There is Something Special Happening at NKU

Dear Colleagues:

Today is an exciting day as we welcome back more than 15,000 students.  The campus was buzzing this weekend as 2,000 students moved on campus, and as more than 1,900 fans watched NKU’s men’s soccer team play UK to a draw on our home turf last night.

At Friday’s Fall Convocation, I talked about some of the people, programs, and experiences that make NKU special. Indeed, something special is happening at NKU. Each one of us helps to make NKU a special and inviting university for our students and our community.

On Friday, I said:

“The spirit or culture of a university is not something that you can see or touch or hear or measure. Rather, the spirit of a university is an emotion that you feel in your heart.

This spirit is not something that can be produced by a committee. And this spirit is not something that can be proclaimed from a podium by a president or by a provost. Instead, a spirit emerges from the countless, daily, dedicated acts of the members of the university community – acts that are taken to advance our common mission, and acts that are guided by our core values.            

That spirit grows and thrives when it is respected, when it is honored, and when it is cherished.

Today, right here at our university, that special spirit lives. And you can feel it.”

I concluded my remarks by encouraging those in attendance to reflect on what makes NKU special. We are fortunate to be members of this special university community, and each of us has an obligation to nurture and sustain that special spirit.

Today is the start of another great year full of aspirations and hope. I am grateful for your work and your commitment to our students and our university. On Wednesday, I hope to see you at the Faculty and Staff Picnic from 4:30-7:00 pm on the Plaza.

You can read my Fall Convocation remarks at /content/inside/president/convocations.html.  And soon, a video of the entire convocation, including remarks by Provost Ott Rowlands and Milburn Outstanding Professor recipient, Dr. Jonathan Reynolds, will be available at the same link.



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