Student writes play about French actress

In one of her classes at Northern Kentucky University, Anna Sysun watched a movie starring French actress
Brigitte Bardot that was first released in 1963.

Bardot’s performance made such an impact on the college student that she set out to learn more about the
alluring actress, who was also a singer, ballet dancer and fashion model.

Sysun ended up writing a one-person play entitled “Because I am Brigitte Bardot” and performed it onstage
at NKU for an independent study course last semester. She plans to send a copy of the program and a portion
of the script to the 79-year-old former actress, who is now a leading animal rights activist.

Sysun, who majored in both theatre and French at NKU, said she wrote the 90-minute play to give audiences
a more detailed picture of Bardot’s character.

“She is a very beautiful woman, but really not only on the outside,” Sysun said. “Her true beauty is in her
extreme passion and ability to be brave, risky and unexpectedly honest.”

Performing the play alone on stage for three successive days was a challenge for Sysun, but she enjoyed it.

“By my second performance I felt that I could easily do it even without intermission,” she said. “I really love
acting. This is why I don’t really get tired from doing it. To me, acting is like eating candy. You enjoy every
moment, but it is never enough.”

Sysun hopes to be a professional actress herself. She was recently accepted to attend the Actors Studio
Drama School, a three-year master’s program at Pace University in New York City.

The opportunity to write and perform her one-person play at NKU fueled Sysun’s desire to continue
studying theatre.

“I was very fortunate to work with such truly amazing professors who are very passionate about the most
important thing a teacher can be passionate about -- student success,” she said.