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Name Changes

Why did these names change? In some cases, the database vendor changed the name. In some cases a vendor's name was used in place of the database's name. The revised list is based on a rule to use what the vendor calls their product. If you'd like to look a database up by vendor, use the More Options page. If you notice that a correction is needed, you can report it on the Tell Us! page.


The following databases have been canceled. If you are looking for these, we apologize for any inconvenience.

  • ArtStor:
    Canceled September 2016
  • Books in Print:
    Canceled June 2017
  • Children's Literature Comprehensive Database:
    Canceled June 2017
  • CQ Weekly:
    Canceled July 2017
  • Credo Reference:
    Canceled July 2018
  • Guide to Reference:
    Ceased publication January 2017
  • LegalTrac:
    Canceled August 2016
  • LexisNexis Academic Search:
    Canceled July 2018
  • LexisNexis Patent Search:
    Canceled July 2018
  • Newswires:
    No longer available, July 2018
  • RefWorks:
    Canceled June 2016
  • Research Insight:
    Canceled August 2018
  • RMA University / eStatement Studies:
    Canceled August 2018
  • Safari Books:
    Canceled February 2019
  • Segmentation & Market Solutions:
    Canceled October 2016
  • Value Line:
    Canceled June 2017

Cancelations Pending

Any databases under consideration for deaccession will be listed below: