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Extensive index for psychology, behavioral and social sciences. Citation only; KYVL subscription; ( + )
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Vendor: EBSCOhost / American Psychological Association
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Coverage: Citation only; 1597 - present; 4 million records; 2,500 peer-reviewed journal titles
Short description: Extensive index for psychology, behavioral and social sciences.
Description: Extensive index for psychology and the behavioral and social sciences. Includes citation to chapters in 16th century books (e.g. Francis Bacon) and more comprehensive coverage to materials beginning in the 17th century.
User limits: Current NKU students, staff, and faculty.
Topics: Psychometrics, statistics, and methodology; Human experimental psychology; Animal experimental and comparative psychology; Physiological psychology and neuroscience; Psychology and the humanities; Communication systems; Developmental psychology; Literature and fine arts; Social processes and social issues; Social psychology; Personality psychology; Psychological and physical disorders; Professional psychological and health personnel issues; Educational psychology; Industrial and organizational psychology; Sport psychology and leisure; Military psychology; Consumer psychology; Engineering and environmental psychology; Forensic psychology and legal issues; Religion; Culture and ethnology
Historic records from: Psychological Abstracts 1927–1966; Psychological Bulletin 1921–1926; American Journal of Psychology 1887–1966; Psychological Index (1894–1935); Classic Books in Psychology of the 20th Century; Harvard Book List, 1840–1971; Classic books.
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Criminal Justice; Human Resources Management; Management; Medicine & Nursing; Organizational Leadership; Psychology; Social Work;