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What is NKU Strong?


Northern Kentucky University's strengths-based culture of wellbeing helps students, staff, and faculty be their best selves and lead engaged and meaningful lives.


What We Do

We provide training and interactive activities to help individuals recognize their own strengths in order to bring their best self to work every day. We are focused on helping teams discover how they can work better together so that all employees feel respected, engaged, and that they are meaningfully contributing to our University’s mission. We are working to help students understand their strengths and shape their educational journey towards a meaningful career.

We use the VIA character strengths framework as a way to understand and speak about what is best in each of us. The 24 VIA character strengths is a “common language” of personality traits that reflect our personal identity, produce positive outcomes for ourselves and others, and contribute to the collective good. Find out more about strengths here.


Who We Serve

The vision of NKU Strong is to serve staff, faculty and students at NKU in their quest for greater wellbeing. Efforts over the past year have focused primarily on introducing strengths in meaningful ways with staff. We are working to expand this work to faculty and students, as well as deepen our work with staff.