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Madhura Kulkarni

Dr. Madhura Kulkarni believes in the power of STEM. That’s why she’s doing everything she can to recruit more people—especially women and minorities—into the field. Kulkarni, the director of NKU’s Center for Integrated Natural Sciences and Mathematics (CINSAM), works alongside Alyssa Farmer and several education faculty members to help prepare future STEM teachers.

Their “Next Generation STEM Classroom” program studies the impact of professional development on teachers. CINSAM sends master teachers into schools with an engaging pedagogy based on proven methods for teaching STEM. The methods help teachers think, and teach students, in different ways.

“The better your practices are for the target group, the better practices become for the whole group,” she says. ”We’re trying to change what we’re offering to better include girls and minorities. We’re lifting all boats.”