With Five Weeks to go Until College, Incoming Freshman Says Life is Busy

Hunter Williams at Orientation
Photo by Timothy D. Sofranko, NKU

“I'm so excited to start classes ... I know it's going to be a lot to handle at first,
but I'm excited for some change and being able to study something I'm actually interested in.”

Five weeks. That’s how long NKU’s Class of 2018 has until college begins.

That means NKU’s incoming freshmen everywhere are lost in a flurry of planning, scheduling, buying supplies, learning routes, saying goodbyes, hanging with friends, listening to parents, tolerating siblings, kissing grandparents, punching the clock, changing for work, saving money, boxing up knickknacks, savoring home cooking, checking the oil, checking the brakes, kicking the tires, sending texts, receiving snapchats, posting pics, tweeting tweets, ignoring Facebook, tying shoelaces, stretching hamstrings, running miles, cooling down, sharing grumpycats, rolling down windows, shifting to fifth, taking a dip, skipping a stone, watching a sunset, sharing a moonrise . . .   

and, hopefully, putting off the scariest thing of all . . .

Growing up.

Hunter Williams, an 18-year-old from Burlington, recently graduated from Cooper High School, and she is realizing that summer is quickly slipping away.

She attended her NKU orientation in June, and mapped out where her classes will be. She says it all reaffirmed that she made the right decision to come to NKU.

“I love the (orientation) because it really made me feel more comfortable about living at home and being involved,” she says. “Summer is great. Super busy with traveling, family and vacations and work. But I love it.”

Between working as a waitress and getting her supplies for school, she’s also mentally preparing for the academics she will have to face as she plans to be a nursing major.

“I'm so excited to start classes,” she says. “I know it's going to be a lot to handle at first, but I'm excited for some change and being able to study something I'm actually interested in.”

Of course this means there are some changes in store for her parents, too.

“They just want me to be happy,” she says. “I know they’re proud of me and support me. They’re the best.”

She’s been busy traveling, working and trying to spend time with her boyfriend.

“I went to Georgia for vacation and it was amazing,” she says. “I am trying to save up some money but my hours will cut back when school starts. The only thing I've bought is a backpack. I'm just a dork because, who doesn't love a new backpack?” she asks, laughing.

And with that, she’s off again. She doesn’t want to take up too much time.

Because there’s still so much to do.

Classes are Scheduled and Orientation is Complete
...Next Stop, Freshman Year at NKU!

Photos by Timothy D. Sofranko, NKU

The first steps to college are the toughest to take. Over the course of the summer we will follow 18-year-old Hunter Williams as she prepares to enter her freshman year at NKU. In this installment, Hunter prepares for school while enjoying her last summer before college. #NKUFirstStep