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Visual Materials

The resources marked Visual materials; contain images and may include video content.

  • Aluka:
    Primary documents on African freedom movements, art, and history. Full text included; Visual materials; ( + )
  • American History in Video:
    US history in documentary films and newsreels from 1890-present. Audio materials; Visual materials; ( + )
  • Art Images for College Teaching:
    Over 2000 royalty-free images. Visual materials; Open access; ( + )
  • Art Index:
    Essential for art history research (limited full text). Citation only; Visual materials; ( + )
  • Bloomsbury Fashion Central:
    Coverage of world fashion from 1500 BCE to present. Full text included; Ebook collection; Visual materials; ( + )
  • Global Gateway: World Culture and Resources:
    Diverse collections on world cultures. Full text included; Visual materials; US Government materials; Open access; ( + )
  • Global Plants:
    A comprehensive collection of plant type specimens. Full text included; Visual materials; ( + )
  • Internet Archive:
    Books, movies, software, music and archived web sites. Full text included; Ebook collection; Audio materials; Visual materials; Open access; ( + )
  • Kentucky Digital Library:
    Documents from Kentucky archives on KY history and culture. Full text included; Newspapers; Visual materials; KYVL subscription; Open access; Primary sources; ( + )
  • RIdIM:
    Index of visual sources of music, dance, theatre and opera. Citation only; Visual materials; Open access; ( + )
  • Theatre in Video:
    Watch and study definitive performances of important plays. Audio materials; Visual materials; ( + )