NKU musical performance major qualifies for National Trumpet Competition

Heather Hale Heather Hale

By Terry Boehmker
NKU Web Marketing + Communications

NKU sophomore Heather Hale is one of 40 musicians from across the country selected to play in the undergraduate division of the National Trumpet Competition (NTC) to be held March 20-24 at Messiah College in Pennsylvania.

Hale, a 20-year-old music performance major, is the first NKU student to qualify for the NTC, according to Raquel Rodriquez, an assistant professor in the Music Department.

“It is such an honor to be one of the few who was chosen from hundreds of applicants,” said Hale, a graduate of Bourbon County High School. “It is honestly so unexpected to be able to say that I will be playing and competing alongside the best young trumpet players of the nation.”  

A video of Hale playing a concert piece on the trumpet was submitted to the NTC selection committee and she was among 40 chosen to perform live before the judges in the undergraduate division.  

“I will be playing that same piece for the competition. The difficult part about that is it will be live, so I will only have one chance to do my best,” Hale said.

“I will be spending the same amount of practice time as I did before. It will just focus on different things, such as endurance, making sure I have as much musicality as possible, and being able to play everything with consistency.” 

Hale said her parents, Eric and Nadine, are both trumpet players so music has always been a part of her life. After college, she hopes to make it her profession.

“I'm not sure exactly what I want to do with it as a career path, but that's the beauty of it all -- seeing where it will take you,” she said. “My ultimate goal is to inspire others by performing -- singing, playing or dancing -- and, not to sound cliché, but to show people that with continuous hard work and perseverance you can achieve just about anything.”

Photo by Krystal and JD Mitchell, GingerSnaps