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Jaime Rump Does it All for CompleteSet

College of Informatics graduate earned the knowledge and skills needed as a computer science major at NKU.

Jaime Rump Photo provided by Jaime Rump

"Starting a company is similar to raising a child in that it's both one of the most challenging and one of the most rewarding things you can do..."

By Tom Ramstetter and Krista Rayford
Contributors, NKU Magazine

Jaime Rump has worn a lot of hats for CompleteSet, a web and mobile market place that allows collectors to track, buy and sell collectibles. He has worked on nearly every piece of technology at the company.

It’s a skill set he developed as a computer science major in the College of Informatics at Northern Kentucky University before graduating in 2014.

“When I needed to do web development, I already had a couple semesters of experience with it,” Rump says. “When I needed to SQL database administration, I already had a semester of experience with it. For almost every technical issue I've run into, I either already had some experience with the technologies or understood enough of the underlying theory that I could bring myself up to speed in a matter of hours instead of days.”

A computer science graduate won't graduate with enough experience in any one role to be able to call themselves a specialist based on classwork alone, Rump insists.  

“But they will have enough experience in a wide variety of subjects to get to that point very quickly on their own,” he says.

While at NKU, the 24 year old from Independence, Kentucky, jumped at the opportunity to gain work experience. Two years into the pursuit of his degree, Jaime felt he had acquired enough skills from various courses to start getting some work experience. He started applying to jobs and decided to investigate a new program called the INKUBATOR, which aimed to connect students with business ideas to students with technological skills.

That led him to CompleteSet.

“Computer science majors are in very high demand, so I knew I could afford to take some risks on a startup, and that college was the time to take them because I didn't have a house or kids or any other major responsibilities,” Rump says.

He was most interested in CompleteSet because things like video games, comic books and action figures appealed to him. He also liked that Gary Darna had some technical skills of his own and could estimate the feasibility and scope of various features.

“I had seen quite a few technical projects languish and die due to terrible underestimates of the complexity, so the ability to estimate that accurately was a major plus,” Rump says.

He was hooked pretty quickly.

“Starting a company is similar to raising a child in that it's both one of the most challenging and one of the most rewarding things you can do,” Rump says. “On one hand, you will almost certainly work harder than you ever have before, with a much wider variety of responsibilities than ever before, and you will ultimately be culpable for every misstep. On the other hand, you will have much more freedom and control over the direction of the company than you can in any other working environment.”

The overall College of Informatics experience at NKU puts graduates like Jaime one step ahead of the competition.

“Technology changes extremely quickly, and many companies end up replacing their entire technology stack every few years,” Rump says. “Experience with any given technology is nice, but the developer who can adapt to new tools more quickly will win every time.”

This is especially true for startup companies where employees can take charge of huge pieces of product and process and make them their own.

“It offers a great deal of freedom, but also requires wearing many hats,” Rump says. “With a wide variety of challenges and no bureaucracy to hold them back, a quick learner can surpass a seasoned veteran very quickly.”

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