The Universal Worklist (UWL) tab is used by faculty and staff to approve automated workflow items in myNKU. Access to the UWL tab is automatically provided to all faculty and staff.

The UWL tab comprises three sub-tabs: Tasks, Notifications, and Tracking.

The Tasks tab is where items which require a user's review and action will be located.


Substitute Approval can be requested according to these guidelines, allowing a delegate to view and approve workflow tasks on behalf of another.


Filtering Tasks - Users with many tasks in the UWL can filter the task list to find tasks with specific words in the subject text - learn how using the reference document below:

+ UWL Filtering: Instructions


Managing Tasks - A task can be selected to generate a preview of the information it contains without actually opening the task.  If multiple people have authority to approve an item at a given level (usually through substitute approval, or as members of work centers for SLCM workflows), they can use the Forward, Assign to Me, or Cancel Assignment links in an item's context menu to help manage the tasks in the UWL, as described in this reference document:

+ UWL Assign / Forward Task: Instructions
+ UWL Cancel Task Assignment: Instructions


Opening Tasks - The task link will open the work item and allow the user to take the appropriate action - usually, approve, reject, or send back for correction.  Different types of workflow items open in different ways, all of which are depicted in the reference documents and video simulations below for processes that incorporate workflow:

FI Approvals

+ Budget Transfer:  Instructions  Video Tutorial
+ Budget Transfer - Send Back to Initiator:  Instructions
+ New Foundation Account Request:  Instructions
+ Parked Vendor Invoice:  Instructions  Video Tutorial
+ Change Parked Vendor Invoice:  Instructions
+ Purchase Requisition:  Instructions  Video Tutorial
+ Travel Request: Instructions
+ Travel Expense Report: Instructions
+ Return Travel Req/Exp for Correction: Instructions
+ Update Travel Req/Exp Sent Back for Correction: Instructions


HR Approvals

+ Certification of Grant Time and Effort:  Instructions  Video Tutorial
+ Personnel Action Requests (PARs): Instructions  Video Tutorial


SLCM Approvals

+ Program Change/Declaration Request:  Instructions
+ Grade Change Request:  Instructions  Video Tutorial


The Notifications tab is where messages will appear regarding the final status of workflow items initiated by a user.  Notifications may confirm the approval/release and final processing of an item, or provide notice of withdrawal or rejection of the item.


The Tracking tab is where the current status of  workflow items initiated by the user can be viewed.

+ View Travel Workflow:  Instructions  Video Tutorial