#TBT to 1983, When Gosney Log Cabin was Dedicated


By Jayna Morris
NKU Marketing + Communications

Today we take it back to 1983, the year of the Gosney Log Cabin dedication.

Current students might not know much about the 167-year-old cabin, where it came from, or why it’s on Northern Kentucky University’s campus.

In 1982, The Campbell County Public Parks Corporation donated the one-room cabin, originally thought to be a schoolhouse. It was meant to be a symbol of how education progressed in the state of Kentucky—from small schoolhouses to large universities. Originally, the cabin was in Grants Lick and moved to A.J. Jolly Park before it made its way to campus.

The cabin was dedicated in a ceremony on Nov. 5, 1983. For a long time, the cabin simply sat on campus grounds until it was renovated in 2013. The cabin is currently not used as a permanent classroom but as a learning space—equipped with Wi-Fi and a smart board—for various student projects.