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Statistical Insight:
Statistical data from governments and businesses. Full text included; US Government materials; ( + )
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Vendor: ProQuest
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Coverage: 5,000 federal statistical publications. Indexing from 1973; full text from 2004.

2,200 state government and business statistical reports. Indexing from 1980; full text from 2007.

2,500 international statistical publications from the UN, OECD, and EU. Indexing from 1980. Full text from 2007.

Hundreds of thousands of statistical tables starting in 1999.
Short description: Statistical data from governments and business.
Description: Statistical data from governments and business.
User limits: Current NKU students, staff, and faculty.
Topics: US; United Nations; European Union; Statistics;
Tags: Full-text; US Government materials; ProQuest;

General Research; Statistics;