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Vendor: Mergent / Dun & Bradstreet
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Coverage: Every Mergent/Moody's Manual published since 1909; Mergent Municipal & Government Manuals since 1918; 9+ million US patents; 8+ million utility patents; Dun & Bradstreet Million Dollar Directory 1959-; etc.
Short Description: Access to corporate documents from 100 countries.
Description: Access to corporate documents from 100 countries. [View vendor's information]
User limits: Current NKU students, staff, and faculty.
Topics: Automotive; Aviation; Banking; Biotechnology; Chemicals; Electricity; Food & beverage; Heavy construction; Insurance; IT & technology; Media; Medical instruments; Mining; Oil & gas; Pharmaceuticals; Precious metals; Property & development; Telecommunications;
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Accounting; Business; Entrepreneurship; Finance; Human Resource Management; Marketing; Sports Business;
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