Christian Michael Thomas
Photo provided by Christian's family.

“For a while, all we were doing was grieving. And suddenly we had something to rally around—something that keeps Christian’s memory alive.”

By Danniah Daher
Contributor, NKU Magazine

August will mark two years since Christian Michael Thomas was killed in a car accident, but his family is keeping his memory alive every day through a scholarship at Northern Kentucky University. The Christian Michael Thomas Memorial Scholarship is specifically for students in the College of Informatics, where Christian was a computer science major.

Gary Husman, Christian’s grandfather, says creating the scholarship felt like the right thing to do to move forward.

“We kept trying to figure out ways we could make a bad situation better,” Husman says.

Christian wasn’t eligible for most financial aid opportunities because of his family’s income level. However, with four siblings at home, the family didn’t have the flexibility to cover his tuition at NKU. In order to pay for classes, Christian found himself working long hours—up to 12 hours some days while also going to school.

Christian's family created the scholarship in Christian’s honor to help students like him pay for tuiton. Their hope is that the scholarship will provide more opportunities for struggling college students.

The scholarship has also had an unintended consequence—helping Christian’s family begin to heal.

“For a while, all we were doing was grieving,” says Trista Connor, Christian’s aunt. “And suddenly we had something to rally around—something that keeps Christian’s memory alive… and not in a sad way but a happy way.”

Visit https://supportnku.nku.edu/christian to honor Christian’s memory and support the Christian Michael Thomas Memorial Scholarship.