The ability to study is a key trait to develop a successful college career. Having the ability to study allows one to form good study habits, time management, and self discipline, while learning the course content. The Pathfinder Program recognizes these benefits and require all Pathfinder Students to complete weekly study table hours.
Study Tables


One of the biggest challenges that Freshman face from transitioning from High School to College is adapting to the amount of studying that is now required to be successful in ones courses.

It is recommended that you study 2-3 hours per credit hour for your courses. For example, if one is taking 15 credits per semester, they would study between 30-45 hours each week.

The Pathfinder program requires its students to complete at least 5 hours of recorded studying each week. These hours can be completed at the study tables located on the 4th floor of the Steely library, or through meeting with an instructor or tutor. This helps students to start developing good study habits.


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