Kaitlin Peed

Faculty Senate Award

By J. Atley Smedley | Photography by Scott Beseler | Published April 23, 2018
Kaitlyn Peed

The Faculty Senate Award is given to a senior student who has demonstrated exceptional skills and productivity in an independent study project. An independent study project is defined as a faculty-supervised research or scholarly work, which has as its goal the publication, presentation and/or exhibition of the results. The project should be conducted outside of a formal classroom and last at least one semester, preferably longer. This award will be presented upon completion of degree requirements. This award does not have to be given if the committee determines there are no suitable nominees during a particular year. The Faculty Senate sponsors this award.

Kaitlin Peed isn’t your typical senior at NKU. From studying classic Italian artwork abroad to leading research in sculptural installation comparing mythologies and animal symbolism for her last two semesters, she never backed down from an ambitious project.

Her interest began with the symbolic representation that our zodiac has and where they were derived from.

Kaitlin uses different connections that all people allowed her to create life-size animals that embody different cultural zodiac signs with both ceramic and sculptural materials.

“Kaitlin can make beautiful, meaningful objects and is not scared of trying new things and experimenting,” says Steven Finke, associate professor of art. “She is community minded and a leader among her peers. She is a caring person who has helped to create a positive working environment in our studios.”

Kaitlin plans on becoming a professional artist and art professor after graduate school.