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Census data about the US, Puerto Rico, and the Island Areas. Full text included; US Government materials; Open access; ( + )
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Vendor: US Census Bureau
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Coverage: 2012-present. Some data as early as 2002.
Short description: Census data about the United States, Puerto Rico and the Island Areas.
Description: Find census data from a variety of US Census Bureau publications about the United States, Puerto Rico and the Island Areas. Access points include dataset, topics, geographies, race/ethnic groups, and industry codes.
User limits: Free, open access.
Sources: American Community Survey; American Housing Survey; Census Bureau; Annual Survey of Manufactures; Business Patterns; Nonemployer Statistics; Annual Surveys of Governments; Census of Governments; Commodity Flow Survey; Decennial Census; Economic Census; Economic Census of the Island Areas; Survey of Business Owners; Equal Employment Opportunity Tabulation; Population Estimates Program; Puerto Rico Community Survey
Topics: Population; Age; Business and Industry; Education; Governments; Housing; Income; Origins and Language; Poverty; Race and Hispanic Origin; Veterans; Census;  
Tags: Full-text; US Government materials; Open access; Government Publication;
Business; General Research; Geography;