Dear Alumni and Friends:

Northern Kentucky University needs your help.

At a media conference earlier this month, Governor Steve Beshear, Senate President Robert Stivers and Speaker of the House Greg Stumbo were joined by a number of legislators to announce their support for facility construction and renovations on state university campuses. These projects require no state funds, and they will be separately financed through each university. Together, these investments represent a $623 million economic impact and 5110 jobs for Kentucky. I wrote an Op-Ed in the Enquirer earlier this month about the unity behind this proposal. You can find the article here.

NKU facility improvements needing legislative approval include:
1) Purchase and renovation of a residential facility near campus that will provide 200 additional beds for students. About $13 million will be saved if construction begins this year.
2) An expansion of the A.D. Albright Health Center. This project will double the size of the facility and update exercise equipment. This is a top priority for students, and funds have been collected and held for over a year. We just need state authorization to begin.

More information on NKU and other state university projects here.

Because of the bi-partisan expressions of support, we are optimistic that the legislation will pass this session; however, to ensure that these facilities move forward, we need your voice. Please let your state legislators know that NKU is important to you, and that these facilities are important to students attending your university. Contacting your state senator and representative to expressing your support is an easy way to make a significant impact on NKU students. Every email or call makes a difference. You can help today by going here or leave a message at 1-800-372-7181. Look at this YouTube link to see how easy it is to leave a message.

Message: "Please approve Northern Kentucky University's self-funded construction projects that will benefit students, and put Kentuckians back to work. Thank you for your support."

Thank you for supporting NKU students.


Geoffrey S. Mearns