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What is iMath?

MyOpenMath (iMath) is a free online course management system for mathematics and other quantitative fields.


Where do you go to use it?

MyOpenMath integrates with Canvas as an app. Follow these instructions for adding MyOpenMath to your course as an assignment using the external tool option in Canvas:

  1. In your Canvas course, click Settings.  Select the Apps tab.
  2. On the Apps tab, click the View App Configurations button. On the External Apps page, click the +App button.
  3. In the Configuration Type field, select By URL.
  4. In the Name field, type "MyOpenMath".
  5. In the Consumer Key field, type “LTIkey 288 1”.
  6. In the Shared Secret field, type the shared secret code for your iMath course.
  7. In the Config URL field, type “”
  8. Click Submit.


Watch this video to view the setup process: