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Fifth edition of leadership book written by NKU professors to be release worldwide

The fifth edition of a college textbook written by NKU professors Dr. Kent Curtis
and Dr. George Manning is scheduled for a worldwide release in January.

The Art of Leadership is a book that actively involves the reader in the learning process. According to the preview on the jacket cover, “the text combines behavior
theory with business practice to teach critical concepts and skills in leadership development.”

The fifth edition includes new material provided by the co-authors. Like all the
previous editions, McGraw-Hill Publishing put a photograph of a lighthouse on
the book cover.

“They picked the lighthouse as a theme because it represents strong, directional
leadership in perilous and uncertain times,” said Dr. Manning.

Dr. Manning and Dr. Curtis have been teaching colleagues at NKU since 1970.  

Dr. Curtis led the team that developed the Bachelor of Arts in Organizational
Leadership program at the university. He has co-authored several books in the
leadership area. 

Dr. Manning teaches courses in organizational psychology, personal adjustment
and humanistic psychology.  He is an active consultant to business, industry and
government in the area of organizational development. 

George Manning
Kent Curtis