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Tiffany Poeppelman (’10) was recently recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of “30 Inspirational Women to Watch in Tech in 2017.” 

Tiffany Poeppelman
Photo by Scott Beseler

by Jayna Morris
Assistant Editor, NKU Magazine

How does a small-town girl from Oregon, Ohio, end up working for two of the most well-known companies in the world and on a “Women to Watch in Tech in 2017” list?

Just ask Tiffany Poeppelman (’10), whose work as an internal consultant to LinkedIn’s sales team in London, lies at the intersection of psychology and technology.

When not busy coaching and advising her sales team or finding new ways to help LinkedIn’s business thrive, Poeppelman is also a board member for a LinkedIn employee resource group called Women at LinkedIn, a columnist for the Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology’s quarterly TIP publication and the Task Force Chair for the SIOP Content Initiative.

As if all this weren’t enough, Poeppelman also makes time to speak about personal branding—and in fact, she did just that here on campus Oct. 10.

“How you represent yourself is so important,” Poeppelman says. “You have to really make sure you bring the best version of yourself. It’s really about taking ownership of your career of what you want. You have to own your destiny.”

Before landing at LinkedIn in 2015, Poeppelman worked as an evaluation project manager within Google's PeopleDev group. She remembers when Google first approached her about giving a presentation in San Francisco, which eventually led to her work opportunity in London.

“They believed in my capability,” she says. “They said, ‘No matter where you are, we want you.’”

Google and LinkedIn aren’t the only companies who see Poeppelman’s potential. Her dedication and tenacity recently landed her a spot on Inc. Magazine’s “30 Inspirational Women to Watch in Tech in 2017” list.

For all her current success, Poeppelman never envisioned a career at the forefront of technology for herself. Really, she just wanted to be a dental hygienist most of her life. It wasn’t until her undergraduate career that general education classes in psychology caught her eye.  

“My world opened up. There are so many different subgroups or areas of psychology, so much more than meets the eye,” Poeppelman says. “Through those classes, I was exposed to the business side of psychology—industrial and organizational psychology, or I-O—and what you can do to help people enjoy their jobs and make businesses work more efficiently. That area called to me.”

NKU’s I-O psychology master’s program helped Poeppelman navigate the field and make an impact in the workplace.

“I continue to revisit and use so much of the content I learned at NKU in my day-to-day jobs over the years,” she says. “I-O psychology itself is an expansive field. We have an interesting vantage point­—how to hire the right talent and then nurture, educate and manage their performance and potential.”

Poeppelman is committed to coaching employees, looking for areas of improvement and providing skill-based learning opportunities no matter where she goes. And she doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. In just a few weeks, she’ll be making yet another big move—across the Irish Sea to Dublin, where she will serve in a senior leadership role at LinkedIn’s European headquarters.

“I always look for more and dream big, pushing myself in new directions,” she says. “Constantly reflecting on and assessing my life is what brings me my passion, and I keep pivoting based on the experiences I have or experiences I create.”