anti-Slavery Standard (1840-1870); National Citizen and Ballot Box (1876-1881); The Pennsylvania Gazette (1728-1800); The Pennsylvania Genealogical Catalogue (1809-1870); The Pennsylvania Newspaper Record (1825-1871); The Revolution (1868-1872); Scenes in the Life of Harriet Tubman (1869); South Carolina Newspapers (1732-1780); Twelve Years a Slave (1856); The Virginia Gazette (1736-1780).
Topics: Abolition; Genealogy; Slavery; US Civil War; Women's Suffrage & the vote;
Tags: Full-text; Newspapers; Primary sources;
Black Studies; History American; Geography; Women's & Gender Studies;