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Comprehensive legal history resources, 16th c. - present. Full text included; ( + )
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Vendor: William S. Hein & Co. / Chase Law Library
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Coverage: 2,000 journals, full text, 1700 - present.
Short Description: Comprehensive legal history resources, 16th c. - present.
Description: Comprehensive legal history resources, 16th century - present. [View vendor's information]
User limits: Current NKU students, staff, and faculty.
Includes: 2,000 law periodicals; Congressional Record (complete); US Reports (1754 - present); famous world trials (1700s - present); legal classics (16th - 20th centuries); United Nations and League of Nations Treaty Series; US Attorney General Opinions; US Supreme Court Decisions; US Treaties (complete); the Federal Register (1936 - present); the Code of federal Regulations (1938 - present).
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