Green BEAN Delivery and NKU join forces to bring healthy foods to under-resourced students

Students to Receive Bi-Weekly Orders of Organic Produce

Green Bean Delivery

CINCINNATI Green BEAN Delivery, an online home delivery service that provides organic produce and natural groceries to Midwest members, announces today a partnership with Northern Kentucky University (NKU) that will bring healthy foods to its most under-resourced students.

NKU, through the offices of the Student Wellness Center and the Student Achievement Center, in partnership with Green BEAN Delivery, has founded Healthy Food Delivery Support Service to address food insecurity among students on campus. After receiving a grant from the Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati now known as Interact For Health to provide healthy foods to its under-resourced students, NKU elected to use that money to provide 15 students with bi-weekly organic produce deliveries from Green BEAN Delivery.

“We will raise awareness that college students are not isolated from the needs existing in our community and that nourished bodies and empowered minds are the building blocks of a successful college career,” said Rachel Bishop, student wellness manager at Northern of Northern Kentucky University. “We strive to provide a convenient source of healthy food options, resources and education for healthy recipes and preparation methods, and most importantly, to help our students stay and be successful in school.”

Students receiving the produce bins are required to attend three educational sessions during the fall 2013 semester that cover:

  • Incorporating more healthy foods into their diets
  • Basic food skills and knowledge to be more comfortable and efficient in the kitchen
  • Tips and tricks to becoming a savvy meal planner

Additionally, the students are invited to sit with the staff from the NKU Wellness Center for the Lunch with Wellness program where the staff of the NKU Wellness Center will engage with them about good food, proper health and cooking.

“We’re excited that NKU chose us as a mechanism for getting healthy foods to students who may not otherwise have access to them,” said Matt Ewer, president and co-founder of Green BEAN Delivery. “The students will receive healthy, high-quality foods, helping them to avoid common health issues experienced among those who are under-resourced and face food insecurity.”

Since inception, Green BEAN Delivery has invested more than $5 million into local food economies throughout the Midwest and is now serving more than 12,000 customers. The company’s champion cause is hunger relief in addition to aiding organizations that promote health and wellness. As such, the NKU Wellness Center and Green BEAN Delivery have had a long-standing partnership to support common goals for similar initiatives.

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About Green BEAN Delivery

Green BEAN Delivery is an online home delivery service that provides organic produce and natural groceries to its members in Indianapolis and Fort Wayne, Ind., Cincinnati, Columbus and Dayton, Ohio, Louisville and Lexington, Ky., St. Louis, Mo., and the greater surrounding areas. The company provides an avenue for local and regional artisans and farmers to share their crafts and talents with community members. BEAN stands for the principles that guide the company’s mission: Biodynamic, Education, Agriculture and Nutrition. Green BEAN Delivery has a passion for giving back to the communities in which it does business. Green BEAN Delivery also operates two sustainable farms, The Feel Good Farm in Sheridan, Ind., and EcOhio Farm in Mason, Ohio. For more information, visit

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About the Northern Kentucky University Wellness Center

Our mission is to build and support an overall campus culture that is not only conducive for promoting and encouraging healthy lifestyle behaviors, but also one that fosters employee and student engagement. We believe that if an employee or student feels good about him/herself and feels good about what they are doing at NKU, they will in turn be happier, healthier, safer, and more productive. We encourage everyone to take an active role in caring for themselves, their colleagues, and their environment. Valuing “whole” people, valuing health. Welcome to the essence of a healthy campus.

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