Austin Livingood Continued an Awesome 2014 with Bunbury Performance

Austin Livingood performs at Bunbury
Photo by Timothy D. Sofranko, NKU

“I’m not just pursuing this because I want to ... I’m pursuing a dream. I’m thriving for it.”

The Bunbury Music Festival in Cincinnati welcomed some big name talents to the stage July 11-13 in its third year as the go-to local music festival, but Bunbury is also known for showcasing up-and-coming local talent.

This year two of the rising stars included NKU alumna Jesse Thomas (‘07) and Austin Livingood, a current NKU student majoring in public relations.

Inside NKU caught up with Austin Livingood before his performance...


By Nancy Curtis
NKU Marketing + Communications Intern

Austin Livingood was eager to show off his solo work during his second Bunbury Music Festival.

Livingood, a senior public relations major at Northern Kentucky University, played Bunbury last year with his former band. But this year was a new experience on his own.

“This time around it will be cool to present things on a more personal level,” Livingood said before the festival.

The past year has been a wild one for Livingood. After launching his second EP, he opened for John McLaughlin. That led to two Cincinnati Entertainment Awards nominations and now the Bunbury invitation.

“Those two EP’s, they kind of opened a gate for me here in Cincinnati,” Livingood said.

“(Bunbury) topped a ridiculous year. Accomplishments on top of accomplishments led to this.”

Livingood was ready to meet new people and fans — or as he likes to call his fans — friends. He wanted to show off new songs and get a gauge on what they think of his new solo stuff.

Livingood’s music is in a transition period that includes a change of pace, which he relates to his own personal life.

“There seems to be a huge difference between boy and man,” Livingood said. “So when you’re single and living the rock star dreams, you make goals based on what you think you need to.

"For me, I feel like I’m coming into my own kind of style, along with getting married. I don’t really know anyone who’s doing something like me in the area, which makes me feel really confident.”

Livingood said the future is looking really bright and that Bunbury would be “awesome” as he works to make each show better than the last.

“I’m not just pursuing this because I want to,” Livingood said. “I’m pursuing a dream. I’m thriving for it.”

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Austin Livingood at the Bunbury Music Festival

Photos by Timothy D. Sofranko, NKU