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#TBT to 1979: NKU's Lucas Administrative Center



By Jayna Morris
Assistant Editor, NKU Magazine

It hosts no traditional classes, there are no mutli-colored lights or state-of-the-art laboratories, yet it’s a building that houses core operations for Northern Kentucky University—and a place where nearly all NKU students will find themselves at some point during their time here: the Lucas Administrative Center. The traditional, eight-floor building is informally known as the campus clock tower, as three sides of the building’s north stair tower display a large clock that’s visible from nearly every corner of campus.

Looking for access to multiple administrative offices? The building, which was named in honor of Regent Emeritus and former congressional representative Ken Lucas in 1994, is home to Student Affairs, Admissions, Registrar, Financial Assistance, Graduate Programs, and Student Account Services.  

NKU’s executive offices, including the office of the President, reside here, too. They were previously housed in Nunn Hall but moved to Lucas Administrative Center after its opening to make more room for Salmon P. Chase College of Law.

Our favorite part of Lucas Administrative Center? There’s a tunnel—decorated in a mural painted during the early ’80s—on the second floor that leads to University Center. Its elevators are said to be haunted, too. But that’s another story.