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Applied Science and Technology:
Science research for practical applications, technology, and inventions. Full text included; ( + )
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Vendor: EBSCOhost / HW Wilson
Alternative titles: Applied Science and Technology Full-text (HW Wilson)
Coverage: 750 journals 1983-present; Full-text of 220 journals.
Short description: Science research for practical applications, technology and inventions.
Description: Science research for practical applications, technology, and inventions. Full-text includes original illustrations, charts and photographs.
User limits: Current NKU students, staff, and faculty.
Topics: Acoustics; Aeronautics; Applied mathematics; Atmospheric science; Automotive engineering; Chemical engineering; Communication and information technology; Electrical and electronic engineering; Engineering and biomedical materials; Energy resources and research; Geology; Industrial engineering; Mathematics; Mechanical engineering; Nuclear engineering; Petroleum and gas; Physics; Space science; Textile industry and fabrics; Transportation; etc.;
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Astronomy; Biological Sciences; Chemistry; Computer Science; Construction; Electronics Engineering Technology; Geology; Manufacturing Engineering; Mathematics; Mechanical Engineering; Medicine & Nursing; Physics;