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Science, technology, and engineering research (limited full-text). Citation only; US Government materials; Open access; ( + )
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Vendor: US Department of Energy
Alternative titles: DOE Information Bridge; Energy Citations Database
Coverage: 1946-present. 2,500,000+ citations; 300,000+ full-text DoE sponsored materials (mostly 1991-present).

Includes technical reports, bibliographic citations, journal articles, conference papers, books, multimedia, and data sponsored by the Department of Energy through grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements.
Short description: Science, technology, and engineering research (limited full-text).
Description: A product of the US Department of Energy. Citations for chemistry, engineering, and energy research is provided (with some resources in full-text). Multi-media items and datasets are also available. [View vendor's description]
User limits: Free, open access.
Subjects: Biology and medicine; Fission and nuclear technologies; National defense; Chemistry; Fossil fuels; Physics; Energy storage, conversion, and utilization; Geosciences; Power generation and distribution; Engineering; Materials; Renewable energy sources; Environmental sciences; Mathematics and computing.
Tags: Government info; Citation only; Open access;

Astronomy; Biological Sciences; Chemistry; Electronics Engineering Technology; Environmental Science; Geology; Manufacturing Engineering; Mathematics; Mechanical Engineering; Physics;