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Kristen Goodridge

Kristen Goodridge started out as a computer science student at NKU. Then she fell for machines.

“My interests lie more in the actual hardware of systems instead of the programming,” she says. An adviser helped her find sanctuary in electronics engineering technology—a program focused on both the hardware of technology and basics of circuit analysis and electricity flow. She’s one of just a few women in the field on campus.

Through a co-op with the Shepherd Chemical Company, Kristen spent the last three summers working with quality assurance personnel and the Controls Engineering department. She recently designed and programmed a temperature control loop for a once-manual system.

Kristen, a SOAR and CINSAM scholar, is often one of two female students in male-dominated classrooms, studying in a program with no female faculty. And she wears it proudly.

“Women are the minority in the field, but we are just as intelligent, just as capable and sometimes even better at problem solving,” she says. “If someone tells me, ‘You’re a girl. You can’t do that,’ I just turn around and say, ‘Watch me.’”